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Mario Alejandro Aguirre Hernández Autor:. Phrasal verbs They are idiomatic expressions, combining verbs and prepositions to make new verbs whose meaning.

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1 Mario Alejandro Aguirre Hernández Autor:

2 Phrasal verbs They are idiomatic expressions, combining verbs and prepositions to make new verbs whose meaning is often not obvious from the dictionary definitions of the individual words. They are widely used in both written and spoken English, and new ones are formed all the time as they are a flexible way of creating new terms.

3 Definition: A phrasal verb consists of a verb and a preposition or adverb that modifies or changes the meaning; 'give up' is a phrasal verb that means 'stop doing' something, which is very different from 'give'. The word or words that modify a verb in this manner can also go under the name particle.

4 Intransitive: Types of Phrasal Verbs Transitive:: Transitive-separable Transitive-inseparable

5 Intransitive It cannot be followed by an object. Example She suddenly went back. ( went back " cannot take an object) For a a list of Intransitive Phrasal Verbs click in B-CD-GH-ST-W

6 Transitive A transitive verb can be followed by an object.. Example I made up the story. (story" is the object of "make up) * Transitive Phrasal Verbs are divided in 2: Separable and Inseparable

7 Transitive-separable: The object is placed between the verb and the preposition. Example Can you pick me up at 7 p.m. For a list of Separable Phrasal Verbs click in A-BC-EF-MP-ST-W

8 Phrasal VerbMeaningPhrasal VerbMeaning Back downRetreat from a position in an argument Back outDesert; fail to keep a promise Back upMove backwardsBear upEndure Blow inDrop in to visit unexpectedlyBlow overPass without doing harm Blow upExplode; lose one's temperCall upTelephone Calm downBecome calmCarry oncontinue as before; misbehave Catch onUnderstandCatch upCover the distance between oneself and a moving goal Check upInvestigateCheck outLeave; pay one's bill Cheer upBecome cheerfulClear outLeave Clear upBecome clearClose downClose permanently Close upClose temporarilyCame aboutHappen Come alongAccompany; make progressCome backReturn Come byVisit someone in his homeCome outAppear; make a social debut Come overCome to someone's house, to where someone is Come throughSucceed Come toRegain consciousnessCut inInterrupt

9 Phrasal VerbMeaningPhrasal VerbMeaning Die awayFade; diminishDie downFade; diminish Die off/outDisappear; become extinctDress upDon fancy or unusual clothes Drive backReturn by carDrop inVisit someone casually without planning Drop outAbandon some organized activity; leave; quit Drop overVisit someone casually Fall behindNot progress at required paceFall offDecrease; lose weight Fall throughFail; not be accomplishedFill inSubstitute Find outLearnFly backReturn by air Fly overFly to where someone isGet aheadMake progress Get alongHave a friendly relationshipGet aroundCirculate; move about Get awayEscapeGet byManage; either just barely or with a minimum of effort Get inEnterGet offDescend from leave Get onEnter (a vehicle); mount (a horse)Get on/alongProgress; be compatible Get upRiseGet throughFinish Give outBecome exhaustedGive upSurrender; fail to finish Go backReturnGo offExplode Go onHappen; continueGo outStop burning; leave one's residence Go overGo; succeedGrow upMature

10 Phrasal VerbMeaningPhrasal VerbMeaning Hang aroundRemain idly; dawdleHang upReplace a telephone receive on its hook Hold onGrasp tightly; persevere; wait while telephoning Hold outContinue to resist; persevere; persist Keep onContinueKeep upMaintain the required pace or standard; continue Let upDiminish in intensityLie downRecline Look onBe a spectatorMake outProgress; succeed Make upBecome reconciledMove overMove to the side Pan outTurn out well; be successfulPass outBecome unconscious Pass onDiePick upGrow; increase Pull inArrivePull outDeport Pull throughSurvive (barely)Ride overRide to where someone is Run awayEscape; leave; leave quickly without permission Run downSlowly lose power so as to stop functioning Run offDepart running; drainSell outSell the ownership or responsibility Settle upPay one's bills or debtsShow offBoast by words or actions Show upArrive; appear unexpectedlyShut upStop talking Slow upReduce speedStand byWait; be prepared to assist Stand upStand; rise from sitting; last; endureStay overRemain at someone's house overnight or longer

