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STEM Robotics Doug Porter Saint Ursula Academy Cincinnati,Ohio 45206 20 Years as a teacher 6 th Grade Life Science 7 th Grade Earth.

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1 STEM Robotics Doug Porter Saint Ursula Academy Cincinnati,Ohio Years as a teacher 6 th Grade Life Science 7 th Grade Earth and Space Science 8 th Grade Physical Science Tech Prep General Biology CP Biology Honors Biology AP Biology Anatomy and Physiology Forensics Robotics: Coach, Competition director Instructor, Writer

2 What is a robot?

3 Tools (make work easier, safer in some way) Mechanical (move, or manipulate objects) Sensors (respond to, or detect changes) Autonomous/Remote Control Programmable ? Characteristics Robots are… YesNoYes/NoYes

4 Develop Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills (STEM). Develop critical thinking, problem solving skills Develop team work Tie STEM activities to existing courses/programs What is the purpose of your robotics program?

5 Junkbots Getting Started Cheaply The art of creative dumpster diving Motors Battery Holders Switches Electronics

6 Make an electric car that runs. Make it stop before it hits the wall. – Think outside the box, what do the rules allow, limit? Make a mechanical sensor that stops the car before it hits the wall. (Let the students modify the rules) – Repeat: Learn from others, modify, improve. After the first few examples let the students choose the challenge and let them make the rules. EX: Stop at the edge of a table, sumo bots Classroom Challenges Junkbots

7 BEAM = Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics, Mechanics: Biology -- It's tough to beat 4 billion years of evolution; the world around us is a wonderful source of inspiration and education. Bear in mind, of course, that unlike Mother Nature, you also have the advantage of gears, motors, bearings, and good glues! Bioengineering Electronics -- It kind of goes without saying, but this is what we'll use to drive our creations. BEAM robotics, though, strives for rich behaviors from simple circuits. Here's the key: simple and understandable circuits, surprisingly complex in behavior. Physics Aesthetics -- This just means your creations should look good. I'm an engineer, but even I appreciate a good-looking design. Besides, if a design looks "clean," it's more likely to work (and easier to test / debug) than a design that's tangled and unruly. Engineering, Art, Design Mechanics -- This is the less-than-obvious secret of many successful BEAMbots -- with a clever mechanical design, you can reduce the complexity of the rest of your robot (reducing the number of motors and sensors, for example). Physics, Engineering BEAM BEAM Robotics Mark Tilden

8 Solarbotics parts and network Make Magazine Project Ideas Biology Sensing and Responding to the environment

9 Lego Robotics: – – RCX: Programmable Autonomous – NXT: Programmable or Remote – s/middle-school/lego-mindstorms- education/_/characteristics/productType~LEGO%20Se ts s/middle-school/lego-mindstorms- education/_/characteristics/productType~LEGO%20Se ts – Tetrix: Programmable or Remote – =62&searchtype=0&c=8-1|62-2&t=0&l=0&loc=mm1 =62&searchtype=0&c=8-1|62-2&t=0&l=0&loc=mm1 First Competitions Educational Robotics

10 VEX Robotics: Programmable or Remote VEX World Competition: competitions/vex-robotics-competition competitions/vex-robotics-competition

11 Programming Robolab RCX Robots Mindstorms NXT, Tetrix Robots Robot C RCX NXT Tetrix VEX

12 BEST Robotics BotBall – Botball Store Botball Store Other Competitions

13 Parts/Kits – Junkbots/BEAM – Educational Kits mindstorms-education/_/characteristics/productType~LEGO%20Sets mindstorms-education/_/characteristics/productType~LEGO%20Sets 1%7C62-2&t=0&l=0&loc=mm1&bhcp=1 1%7C62-2&t=0&l=0&loc=mm1&bhcp=1 Links and Resources

14 Books/Magazines – – – – Davids Cooks Robot Guides Software – RobotC Tutorials, Teacher Materials, Workshops and Software Training – Carnegie Mellon University – Robot C Virtual Worlds Links and Resources cont.

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