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Quality on the Move!. About Quests End Quests Ends mission statement is: –To offer our customers the highest quality professional sound and lighting equipment,

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1 Quality on the Move!

2 About Quests End Quests Ends mission statement is: –To offer our customers the highest quality professional sound and lighting equipment, coupled with exceptional professional service and attention to detail. Quests End Corp. (QEC) is a Professional Mobile Disc Jockey company & has been in business since 1987. QEC is owned and operated by your DJ, Robe. QEC provides at least two people to every function. QEC does not subcontract other DJs or DJ companies, Robe is your DJ and what you see is what you are getting!

3 Association Memberships QEC is a member of the following organizations: –Canadian Disc Jockey Association Canadas largest and oldest DJ association –Southern Alberta Better Business Bureau –We are also a member of the BBB Online program!

4 Our Team: Your DJ Robe Pettigrew: DJ Darkrobe Professional Disc Jockey & Owner –Robe has performed: At over 850 events, with over 550 weddings performed over the last 22 years. Has two years of nightclub experience Subcontracted to many of the larger DJ companies in Alberta for over 16 years; providing them with emergency backup services when their own DJs cant make it to a function, as well as access to a larger DJ rig that they cant provide themselves for premier bookings. The QE Team: Our DJ entertainment services are a team effort and our goal is in the highest quality of service and to exceed your expectations. What makes QE different is that we dont provide just one person to do the show, but by using a minimum of two people for every event, we speed up the setup/teardown of the extensive DJ & Lighting rig which furthermore increases the effectiveness in serving you, our customer. As well, as one person is spinning the discs the other is taking requests while running the lightshow, making it an efficient and optimum experience for everyone involved.

5 Our Team: Your LightJockeys Sean Rooke: LJ Hokey Pokey Customer Service Manager, Professional LightJockey Sean has been with Quests End since 1996 and not only helps in taking requests, but youll see his passion for music throughout the night while he bounces away to the tunes and making the lightshow sparkle throughout the night. He is an instrumental and key addition to the QE staff for every function and ensures the night is running smoothly. Dean Doll: LJ 3D Media & Marketing Design Manager, Professional LightJockey Dean has been with Quests End since 2000 and has overseen the development of the website and coordinates customer service needs at the functions. Dean worked with Sean to bring the new LightQuest & WeddingQuest packages to reality, making the best visual experience possible by coordinating the effects needed to offer a broad variety of effects to the dancing crowd. Dean also pilots the light show and will ensure that your dance experience is spectacular throughout the night.

6 Our Equipment Quests End has the highest quality & largest Mobile DJ Rig in Canada! –No other DJ company in Canada carries the scope or scale of quality equipment in sound and lighting that QEC does! –Dare to compare, no other DJ company in Canada comes close to our equipment quality standards! –Our equipment is OWNED, not rented! We use the BEST equipment offered by the highest quality vendors in the industry! We have backup equipment available in case of emergencies. Our vendors for our PA sound equipment are: CD Deck: Denon 9000 & 2000 (Backup) Dual CD Decks Denon DN T-620 CD & Tape Deck Speakers JBL SRX 715 & 718S speakers Backup: EV 1810 subs & EK-EVMH speakers Amps QSC RMX 5050 Amps Backup: Carver Pro PM-1200 & PT-1800 Mixer Stanton RM.406 & RM-100 (Backup) Power Conditioners Furman PL Plus & PM Pro Series II Processor (or Crossover) dbx Professional Products Driverack PA Backup: JBL 552 Crossover Our vendors for lighting equipment include: Martin Lighting products including PR1, T-Rex, and Raptor Chauvet Lighting products including PAR38, Colorbank 8, Megastrobe II Antari products for haze and fog. American DJ crank-up truss system

7 Our Music A versatile and extensive library consisting of over 850 ORIGINAL CDs brought to every dance. –You can see our music library album listing online at our website under the Music tab. Over 20,000 songs available to request from! We encourage our customers to bring their own music, we dont pretend to have everything you like!

8 Our Lightshow QEC uses professional lighting equipment and has the largest mobile DJ lightshow in the industry. QEC has lights specifically meant to add personal touches for wedding couples or businesses to the event!

