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PSC-rpm-1 IDPL Selection Boards PSC-rpm-1 1.

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1 PSC-rpm-1
IDPL Selection Boards PSC-rpm-1 1

2 Agenda Terminology Break down of Zones Timeline How It Really Works!
Examples of Board Decisions How to prepare for the Board 3/31/2017 2

3 General Terminology A Selection Board is a group of senior officers that selects officers of a junior rank to the next senior rank (i.e., LTJG to LT); is the only way for an officer to be promoted. It creates a Selection List that is used by the Promotion Process. Promotion – When a officer actually puts on the next rank. IDPL Officer promotions are dictated by the Running Mate System.(Please watch the Running Mates Presentation on our website) Opportunity of Selection (OOS) – Percentage of In Zone- candidates to select for promotion (72% means of 100 candidates 72 shall be selected) 3/31/2017 3 3

4 Selection Terminology
Selected – You’re on the Selection List, but you haven’t promoted to the next rank yet. Passed Over – Not being selected for promotion to the next rank (only if you were In Zone) Deep Selection – When a Below Zone member is selected for promotion. It is used to reward exceptional officers not yet in zone. In Zone Reordering – This is used only on the ADPL, so it won’t be covered here In Zone is first time only candidates 3/31/2017 4 4 4

5 List Terminology Inactive Duty Promotion List (IDPL) – All Reserve Officers in an Active Status (SELRES, IRR, and ASL). Officers in the ISL and retired officers do not compete for promotion. ADSW, Title 10, and Title 14 are Short Term Active Duty Orders, so you stay on the IDPL, even when on Active Duty. The only way to compete on the ADPL is to be on EAD The only way to integrate is be selected off a best qualified ADPL board. The Register of Reserve Officers is a lineal list of Reserve Officers in precedence order; it is the source document for all IDPL Selection Boards. Also lists ISL and retired officers. For most discussions, the Reserve Register and the IDPL are synonymous. 3/31/2017 5 5

6 Zone Terminology Below Zone – You are legally senior enough to be looked at for Selection to the next rank, but needs of the service don’t require looking at you yet (applies to LCDR and above Selection Boards). In Zone – You are in the group looked at for Selection to the next rank. Above Zone – You are more senior than the In Zone group, probably because you were passed over for Selection previously (more of an ADPL issue) 3/31/2017 6 6

7 Register of Reserve Officers
Serves as the source document for Selection Boards Published snapshot on 1JAN each year Constantly updated at PSC to account for Accessions, Promotions, and Separations ADPL Officers (including Reserve on EAD) are in a different book (1) Selected, Not Yet Promoted (2) Above Zone In Zone Seniority, Precedence Below Zone For this example, we will assume an entire rank of the entire corps of IDPL officers is on 1 page Too Junior for Consideration 3/31/2017 7 7

8 Movements to/from the IDPL
SELRES, IRR, and ASL Below Zone Too Junior for Consideration In Zone Entering IDPL Leaving IDPL ROCI Graduates Regular to Reserve EAD RELAD Returns from ISL Starting EAD Resignation Retirement Transfer to ISL (1) Selected, Not Yet Promoted (2) Above Zone Ret Recalls are not on the IDPL Because they are short term, ADSW/Title10/Title14 do not move you off the IDPL 3/31/2017 8 8

9 The Selection Timeline
Annual OER Message -February Annual Kick Off Message for all Boards – May Candidate Message – T-30 days Board Convenes Selection Message (4 to 6 weeks later) You should review your record from PSC-psd-mr three months before your board Kickoff Message announces the dates of the board 3/31/2017 9 9

10 OER Submissions Message
Released in January or February ALCGOFF 008/09 (29JAN09) First indication to the field who will be in zone; it is generally conservative (more people rather than less) This is done first because OERs are critical to the Selection Process 3/31/2017 10

11 Boards Announcement Message
Usually released in May or June ALCGRSV 024/09 – (3JUN09) Second indication to the field who will be in zone Tells you when the Boards are convening Tells you the Zone Size and OOS for each board 3/31/2017 11