11 Phrasal Verb MeaningPhrasal Verb Meaning Take offLeave the groundTake overAssume command Talk backAnswer impolitelyThrow upVomit Turn aroundTurn so that one is facing another direction Turn inGo to bed Turn outSucceed; come; appear, as at a public meeting Turn upArrive; be found unexpectedly Wait upRemain awake in anticipation Wake upAwaken Walk backReturn on foot to where one was Walk overWalk to where someone is Wash outFade or disappear from washing Watch outBe careful Wear offFade; disappear through use or time Wear outBecome unusable through use; become used up Work outBe successful

12 Phrasal verbMeaningPhrasal verbMeaning Add up Add Back upCause to move backwards; support; blow up; cause to explode; destroy by explosives Break downAnalyze; list the parts of separately Break intogo into a house or room forcibly; suddenly; begin; bring about -cause to happen Bring offAccomplishBring onCause Bring out Publish; emphasizeBring overBring Bring toReviveBring upRaise; care for from childhood Brush outBrush the inside ofBurn downDestroy by burning Burn up Consume by fireBuy outBy the other person's share of a business Buy up Buy the whole supply of

13 Phrasal verbMeaningPhrasal verbMeaning Call offCancel; order awayCall upTelephone; summon for military service Calm downBecome calmCarry oncontinue Carry out Fulfill; complete; accomplish; perform Carry overCarry; continue at another time or place Cheer upCause to become cheerfulChew upChew thoroughly Chop upChop into small piecesClean offClean the surface of Clean outClean the inside ofClean upClarify; tidy Clear outClear the surface ofClear upClear the inside of Close downClose permanentlyClose upClose temporarily Count inIncludeCount outExclude Count upCalculate; count; add to a total Cross outEliminate Cut offInterrupt; sever; amputateCut outEliminate; delete Cut downReduce in quantityDraw upWrite; compose (a document) Dress upPut clothes on; adornDust outDust the inside of Eat upEat completely

14 Phrasal verbMeaningPhrasal verbMeaning Figure outInterpret; understandFigure upCompute Fill inComplete (a printed form)Fill outComplete (a printed form) Fill upFill completely (a container)Find outDiscover Fix upRepair; arrange in a suitable manner Get acrossCause to be understood Give backReturnGive outDistribute; announce Give upSurrender somethingHand downDeliver; pronounce formally; leave as an inheritance Hand overYield control ofHang upSuspend Have onBe dressed inHave overEntertain someone informally at one's home Hold offDelay; restrainHold upDelay; rob; threaten with a weapon Keep upContinue; keep the same paceLeave outOmit Let downDisappointLet outRelease from confinement; make larger (in sewing) Light upLight; illuminate thoroughlyLive downLive in such a way as to cause something to be forgotten Make overRemakeMove overMove to the side

15 Phrasal verbMeaningPhrasal verbMeaning Pass outDistributePass upNot take advantage of (as an opportunity) Pass onTransmitPay backRepay Pay offDischarge a debt completely; give someone his final pay Pick upCome to meet an escort; lift with hands or fingers; learn casually; initiate an association publicly Play downMinimizePlay upEmphasize Point outIndicatePull downPull in a downward direction; raze Push acrossCause to be understood or acceptedPut offPostpone Put onDress in; deceive or foolPut upPreserve (food); receive as an overnight guest Quiet downBe quietRing upThe telephone Rinse offRinse the surface ofRinse outRinse the inside of Rule outEliminateRun downTrace; disparage; hit with a vehicle Run offCause to depart; reproduce mechanically Save upAccumulate See throughComplete; in spite of difficultiesSee offAccompany someone to the beginning of a trip Send backSend to a place where formerly locatedSend overSend to where someone is Set upArrangeShow offExhibit ostentatiously Shut offCause to cease functioningSlow upCause to move more slowly Spell outEnumerate; state in detailStand upFail to keep an appointment with Sweep outSweep the inside of

