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There are no roads passing over insurmountable heights HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN.

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1 There are no roads passing over insurmountable heights HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN

2 Your project and brand are entrusted to us Things entrusted to us are your principles well comprehended on our side Our approaches make up your projects We support your point of view with our strong ideas We express our strong opinions using the correct words Our correct words adds prestige to the things you have entrusted to us Your brand prestige is maintained through appropriate relations Your prestige is our corporate treasure FROM YOU

3 E THICAL I NTEGRATED E LECTRONIC is our solution principle...

4 IMAGE Our visible parts are to create awareness in each environment on earth with a dense traffic of ideas, applications and positioning activities; remove the times lost by planning this awareness in the direction of perception processes; and bring the parties requesting solutions together by making use of our relational skills.

5 OUR VALUES Our team of 14 is comprised of young, dynamic and very valuable persons who are able to focus their individual points of view on the same point in a creative environment where different types of specialization are melt in the same pot, in the direction of the vision at TRf Project.

6 SOLUTION PARTNERS Our brain is our first supplier and it provides us the first source of supply. And, companies which have succeeded in bringing the most effective and technological solutions and implementing these solutions in practice will be our main solution partners. We produce the chain of solution partners you need for your projects.

7 We conduct our work in love and pleasure where we earn together with others at the same time. We always start by planning, implement through a scaling process and finalize in an environment where everybody smiles. We first motivate ourselves and then share that motivation with our customer. WAY OF WORKING

8 ABILITIES We do not have a target mass; because, everybody in need of a solution is our customer. Thus, we only have the Customer. Who is the person/entity in sight when we look into the mirror. We provide services only to customers we know about their needs, we see the direction they are looking and comprehend what they are talking beyond hearing their words. Thus we; PLAN! NAME! RELATE! IMPLEMENT! ALLOCATE! STRUCTURE! ATTACH! DESIGN! COLOR!



11 Housing Estates Russia-Sibintel – 100.000 m2 Russia-Novy Urengoy – 42.000 m2 Russia-Sleakhard – 14.250 m2 Russia-Sleakhard – 18.700 m2 Russia-Novy Urengoy – 35.800 m2 Russia-Sleakhard – 25.500 m2 Russia-Noyabrsk – 9.000 m2 Turkey-İstanbul-Tarabya Evleri – 14.000 m2

12 Public Sector Russia-Novy Urengoy – Créche Project - 8.000 m2 Russia-Sleakhard – School Project – 12.263 m2 Russia-Sleakhard – Museum – 2.600 m2 Russia-Novy Urengoy – Dormitory Project – 4.700 m2 Russia-Beloyarsk – Public Bath – 600 m2 Russia-Kopi – Public Bath – 600 m2 Russia-Yarsale – Créche Project – 3.800 m2 Russia-Beloyarsk – Dormitory Project – 5.200 m2 Russia-Sleakhard – Tax Office – 1.200 m2 Russia-Sleakhard – Police Post – 100 m2 Turkey-İstanbul – Benq Turkey Communication Center – 200 m2

13 Commercial Offices & Shopping Stores Carrefour Shopping Center (Supplementary) – Ankara – 12.000 m2 Carrefour Shopping Center (Supplementary) – Bursa – 25.000 m2 Yapı Kredi Bank – İstanbul-Çiftehavuzlar Yapı Kredi Bank – İstanbul-Maslak Yapı Kredi Bank – İstanbul-Levent Sanayi Turkiye İş Bank – İstanbul-Yeşilyurt Turkiye İş Bank – İstanbul-Selamiçeşme Citibank – İstanbul-Merter Citibank – İstanbul-Maslak Citibank – İstanbul-BJK Training Center Citibank – Kayseri Citibank – Denizli Manpower – İstanbul-Gayrettepe Head Office Manpower – İstanbul-Kozyatağı – 150 m2 Manpower – İstanbul-Gebze – 200 m2 Taç Linens – Store Chains


15 Akzo Nobel Amcor Rentsch Cargill Coca Cola Colgate-Palmolive Dekor Dirol Gum Filtrona General Motors Louis Dreyfus Novgorod Steklo Paragon Pepsi Co SAB Miller Toyota Pictured: SAB Miller and Dirol factory, Russia Industrial & Manufacturing

16 Capital Partners Centrum Utveckling Carrefour City Palace JSC Footlocker Hard Rock Cafe IKEA Katz Centre, Almaty Kvadrat Okhotny Ryad Moscow Perekriostok Rolf Car Dealerships Rosinter Restaurants TK Development Pictured: Ikea, Moscow and Rolf dealership, St Petersburg Retail

17 Arthur Andersen Cisco Systems CMS Cameron McKenna Interros Holdings Seibu Oil & Gas KPMG AGIP Microsoft VTB Bank Banque National Paris Credit Suisse First Boston JP Morgan Credit Lyonnais Chase Manhattan Chase Citibank MDM Bank Commercial Offices Pictured: P&G, Moscow

18 Corinthia Group Four Season Hotels Hilton Hotel Group Hyatt Hotel Hard Rock Group Intercontinental Group Marriott Hotel Group Maybourne Hotel Group Quinn Hotels Ritz Carlton Rocco Forte Sheraton Group Swissôtel Hotels Pictured: The Berkeley Hotel, London

19 EBRD Africa Israel Investment BSR Group HVB Bank Neocity Group Rogers Stirk Harbour Jones Lang LaSalle ZAO Orco AIG Real Estate Scorpio Real Estate AISI Open Investments CapRate Partners Residential Pictured: EBRD Soleville development, Riga

20 BBC (London) Japanese Government (Moscow Embassy) Foreign & Commonwealth Office, London British Council, Russia, Ukraine US Embassy, Moscow British Foreign Office, Moscow Canadian Embassy, Moscow Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg The British Museum, London Public Sector Pictured: The British Museum, London

21 Commercial Mixed Use China Huaming, Moscow -20,000m² mixed use development -Office, conference, retail, hotel, apartment hotel and entertainment facilities - Designed by All China Architecture Institute assisted by Mosproekt4 City Palace Tower, Moscow -160,000 m² tower -48 floors -Mixed-use – retail & offices -Designed by RMJM Four Winds, Moscow -Mixed use development -11-floor elite residential complex of 46,000 m² -Class A office building of 30,500 m² -3 underground parking floors, 2 retail floors and 8 above ground office floors Muratella & Brescia, Italy Rogers Stirk Harbour designed mixed-use developments




25 COMMUNICATION Tütüncü Mehmet Efendi Cad. Cavitpaşa Sok. Kadıoğlu Apt. A Blok 1/9 34730 Göztepe İstanbul / Türkiye +90 216 368 93 15

26 There are no roads passing over insurmountable heights HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN See You... Photographs by Tacıser Sevinç

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