12 Candidate Announcement
Released at least 30 days before the Board ALCGRSV (LCDR Message came out yesterday) Lists all In-Zone candidates by Name in alphabetical order Contact us immediately if you think there is a problem (your name isn’t on the list)! 3/31/2017 12

13 Selection Results Message
Generally released 6 weeks after convening ALCGPSC Selectees listed in precedence order All non-selected officers are contacted prior to the release of the message 3/31/2017 13

14 Basic Rules of the Selection Boards
Only look at members: Of a particular Rank Not already selected Closed process that Board Members and PSC staff swear an oath of secrecy about Board deliberations. Makes only one decision: Select or Not Select IDPL Board do not In Zone Reorder. 3/31/2017 14

15 What is OOS? Percentage of In Zone- candidates to select for promotion
There is no Above Zone for IDPL boards OOS calculations; this is the biggest difference between IDPL and ADPL boards! This means that the OOS for IDPL boards is the true percentage of officers able to be selected, while the ADPL’s true percentage is more complicated and lower than the stated OOS. Stated OOS for PY09 IDPL LCDR 71% which matches 64 of 90 people Stated OOS for PY09 ADPL LCDR 89%, but 342 of 448 people were selected for an Actual OOS of 76%! The OOS is dependent on “Needs of the Service”; the ADPL and IDPL OOS do not have to be the same! PY09 LCDR Selection Messages 3/31/2017 15 15

16 How it Really Works Board Members see Above and In Zone candidates, but the candidates are not identified as Above or In Zone! (Candidates Precedence is not shown) Board Members see Below Zone candidates only if they desire. All candidates selected for promotion will be on the Selection Message; we do not publish who was not selected. In general, officers who have been selected never have to re-compete for selection a second time. Removal from the Promotion List is a significant event and you will know it when it happens. 3/31/2017 16

Performance Professionalism Leadership Education Official Transcripts and CG-4082 Communications to the Board Reserve Officer Resumes Commandant’s Guidance COMDT’s Guidance for PY 10 Board Precept Memo to Board President describing ground rules OER Permanently in your record Kept only for the Board 3/31/2017 17

18 What the Board Sees OERs Awards Record of Prov. Dev. Page 7’s
3/31/2017 18

19 How do you get Selected? Performance, performance, performance…Make every day count! Review your record at least 90 days before the Selection Board to catch any errors and omissions. Go to for your record Ensure your Point Statement is correct and up to date, work with your SPO! RPM strongly encourages every member to submit a Communications to the Board, Reserve Officer Resume, and CG-4082 Samples are kept on our website at 3/31/2017 19

20 If Selected You’ll be notified by the Selection Message
DO NOT CALL US BEFORE THE MESSAGE COMES OUT, WE CAN NOT GIVE RESULTS OUT BEORE THE MESSAGE IS RELEASED. Watch the Running Mate presentation on our website to better understand the promotion process Watch the monthly Officer Promotion Authorization List (OPAL) message to see when you will be promoted 3/31/2017 20

21 Impact of Non-Selection
Non-Selected/Passed Over officers will be contacted by their Chains of Command prior to the release of the message. You will receive a letter from PSC-rpm explaining your specific situation (one of the below). Any member with one pass over will be given a second chance to compete for selection the next year. Anyone with 18 to 20 years of good years by 30JUN of the next year will automatically be retained so they can earn their retirement and will compete again for selection. Members with two passovers may be looked at for retention based on predetermined needs of the service. Members with two passovers, not retained, will be removed from an active status by 30JUN of the next year. 3/31/2017 21

22 Take Aways Your career is your own! Nobody cares about you as much as you do. The Board process is based exclusively on matters of record: If its not in your record, it didn’t happen. Go to for your record. In almost all respects, this process is the same as the process for Active Duty officers. This process is the fairest one imaginable to promote the best officers in the USCGR. This presentation will be stored with narration at 3/31/2017 22

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