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1 Everything Presentation Everything Presentation PRESENTATIONS E-LEARNING TRAINING ADD-INS PowerPoint | Keynote | Articulate | iSpring | Video | HTML5 | Flash Articulate Storyline | Hosted Content | Quizzing | iOS | HTML 5 Presenting | Authoring Off-the-shelf | Custom Development | Macro Design Maps Navigation Icons Graphics Google Maps

2 Original code : Hans W. Hofmann Modified by :
Drag & Drop Macro Original code : Hans W. Hofmann Modified by :

3 What does it do? When you assign the macro “DragAndDrop” to a shape and then start a slide show, you can: Left Click (or mouse over) a shape to move it Shift+Alt+Left Click to calculate the mathematical formula in the shape

4 Start the slide show first!
Left-click or mouse-over these shapes to pick them up and move them (more slowly if using mouse-over). Wait for the timer to expire for it to drop automatically for PowerPoint 2010 or left-click again in PowerPoint 2007 and 2013: Left-click this one Mouse-over this one While holding Shift + Alt , then left-click on this shape to get the answer: (20+10)/2

5 How to use Add a shape, picture or other object to your slide.
Select the object (click it) In the PowerPoint ribbon, click Insert / Action Set the Mouse Click and/or Mouse Over action to Run macro : DragAndDrop Run your slide show and interact with your shapes!

6 For more Presentation tips, macros and add-ins…
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