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How To Save Money When Paying Suppliers

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1 How To Save Money When Paying Suppliers
Case Study: How To Use Your Payment Provider To Achieve This

2 About Envoy Experts In Online Payments
UK based payment service provider authorised by UK Financial Services Authority across EEA Experienced Senior Management Team Will process in excess of $7 billion & 10 million cross border payments in 2010 Members of SWIFT, SEPA Direct Debit and Eurogiro and supports UK Faster Payments Over 500 merchants including FTSE250’s and large corporate payout clients: Viagogo (Ticketing), Global Expense (Expense Claims), Xoom (Remittance), David Shields (Insurance), NH Hotels & AirBnB (Travel), Betfair (Gaming)

3 Envoy Gateway Provides Access To....
Local Bank Collections International Collections Local Payment Services Local Bank Payments International Payments Local Payment Services Immediate Access To: Over 200 Local Corporate Accounts Over 30 Local Payment Services Over 30 Major Currencies Supported 24% increase online conversions Pay Collect Envoy EPACS Payment Platform Envoy Fraud Screening Services International Card Services

4 What Are These ‘Local Payment’ Services?
eWallets Customer loads an online wallet then makes purchases Bulgaria Canada Sweden/Norway/Denmark Hungary Russia UAE Argentina/Mexico/Chile Vouchers Voucher generated online, printed and cash paid over counter at outlet Brazil Chile Prepaid or Domestic Cards Customer purchases prepaid card and loads, online or in-store, then can make purchases France/Italy/Spain/Belgium Portugal Belgium Mexico France Real-Time Bank Transfers Services enabling customers to make instant bank transfer purchases from their bank Europe Latvia/Estonia Finland Germany Germany Netherlands Spain Spain Latin America Russia Poland Australia/New Zealand Norway Canada Austria Australia Slovakia

5 Envoy Banking Coverage
Envoy also offers low cost SWIFT payments to over 190 countries worldwide

6 Cost Effective & Fast Payment Routing
Netherlands Australia Envoy operates multiple local banking relationships worldwide Envoy doesn’t rely on any one bank, network or route. This allows efficient use of payment paths

7 Envoy Supporting AirBnB’s International Expansion
Client Case Study Envoy Supporting AirBnB’s International Expansion

8 Company Profile Business: US-based travel and accommodation service
How business works: Person books stay through AirBnB website Envoy takes payment from person for accommodation on behalf of AirBnB worldwide Envoy pays (less commission) to property owner on behalf of AirBnB worldwide Company stats: 35,000 properties available in 135 countries Customers from 100 countries world-wide Over 50% customers non-US based


10 Two Burning Issues International Payouts – not enough options
Only solution was PayPal Paper checks to slow/burdensome. International wires too expensive. International Payments – needed backup option Credit card transactions sometimes failed (credit limit, large international transactions blocked, etc.) Bank transfer popular in certain markets e.g. Germany, Netherlands Access to emerging markets e.g. Latin America

11 German Property Owners German EUR Currency Pool
Before vs. After Envoy German Property Owners Rental Payments Rental Payments Fees US Booking Payments & Fees Envoy USD Currency Pool Envoy German EUR Currency Pool Booking Payments German Customers Reduced international transaction fees Increased customer payment options Reduced cost of foreign exchange Local Bank Transfer & No FX International & FX

12 Benefits of using a Payments Institution
Payouts: International hosts can provide their bank details to us once. We send payouts when appropriate using Envoy API. Payments: Guests can pay by bank wire or real-time transfer if they meet criteria. Trip far enough in the future? Gives us time to confirm receipt of money. High transaction values. Save on fees relative to credit cards. Country supported? Details/currency support vary by country. Think global, pay local

13 The Numbers 39% of our business is cross-border with US (previously requiring one FX operation) 18% is completely international (previously requiring two FX operations) Assume average FX operation is 3%, that we have balance in/out flows of currency Then: 39% * * 18% * 3 = 2.25% In other words, we and our customers save 2.25% on the gross, $225k per $10m processed. 

14 Stuart Slater – Sales Director
Thank You For Your Attention Nate Blecharczyk– CTO Stuart Slater – Sales Director

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