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Data Quality Project Update

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1 Data Quality Project Update

2 DQ Steering Committee Welcome Introductions

3 Meeting Agenda DQ2 DQ3 CCAP CJ Program Enrollment – 2012
Approval of Minutes, 1/12/12 Meeting DQ2 DQ3 CCAP CJ Program Enrollment – 2012 CJEIP & Crystal Partner Updates Upcoming Project Dates

4 dQ Update

5 DQ2 Status Amy DQ2 Enrolled = YELLOW

6 DQ2 Status DQ MOU Executed and In Progress 25 AP DSI Counties
21 Jail Windows-based DSI Counties 10 AP/Jail counties in-progress/scheduled 5 Web-based DSI Counties process defined and Implementation in-progress 2 custom solutions in-progress DA Office implementations using contracted vendor. 12 complete. Outstanding Tasks 6 unique or proprietary solutions remain

7 dQ3

8 DQ3 Status Amy DQ3 MOU Executed = GREEN

9 DQ3 Status DQ3 MOU Executed DQ3 MOU In Progress
Bucks, Forest, Franklin, Fulton, Lehigh, Lycoming, Tioga, Snyder, Union DQ3 MOU In Progress Bradford, Carbon, Mercer, Northumberland, Pike, Philadelphia, Washington DQ3 Western PA Kick-Off Meeting May 16th, 2012 – Cambria County Emergency Mgmt Building Participation from CJAB Board Specialists/PCCD

10 Results to date

11 Jail Scores by County Class (Size)

12 Adult Probation Scores by County Class (Size)

13 District Attorney Scores by County Class (Size)

14 CJIEP Delivery of CCE message from AOPC through JNET to records management systems Increased data consistency, OTN and SID completion rates Improved operational efficiency and data and reporting errors

15 Completed Deliverables
Video training library resources – ongoing additions to library Outlier Crystal reports for proactive monitoring Updated AP Year-end report Over 400+ County Staff Trained on NIEM toolkit CCAP technical support team in place to provide assistance for report generation and statistical data needed for county grant applications

16 Data Quality (DQ3) Strategy
Strategic Kick-off Meetings by Location Western PA Kick-Off scheduled May 16th Attended by CJAB Advisory specialists Presentations at County CJAB Meetings Updated Toolkit Onsite and Webinar Training sessions delivered by CCAP Team Continued Training on OTN & SID importance and completion

17 DQ Updates and Toolkit Modifications
Discussion on Religion Codes Moslem or Muslim Incoming Data from CCE Message NIEM recommendations – Process Discussion Disposition Code redundancy

18 Information & Participation Meetings
Western PA: 5/16/ AM-Noon Cambria County Mgmt Building 110 Franklin Street, Johnstown, PA 15901 Presentations at County CJAB Meetings Contact Heather at: or (717) x3374

19 Partner Program Updates
PSP – Charge code standardization DOC – Detainer code standardization JNET – ERII and ER2P PCCD – OTN & SID Impact Marketing efforts and use of DQ in Grants

20 Questions? Rita Reynolds
Director of Technology Services and Telecommunications Mark Proper Deputy Director of Technology Development Deena Malley Contracted Project Manager Robert McCullough Adult Probation and Parole Officers Assoc of PA Rich Long PA District Attorney’s Association Heather Brown Contracted Project Manager Assistant

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