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Welcome Maria McChesney Director, IS, City of Hamilton

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1 Welcome Maria McChesney Director, IS, City of Hamilton
It is my greatest pleasure to welcome all of you to the Public Sector Project Management Forum. I hope that you all enjoyed the video ou city and its our hope that you will get some opportunity to see our a beautiful city.

2 Welcome to the 2012 Fall Public Sector PM Forum
Welcome to the City of Hamilton What comes to mind when you think of Hamilton ? - video

3 How many of you are PM s? How many have a PMO ? How many do not have to deal with constant change ? How many do not have too many projects to do ? And how many are not telling the truth ?

4 Are you committed to steer out of the trees and all row together ?
PMs Are you committed to steer out of the trees and all row together ? Misty road to steer – and Trees – let’s bump into the next tree – get up and go again Versus Rowing together in a team – Purpose, Effort, Direction, Achievement

5 Your life as a PM ... to this ? Do you want to go from this …
Is this your desk ? Maybe feeling overloaded ? Wonder where the resource loading chart went ? Does this guy work with you ? We will be holding fitness classes after lunch…

6 Or is this your reality ? Read it ……… Could this EVER happen to you ? Have you ever had a project that was slated for failure during initiation ?

7 Your ‘ideal’ PM ? My ideal … PM is awake. PM has the tools required.
We are progressing. With rubber boots, the risk management plan is being followed.

8 Your ‘ideal’ PMO manager
Is he thinking ‘if this Waterfall does not work we can always go to Agile’ ? ‘who needs a coffee maker ?’

9 Your business environment ?
Where are you steering. All Right (except when we steer left). Oho those mixed messages we get from Stakeholders ….

10 Do you want the ideal Partnership ?
Steer the right Course Fit Synergy Relationship in place - Trust, thinking ‘on the same page’ Do you want the ideal Partnership ?

11 The PMO ‘boat’ The state of the PMO 2012 (by PM Solutions) –
– 87% of organizations do have a PMO – 30% reported a decrease in failed projects – 31% increase in Customer Satisfaction – 39% improved alignment to corporate objectives – 55% had a training program – and report the top priority over the next 12 months is to – improve resource planning PMOs are entrenched in most organizations, And yield benefits. Last is the Future …

12 PMO A recent PMI study showed – – 45% - of PMOs are over 5 years old
– 63% - Attainment of strategic objectives – 63% - More effective use of human resources – 61% - Improved overall management – 56% - Improved corporate culture – 53% - Improved reputation – 24% - Improved regulatory compliance – 22% - Improved competitiveness – 15% - Greater social good – 8% - New product/service streams – 8% - Improved staff retention – 3% - Improved quality of life Project Management Institute study So 55% of PMOs are less than 5 years old And the benefits are -

13 Welcome - listen - learn - talk - enjoy
Public Sector Project Management Forum Fall 2012 Welcome - listen - learn - talk - enjoy The success or failure of project initiatives often depends on the successful implementation of project management and of course the human factors. It our hope that this conference would be able to provide you a state-of-the-art information and knowledge in the challenging world of project management. Your participation in this conference is very much appreciated. 13

14 End

15 Reality ? The Amazon's first captain, Robert McLellan, son of one of the owners,[6] contracted pneumonia nine days after taking command, and he died at the very beginning of her maiden voyage. He was the first of three captains to die aboard her.[7] John Nutting Parker, the next captain of the Amazon, struck a fishing boat, and had to steer her back to the shipyard for repairs. At the shipyard, a fire broke out in the middle of the ship. Her first trans-Atlantic crossing was also disastrous for her next captain, after she collided with another vessel in the English Channel near Dover, England. This resulted in the dismissal of the new captain. The most plausible explanations for her being abandoned are all based on the barrels of alcohol.[12] Captain Briggs had never hauled such a dangerous cargo before, and did not trust it. The idea was put forth by the ship's major shareholder, James Winchester, and is the most widely accepted explanation for the crew's disappearance. Nine of the 1,701 barrels of alcohol in the hold were later discovered to be empty. They had been made of red oak, not white oak as the others.[12] Red oak is more porous and thus more likely to emit vapor. This would have caused a buildup of vapor in the hold.[12] Poorly-secured barrels could rub against each other, and friction between the barrels' steel bands could cause sparks. The possibility of explosion, however remote, might have panicked the crew into abandoning ship.[12] Historian Conrad Byers believed Captain Briggs ordered the hold to be opened, resulting in a violent rush of fumes and steam. Believing his ship was about to explode, he ordered everyone into the lifeboat, failing to properly secure it to the ship with a strong towline. The wind picked up and blew the ship away from them. Those in the lifeboat would either have drowned or died of hunger, thirst or exposure.

16 Project Management We have 3.9 million copies of the PMBOK
We have 485,000 PMPs Standish study of 10,000 IT projects in 2010 37% on time, on budget Over 40% over budget, late, lacking features 21% failed 66% of project professionals are male

17 CMMI - delete Level Measurement
5 ‐ Optimized Entire organization is focused on continuous improvement. Organization has the means (metrics) to identify weaknesses and strengthen the process proactively. 4 ‐ Managed Metrics are established for products and processes to identify which variations are significant and which are “noise”. Risks of introducing new products, processes etc. are known and carefully managed and can be used to predict trends in process and product quality within the Quantitative bounds of these limits. 3 ‐ Defined Level Standard processes are based on integrated into the development process as a coherent whole and help the team perform more effectively. Includes training, and tailoring the project’s approach to address the unique features of the project. Transparency to costs, schedule, requirements and quality. 2 - Repeatable Level Policies for managing a development project and procedure to 14 ‐ implement those policies are established and are institutionalized. Basic project and management controls have been installed (requirements, costs, schedules, problems & changes) 1 ‐ Initial Level (Ad hoc, Immature) ‐Does not provide stable environment for developing new products. ‐ Performance depends on the “heroics” of individuals or teams and varies with their innate skills, knowledge and motivations. (CMM , Kenneth Crow DRM Associates C2000

18 City of Hamilton IS PMO Implementation project – Initiated Jan 2012
– Current State Assessment July 2012 – Process, Templates & Repository Nov 2012 – Pilot Implementation Feb 2013 – Training and Implementation April 2013 – Post Implementation Review Sep 2013

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