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Updated December 23, 2010 Over The Rainbow by Eva Cassidy Galvestons Tree Sculptures.

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2 Updated December 23, 2010 Over The Rainbow by Eva Cassidy Galvestons Tree Sculptures

3 Hurricane Ike visited Galveston with devastating results, The storm surge killed over 12,000 trees leaving much of the landscape bare. In a creative way Galveston Island tree conservancy member Donna Leibbert recruited Chain Saw Sculptors to create tree sculptures from dead trees. What was a terrible eye sore and a reminder of the horrors of Hurricane Ike now is a charming visual sight. If you are visiting Galveston you must tour the city to see these beautiful works of art What does the Tin Man, a Dalmatian and a Japanese Geisha all have in common? They are more than the 20 tree sculptures scattered throughout the island, Some sculptures are tucked into gardens and nestled inside yards while others are proudly displayed near the street. All of the sculptures are clearly visible from the street - PowerPoint by Jack Cross Over The Rainbow by Eva Cassidy

4 JP

5 This Sculpture is in front of the mayors house

6 EJ

7 Yellow Lab 1820 Winnie DL


9 EJ


11 DL


13 JP

14 DL

15 JP

16 DL


18 Squirrel with Acorn 1302 Ball St DL



21 JP


23 DL


25 EJ

26 DL

27 Postoffice JP

28 DL



31 Areal view of 1116 Church Street area showing the trees prior to Hurricane Ikes storm surge. Most all of the trees were lost Photo thanks to Ashley Waters – Huntsville Tx

32 Venus On the Half Shell 1823 Ave L ( at 19 th Street ) NEW

33 SpongeBob SquarePants Character 1508 29 th Street NEW EJ

34 Sea Life and Mermaid 12330 Jenkins Rd West End at end of 10 Mile Rd NEW EJ

35 The Lion King 4510 Ave LNEW EJ

36 Dog Chasing a Cat This is a live Camphor tree front and back side 1508 29 th St NEW EJ

37 An Alligator 1508 29 th StreetNEW EJ

38 Guitar – unfinished work in progress 1400 Block of Ball Street South Side NEW

39 My hats off to the people of Galvestons Historic District who worked and restored this neighborhood To its pre Ike Glory 98 % of the trees in this east end district was destroyed.

40 Galveston Island Tree Conservancy in conjunction with the Galveston Island Tree Committee efforts to Re-Green Galveston island after hurricane Ike have resulted in planting and giving away 5,000 trees in 2009-2010. Over 100 tons of selected oak wood was selected by the Mystic Seaport Shipyard in Connecticut to be used in the restoration of Americas only whaling ship, The Charles W. Morgan that was made out of the same Live Oak as those at Galveston. A local area lumber yard took several tons to mill and dry for building projects. 200 tons went to Malaga Spain to be used in completion of a full scale replica of the Brig Galveztown; Wood was made available to artist for carving, Many Galveston residents loaded up with oak and pecan wood for their smokers. 100 percent of Ike wood was kept out of the landfill. New Sculptures continue to be added, If you want to make a donation for future carvings or Re- greening of Galveston, donations can be mailed to GITC PO Box 2123 Galveston TX 77553 or see:

41 Tree Sculptures by James Phillips Clear Lake TX Dayle Lewis Richmond Indiana Earl Jones Hitchcock TX Initials on slides identify artist JP, DL & EJ Last Slide PowerPoint by Jack Cross

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