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How Waterfalls Change Over Time

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1 How Waterfalls Change Over Time
Lesson 5 – page 6

2 Lesson Aims To learn that waterfalls change over time.
To learn that waterfalls retreat backwards. To learn that when a waterfall retreats a gorge is formed. To learn that Sipi falls brings benefits as a tourist attraction. Key Skill = Communication

3 Lip Hard Rock Soft Rock Plunge Pool

4 Processes Hydraulic Action Undercutting Abrasion


6 Activity – Draw and annotate the sketches
1 4 6 7 2 5 3 The hard rock forms a lip. The waterfall retreats backwards leaving a gorge. Hard rock overlies soft rock. Erosion of the plunge pool causes undercutting. The soft rock is eroded to form a deep plunge pool. The undercut lip collapses into the plunge pool. Soft rock beneath the hard rock is more easily eroded.

7 Case study Sipi Falls, Uganda
What benefits do Sipi Falls bring to local people?

8 Explain the employment terms:
Extension Activity Explain the employment terms: Formal Sector Informal Sector.

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