16 Phrasal verbMeaningPhrasal verbMeaning Take backReturn; retract a statementTake downRemove from a high position; write from dictation Take inUnderstood; fool; deceive; make smaller (in sewing) Take overTake; assume command of Tear downDestroyTear upTear into small pieces Tell offScold; reprimandThink overConsider Think throughConsider from beginning to endThink upCreate; invent Throw awayDiscardThrow overReject Tie upTie securely or tightTire outCause to be exhausted Touch upRepairTry onPut on a garment to verify the fit Try outTestTurn downRefuse; lower the volume Turn outProduce; force into exile, extinguish (a light) Wash offWash the surface of Wash outWash the inside ofWear outUse until no longer usable; tire greatly Wind upFinish, tighten the spring of a watch or machine Wipe offWipe the surface of Wipe outWipe the inside of; decimateWork outSolve Write downRecordWrite outWrite down every detail; spell out Write upCompose; prepare (a document)

17 Phrasal verbMeaningPhrasal verbMeaning Back out ofDesert; fail to keep a promiseBear down onLean on; browbeat Bear onHave to do withBear up underEndure Break in onInterruptBreak intoInterrupt Call forCome to get; requireCare forLike; guard; supervise; maintain Carry on withContinueCatch up withCover the distance between oneself and Check up onExamine; verifyCome acrossFind accidentally Come along withAccompany; make progressCome byFind accidentally Come down withBecome ill withCome out withUtter; produce Come up withUtter; produceCount onRely on Cut in onInterruptDisagree withCause illness or discomfort to Do away withAbolishDo withoutDeprive oneself of Drop in at/onVisit casually without planningDrop out ofLeave; quit

18 Phrasal verbMeaningPhrasal verbMeaning Face up toAcknowledgeFall behind inLag; not progress at required pace Fall back onUse for emergency purposeFall out withQuarrel with Fill in forSubstitute forGet ahead ofSurpass; beat Get aroundEvade; avoidGet away withDo without being caught or punished Get by withManage with a minimum of effort Get down toBecome serious about; consider Get inEnter (a vehicle)Get offDescend from; leave Get onEnter (a vehicle); mountGet on withProceed with Get through withTerminate, finishGo back onDesert; fail to keep (a promise) Go forLike a great dealGo in forBe interested in; participate in Go on withContinueGo overReview Go withHarmonize with; look pleasing together Go withoutAbstain from Hang aroundRemain idly in the vicinity ofHear fromReceive a communication from Hear ofLearn about (sometimes accidentally) Hit onDiscover accidentally Hold on toGrasp tightlyHold out against Resist

19 Phrasal verbMeaningPhrasal verbMeaning Keep atPersevere atKeep toPersist in; continue Keep up withMaintain the pace ofLie down onEvade; fail to do Live onSupport or sustain oneself by means of Live up toMaintain the standard demanded of Look afterTake care ofLook back onRemember nostalgically Look down onFeel superior toLook forward toAnticipate Look up toRespect; admireMake up forCompensate for Pass onTransmitPick onTease; bully Play up toFlatter for personal advantagePut up withTolerate Read up onSearch out information onRun againstCompete against in an election Run away withLeave; escape fromRun forCampaign for See aboutConsider; arrangeSee toArrange; supervise Settle onDecide on; chooseStand forRepresent; permit Stand up forSupport; demandStand up toResist Stick toPersistStick up forSupport; defend Take afterResembleTalk back toAnswer impolitely Talk overDiscussTell onReport misbehavior to authority Touch onMention brieflyTurn intoBecome Wait onServeWait up forNot go to bed while waiting for Watch out forBe careful for

20 Transitive-inseparable: The object is placed after the preposition. Example I'm not getting in there. For a list of Inseparable Phrasal Verbs click in B-DF-HK-W Salir

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