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Interactive Journals.

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1 Interactive Journals

2 Interactive Journals Each student will have an interactive journal.
Glue your 7th grade Texas History cover on the front of your interactive journal with a glue stick. Using a sharpie marker write your first and last name on the edge of your journal. (Please raise your hand if you need assistance)

3 Table of contents The table of content will be the first five (front and back) pages of your interactive journal. DO NOT NUMBER THESE PAGES! Input Assignment Output

4 Tabs On the sixth page of your journal you will place a tab on the page titled “Natural Texas and Its People” Every time we go over a new unit we will create a new tab. Go to the back of your interactive journal. Count 10 pages from the back. On the 10th page place the second tab on the bottom of the page. Label that tab “TOOLS”

5 Tools On the page that is tabbed “Tools” You will title that page TOOLS. You can be creative and draw a picture that represents tools. Turn the page. We will start to glue in the tools you will need to start the school year off.

6 Binding On the binding we will scotch tape a long strip of ribbon. This will serve as a book mark. We will then place duct tape on the binding of the interactive journal. Each class will have a designated color.

7 Name Plates You will each create a name plate for your desk.
You name must be large enough for us to read from the front of the class. You may decorate your name plate. Store your name plate in your interactive journal.

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