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Dr. Arthur Helwig Reelektronika, Netherlands ILA 2003

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1 Reelektronika’s Integrated Loran-C/GPS/Eurofix receiver - early test results
Dr. Arthur Helwig Reelektronika, Netherlands ILA 2003 Boulder, Colorado, USA, 3-7 November 2003 Dr. ir.

2 PhD Arthur & Gerard, 13 Oct 2003 Thank you!

3 Marine trials Trials to assess an integrated GPS/Eurofix receiver
Out of the Eckernförde harbor, using a small (30 ft) vessel Two trial runs: 10/12 June 2003 9/10 Oct 2003 Third trial scheduled for January 2004

4 Measurement vessel

5 Measurement set-up “Old version” Loradd receiver PC running Matlab
Performs: Bandpass filtering Cross-rate filtering Outputs: Eurofix datalink information Cleaned up pulses for every tracked Loran-C station PC running Matlab ECD measurement Cycle identification Range calculation, using ASF and/or GPS calibration Positions calculated in a number of modes NovAtel OEM4 GPS receiver Laptop for display of data

6 Picture of set-up

7 Map of test area

8 Tests were performed at boundary of NELS coverage
NELS 100m coverage (95%) Tests were performed at boundary of NELS coverage

9 Modes of position calculation
DGPS, SPS Radiobeacon mode DPGS, SPS Eurofix mode GPS, SPS mode Loran-C, DGPS calibrated mode Loran-C, ASF-table calibrated mode Loran-C, stand-alone mode Fix not available Simultaneous output of selected modes Automatic mode

10 Station availability

11 Tracked Loran-C stations

12 Modes of operation

13 Track plots

14 Sailing under a powerline
Powerline approx. 75 meters high High voltage No noticeable influence on receiver performance

15 Early conclusions Operational fully automatic receiver
GPS Autonomous Loran-C ASF-corrected Loran-C GPS-calibrated Loran-C Even under sub-optimal conditions, first track results look promising Work to be done: Implement advanced RF interference mitigation (on-ship power generator was suspect) Implement of H-field antenna compensation Check cycle ID / ECD measurement algorithms Automatic station selection (to be used in position calculation algorithm)

16 Tasks at hand When we… Finalise tracking & positioning code
Port all software code to DSP board Finish antenna production … we’ll have a functional small receiver in Q1 2004 Signal Processor 77 x 51 mm

17 Monitor set-up at      

18 Demonstration

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