9 Our Packages: MusicQuest Our MusicQuest entertainment package includes the following: –Music: 4 hours of dance music, 3 hours of background music This package is perfect for small venues where space is limited. Great for a Stampede breakfast or BBQ! –Lighting: Blacklight only –Sound* 2100 Watt two speaker system for 60 people or less. >4300 Watt four speaker system for 60 to 800 people. *All wattages are listed in stereo @ 8ohms

10 Our Packages: LightQuest Our LightQuest entertainment package lets you literally bring a nightclub to your function! Perfect for weddings, schools, and business functions. Your guests will be awed by the scope of the lightshow which is elegant and spectacular! This package includes the following: –MusicQuest package plus: –Lighting: Our full lighting show consists over 22 effects, making your venue into a nightclub!

11 Our Packages: WeddingQuest Our WeddingQuest entertainment package lets the Bride & Groom add their personal touches to their wedding! Perfect for those couples that want to add that special touch to their wedding event, making it a night to remember by everyone who attends! Your guests will be awed by the additional detail added to your wedding, which is elegant and spectacular! This package includes the following: –LightQuest package plus: –Lighting: Addition of your monogram or logo in white on the dance floor, ceiling, or wall throughout the night! We change our PAR38s to your wedding colours! You have up to 6 hours of background music, perfect for those weddings that take place on site earlier in the day!

12 Our Packages: EventQuest Our EventQuest Ultimate Entertainment package is QECs largest sound and lighting package offered! If youre having a very large party (800 – 5000 people), we are THE DJ SERVICE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR! This package includes the WeddingQuest or BizQuest package, and adds: –LightQuest package plus: Laser Light Show addition Sound System Upgrade consisting of: –>4300W 4 speaker package (2 Mid-High Speakers with 2 bass bins) for <800 guests. –>7200W 8 speaker package (4 Mid-High Speakers with 4 bass bins) for 800 to 1600 guests. Our EventQuest Plus Ultimate Entertainment Package includes the EventQuest package plus the following for those really extra large venues: –10,000W 10 or 12 speaker package (4 or 6 Mid-High Speakers with 6 bass bins) for 1000 to 3000 guests. –13,400W speaker package (10 Mid-High Speakers with 12 bass bins) for 3000 - 5000 guests. »Larger sound systems available on request at an additional charge

13 Booking with Quests End We require a contract to be signed prior to your event. Deposit requirements are: –Approximately 30% of the package you choose. –100% of any mileage or extra costs. After booking with Quests End, you will have 24x7 online booking tool available to you via our website; allowing you to add, edit, and confirm details of your event up to 1 week prior to your event date. We will go to any place, any where, any time! Booking 6 months or more in advance is given a discount on services.

14 Contact us Email: Quests End Corp. C/O Robe Pettigrew 634 Cougar Ridge Dr. SW Calgary Alberta T3H 5J3 Ph: 403.265.QEC0 (7320) Cell:403.861.0077 Fax:403.285.7478

15 Questions & Answers about QEC! Where do you get your CDs and how many do you have? –All our CDs are originals, bought from local or online music stores. –QE brings over 850 CDs to every function, with over 200 in our archive! –Our CDs weigh over 70lbs per case, over 320lbs of CDs are brought to every event! How full is your van? –The QE DJ van uses every available inch of space! –The lightest item we carry is 6lbs, the heaviest at approx. 260lbs. Total equipment load: Approximately 1800lbs spread over 22 pieces Where did you get your aliases? –Sean got his LJ name from doing the Hokey Pokey at a bus stop! –Dean got his LJ name because of his media skills and he has three Ds in his name. –Robe got his DJ name because he always wears black when he DJs! How long does it take you to setup the lightshow? –Our lightshow comprises over 22 effects and takes approximately 90 to 120 minutes to setup depending on venue ceiling characteristics, power availability, and load-in time. –When we have three people for a function, it can be done in about 60 minutes! How long is your day? –Every event we do is between 12 to 14 hrs. –Our day starts approximately one hour before our setup time for the venue, with 2 hrs of setup time allocated before the event so that we always have time to be prepared for emergencies if they happen; and we finish loading up the van at the end of the night approximately 60 to 90 minutes after the music is turned off; with the drive home to do still. –We always stop at Tim Hortons on the way home for a coffee and donut!

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