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Crossfire United Oregon ECNL

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1 Crossfire United Oregon ECNL
Tom Atencio – Executive DOC Fraser Morrison – DOC

2 Overview What is the ECNL The ECNL Plan and Platform
Mission & Goals The ECNL Plan and Platform Further Understanding: ECNL Player Development ECNL Player Identification ECNL Implementation by Crossfire United Oregon ECNL Programming and Cost

3 Mission Statement The Elite Clubs National League will enhance the developmental experience of female youth soccer players in the United States through: Improving the competitive environment through creation of a true national competitive league with multiple flights Improving the process for identifying elite female soccer players for the US Soccer youth national teams through a systematic scouting and identification program based on national competition Improving the daily training and coaching environment at female youth soccer clubs through developing best practices, training, and organizational guidelines for its members

4 The Goal of the ECNL The goal is to improve the landscape for elite female soccer players in the United States through innovative, player-centered programming that creates a better, more enjoyable, and more successful player, coach, and club development model.

5 ECNL: A Platform for Change
The ECNL marks a landmark shift in the female youth soccer environment The ECNL is created to correct problems in the current development structure, for example: Multiple, conflicting organizations sanctioning competition Multiple, expensive, and flawed identification programs More success equates to more expense and demands Little accountability for development Too many games and too few meaningful games Poor training-to-game ratios

6 The ECNL Plan The ECNL is improving the daily environment by creating multiple, unifying platforms around the following ideas: national competition, improved player identification, better resource sharing, and better standards, guidelines, and expectations The ECNL Provides: A comprehensive development mechanism for Players, Coaches, and Clubs An elite competitive environment with a full calendar of meaningful games against the best players in the country An opportunity to connect elite Players, Coaches, and Clubs

7 The 3 ECNL Platforms The ECNL consists of three primary platforms
The Development Platform: A platform for sharing best practices and improving standards and expectations in player, coach, and club development The Competition Platform: A national league with regional “conference-based” competitions as well as national events, which are played over the entire year The Player Identification Platform: A scouting and identification program for elite players based on performance in regular competition

8 Understanding ECNL Player Development

9 Player Development Basics
An ideal developmental environment “on the field” includes 3 basic pillars: High Level Coaching: The quantity and quality of information provided to a player, and the manner in which it is delivered Elite Training Environment: The ability to train with and against players of equal or better ability Top Competition: The ability to compete consistently against teams of equal or better ability

10 ECNL Development Principles
A player’s daily soccer environment is critical for developing skills & habits The quality of the player’s soccer experience is more important than the quantity The process of learning & teaching is directly related to the integrity of the match-trainings-match cycle A true development program focuses on individual development within a team environment Matches should be competitive and of a high standard to ensure that the game holds players accountable for their decisions and execution The player development philosophy must apply to all ages & levels

11 ECNL Development Philosophy
The ECNL should provide an avenue for member clubs: To provide the ideal development environment for their players To give every player the opportunity to reach their potential To ensure that every decision has the individual player’s development as its priority To provide a longer “time-horizon” for player development

12 Implementing the ECNL Philosophy
Establish destination clubs throughout the country to stabilize the youth soccer environment at an elite level, and therefore improve the development environment Destination Clubs are an effective and efficient way to: Increase the available player pool in every geographic area Shield clubs from the demand to win games at young ages Provide a vehicle to attract, educate, and support elite players, coaches, and clubs, thereby improving the product offered to players

13 Understanding ECNL Player Identification

14 ECNL Player Identification Program
The ECNL Player ID Program was created with the following assumptions: Players should be scouted and evaluated in their regular playing environment There should be no additional costs to players scouting and identification To insure accurate evaluations, players should be evaluated by multiple people over multiple events Coaches that train and develop players should be consulted as the best source of information regarding the overall ability, mentality, and current form of their players The ECNL Player ID Program uses multiple sources of information to identify top players competing in the ECNL: Independent scouting at the ECNL National Event Competitions “All-Event Team” nominations from ECNL coaches Recommendations by selected coaches within ECNL Member Clubs

15 ECNL Player ID Program: Overview
ECNL Scouting Summary: Each Member Club is assigned to scout 1 game per day, for the first 2 days, of each ECNL National Competition at which they participate Each Member Club recommends 3 coaches from their staff for the ECNL Player Identification Program, and an ECNL Scouting Nomination Form is completed for each coach, including information on licenses, playing experience, coaching experience, etc Every game assigned to the Member Club to scout must be scouted by 1 of the 3 Official ECNL Scouts Gathering Complete Information: By requiring Member Clubs to participate in the scouting process, the ECNL insures that the opinions and insight of the people involved in the daily development of these players are included in the identification process. This reduces chances that players are missed or overlooked.

