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The A-Z of catering gluten-free Sarah Sleet Coeliac UK.

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1 The A-Z of catering gluten-free Sarah Sleet Coeliac UK

2 Our unique insight We understand the diet – what people want to eat and how to make it safe We understand the customer base – based on our dialogue with over 60,000 Members We are the first point of call for newly diagnosed patients on managing the diet

3 Coeliac disease and its treatment Coeliac disease is a life-long autoimmune disease – the gluten free diet is its only treatment Affects 1 in 100 people globally Triggered by eating gluten, so can be diagnosed at any age after weaning Gluten is found in the cereals wheat, rye and barley and some people are also sensitive to oats

4 The numbers… Over 600,000 people with coeliac disease in the UK Currently around one fifth of those diagnosed but numbers growing rapidly Non Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity – up to 6% (3.5 million) quoted but is this real?

5 The gluten-free success story 2004 - gluten-free market worth £70.7m pa (Datamonitor) 2009 - gluten-free market worth £142m pa (Datamonitor) 2014 - gluten-free market worth £232.5 pa (Datamonitor) Sales growth of 229% in a decade The UKs gluten-free market will be worth the most in Europe, growing at one of the highest rates (Datamonitor).

6 The customer need Eating out a top concern for people with coeliac disease An important part of social well-being And for the most vulnerable there may be no choice.

7 Regulations (EC) No 41/2009 & (EC) No 1169/2011

8 Is gluten-free catering the next big thing? 1 in 100 people in have coeliac disease In the UK thats over 600,000 potential customers But they dont eat alone!

9 An eating out survey in the UK If people were sure gluten-free options were available: 60% would eat out more often Over 50% would eat out once a week or more 48% would be prepared to travel for over 45 minutes

10 The gluten-free pound is estimated £100 million worth of business a year People go out to eat with 2-3 others Average spend of £10 - £20 per cover Each meal is worth up to £60 to the sector 74% would eat out every 2 weeks if more gluten free options were available Estimating the gluten-free pound

11 What do your customers say

12 Gluten-free?

13 What was on our agenda? To understand the levels of gluten in food prepared for people with coeliac disease To assess whether GF labelling was appropriate in the catering sector To try to identify what was needed for GF preparation in commercial kitchens To support the catering sector Provide information relevant to all

14 The first steps We joined forces with professional catering bodies We contacted restaurants, cafes, hospitals, schools, prisons and workplaces We wanted the findings to be representative and relevant to all settings We commissioned RSSL to work with us

15 Key Findings Delivering gluten-free was possible Effective communication key to coeliac customers and front & back of house Good hygienic practices = Good gluten management Results identified essential areas and key common practices

16 The view from the catering industry 84% have seen an increase in gluten-free requests in the last 3 years 82% expect this trend to continue with increasing customers requesting gluten- free options Only 59% were aware of the new legislation Only 37% trained specifically on preparing gluten-free options

17 Accessing the gluten-free pound Training - online, face to face or tailored to meet your needs Choice - attract the growing gluten-free market place Standards - become a coeliac trusted caterer

18 What we have to offer Online catering training Open training courses In-house training courses Tailored training on request Catering accreditation

19 Gluten-free training

20 The UK service Theres a lot we offer: Training manuals Top tips posters Kitchen flip books Opportunities to talk to gluten-free customers Recognised trademarks

21 And we have been amazed by the response…

22 Is gluten-free the new vegetarian? 30 years ago vegetarians treated as fussy eaters Mushroom stroganoff and a nut-roast the only options Today on every menu for all customers Are you going to be in on the ground floor for the GF revolution?

23 Are you ready to meet what patients need?

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