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29/05/2014 1 Floodlights on Over Recreation Ground Floodlight Project Team.

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1 29/05/ Floodlights on Over Recreation Ground Floodlight Project Team

2 29/05/ Parish Plan Recommendations 7.13 Over should develop a Local Sports Development Plan OCA should consider ways to increase the availability of outside facilities after daylight hours

3 29/05/ Parish Council led Sports Development Group Local Sports Development Plan To co-ordinate the delivery of projects highlighted in the Plan To consult with OCA, clubs and community Set up working groups for project delivery Reports to Parish Council No budget

4 29/05/ Parish Plan achievements so far Sports and recreation: Chapter 7 New AWS at Community Centre in use Refurbishment of Pavilion on Green New cricket square on Rec. Drainage on Green financial arrangements agreed Additional land - negotiations started Feasibility Study for floodlights in draft

5 29/05/ Feasibility Study Project Team Core Group People with a track record of delivering village community projects OCA and PC representation User representation Advisors Football Association and Highlights Ltd

6 29/05/ Benefits Parish Council Delivery of another Parish Plan project OCA Increased availability of outdoor facilities Potential for provision of evening external events in line with existing licensing framework Potential for increasing revenue streams

7 29/05/ Benefits Over Sports FC Can delay winter kick-offs to 3pm Improved flexibility for mid week fixtures Help achieve promotion ambitions Retain players Increase the number of home fixtures – Cambs Invitation Cup

8 29/05/ Benefits Over Vets FC Increased flexibility for fixture arrangements Opportunity to extend community and charity fundraising activity

9 29/05/ Benefits Cambs Football Association Current under supply of floodlit pitches Potential for Over to host County representative games Over as a football Centre of Excellence?

10 29/05/ Options Senior football pitch only Senior football pitch and training area Full lighting

11 29/05/

12 29/05/ Senior Football Pitch FA standards – category F 6 masts – 4 at 15 metres high and 2 at 18 metres high Cost £42,210 ex VAT Power = £4.60/hr Removable perimeter safety fence 1 metre high c. £10,000

13 29/05/ Add Training lights Lower standard of lighting Protects Senior pitch from training use Independent switching of lights Cost £7,760 ex VAT Power 12p/hr = £1.50/hr

14 29/05/ Full lighting 2 additional 15 metre high columns Provide for full matches to be played on Colts pitches Provide for floodlit cricket (breaking new ground) Independent switching of lights Cost £14,775 Power 12p/hr = £1.50/hr

15 29/05/ Electricity Supply Community Centre at full capacity Connect to grid. EON estimate £ Running cost 12p/hr Diesel Generator £12,000 ex Vat. Limited life. Maintenance and running costs extra. Security, safety and noise issues. Renewable energy. Controversial, untested technology in this application, noisy.

16 29/05/ Running costs Electricity consumption 12p/hr Biennial electrical testing (mandatory) £175 per year Insurance (discretionary) £350 per year Replacement lamps £750 (life of 2000 hrs – self cleaning) Benchmark rental is £50 - £55 for football pitch hire.

17 29/05/ Environmental Issues Light pollution Visual intrusion Noise

18 29/05/

19 29/05/ Risks Under use or no use of facility Lack of pro-active action by OCA and users to take advantage of new opportunities to increase use of floodlight facilities

20 29/05/ Planning issues Light pollution Dazzle traffic? No protected trees removed Noise Complaints about proposal Floodlighting Curfew

21 29/05/ Financial Model South Cambs District Council 45% Other grant aiding bodies 45% Community 10% (ie users fund-raising and their sponsors) No funding from Parish Council or OCA anticipated unless stipulated as a condition of grant Running costs, including maintenance, to be met by users through hire fees

22 29/05/ Conclusions Feasible project Expensive Achievable subject to funding and Planning Capable of staged implementation Creates opportunity for new uses for the Rec. Project team to become Implementation Team

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