16 Implementation by Crossfire United Oregon

17 Crossfire United Oregon
Oregon is ready for an elite player development platform. Crossfire United Oregon represents the best way to deliver. Combine Crossfire Oregon and Tualatin Hills United Soccer Club to create competitive teams U14 through U18, starting year one in the ECNL We didn’t just want to be in the ECNL, we want to compete in the ECNL. Both THUSC and Crossfire Oregon teams have won multiple State Cups, NWCL championships, multiple Surf Cup Championships, and a US Club National Championship. Combining our players, coaches, and teams will improve the player’s experience, improving competitiveness and benefit during training and competitions

18 Crossfire Oregon: Location
Main THUSC Facilities THPRD Rec Center PCC Rock Creek 5 Beaverton High Schools Main Crossfire Oregon Facilities Tigard High School Lake Oswego & Lakeridge High School Hazelia Field Wilsonville High School Ideal geographical location to best serve the Portland Metro Areas already servicing large player pools: North (THUSC) South (Crossfire Oregon)

19 Crossfire United Oregon ECNL
Crossfire United Oregon – ECNL Pool/Teams ECNL Pools will integrate U14 through U18 – 1 pool per age group 18-14 players per pool based on quality of players ECNL Tryouts will be held prior to club tryouts Coaches will come from both Crossfire Oregon & THUSC for each age group

20 THUSC & Crossfire Oregon Reserves
Both THUSC and Crossfire Oregon will have club teams for each age group Club teams will continue development programming State wide leagues, State Cup, NWCL, WCDA, … Club teams will also function as reserve teams for the Crossfire United Oregon ECNL teams Crossfire United Oregon will run a PDP program between club teams for discovery and development Crossfire United Oregon will run a discovery program for U13 teams in preparation for U14 ECNL

21 High School Soccer We recognize and respect player desire to participate in high school soccer. ECNL players will be allowed to play high school soccer We anticipate 1-2 training sessions per month during the high school season

22 Crossfire United Oregon Staff
Executive DOC: Tom Atencio DOC: Fraser Morrison ECNL Staff Coaches U14 ECNL – Tom Atencio U15 ECNL – Fraser Morrison U16 ECNL – Tom Atencio U17 ECNL – Kibwe Cuffie U18 ECNL – Jon Kiester ECNL Assistant Coaches Rochelle Hearns Rossano ‘Rosie’ Rocha Chris Dorough Travis Schoonover Mel Langley Cris Lewis

23 Crossfire United Oregon Reserves
Reserve (Club) teams will be THUSC and Crossfire Oregon club teams Coaching assignments U14 – Rochelle Hearns (THUSC); Alan Cox (CO) U15 – Chris Dorough (THUSC); Fraser Morisson (CO) U16 – Tom Atencio (THUSC); Travis Schoonover (CO) U17 – Mel Langley (THUSC); Kibwe Cuffie (CO) U18 – Cris Lewis (THUSC); Jon Kiester (CO) ** Club coaches will assist with the Crossfire United Oregon ECNL program to provide greater visibility and exposure of club players

24 Crossfire United Oregon Programming and Cost

25 Crossfire United Oregon ECNL Program
Crossfire United Oregon ECNL Programming will be a comprehensive program designed to maximize player development and performance. Our program will include: 2x Technical / Developmental Training sessions per week 1x Speed & Agility training (with technical development) Optional 4th training as needed per team and schedule Sports Psychology Program Functional Development Program Functional Goalkeeping Program Fulltime Trainer from Orthopedic & Fracture Specialists College Placement Program

26 Crossfire United Oregon Costs
Crossfire United ECNL costs are comprised of the following: Club fees: coaching, administration, insurance, facility usage, base programming, and league fees Club kits: training, game, and travel gear Travel: varies by age group

27 Crossfire United Oregon Cost Detail
Club Fees U14: $2,250 (May 14th – July 15th) U15-U18: $2,000 (Aug 14th – July 15th) Club Kits – Nike Uniform Package ($350) Nike Uniforms Home & Away (2 game shirts, 2 game shorts, 2 game socks) Nike Training Uniforms (3 training t-shirts, 3 shorts, 3 socks) Nike Rain Jacket Nike Travel Shirt Nike Travel Short Nike Warm-Up set Nike Bag

28 Crossfire United Oregon U14
ECNL Competition: Date Venue Estimated Cost Jan 16-18 Northern California $550 Apr 12-14 San Diego $740 Apr 26-28 May 9-12 Boise $490 Finals WA $300 $2,630

29 Crossfire United Oregon U15
ECNL Competition: Date Venue Estimated Cost Jan 16-18 Northern California $550 Feb 20-23 Texas Showcase $895 Apr 12-14 San Diego Showcase $740 Apr 26-28 May 9-12 Boise $490 Finals WA $300 $3,525

30 Crossfire United Oregon U16
ECNL Competition: Date Venue Estimated Cost Dec 26-29 Florida Showcase $1,305 Jan 16-18 Northern California $550 Feb 20-23 Texas Showcase $895 Apr 12-14 San Diego Showcase $740 Apr 26-28 May 9-12 Boise $490 Finals WA $300 $4,830

31 Crossfire United Oregon U17
ECNL Competition: Date Venue Estimated Cost Dec 26-29 Florida Showcase $1,305 Jan 16-18 Northern California $550 Feb 20-23 Texas Showcase $895 Apr 12-14 San Diego Showcase $740 Apr 26-28 May 9-12 Boise $490 Finals WA $300 $4,830

32 Crossfire United Oregon U18
ECNL Competition: Date Venue Estimated Cost Jan 16-18 Northern California $550 Feb 20-23 Texas Showcase $895 Apr 26-28 May 9-12 Boise $490 Finals WA $300 $2,785

33 Questions Please contact: Tom Atencio – tomthusc@gmail
Questions Please contact: Tom Atencio – or Fraser Morrison –

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