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University of Arkansas Technology Development Foundation Mission: To stimulate a knowledge-based economy in the State of Arkansas through partnerships.

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2 University of Arkansas Technology Development Foundation Mission: To stimulate a knowledge-based economy in the State of Arkansas through partnerships that lead to new opportunities for learning and discovery, that build and retain a knowledge-based workforce and that spawn the development of new technologies that enrich the economic base of Arkansas

3 University of Arkansas Technology Development Foundation Purpose and Duties –Manage the day-to-day operations of ARTP Facilities/Property Management Business Affairs Marketing –Promote commercialization of select IP assigned by University Critical to accelerating the growth and competitive position of ARTP companies Strategic advantage to recruit prospective tenants

4 University of Arkansas Technology Development Foundation Nine member Board of Directors: ProvostSharon Gaber Vice Chancellor for Finance and AdministrationDon Pederson VP for Research & Economic DevelopmentJim Rankin Dean of Walton CollegeEli Jones Entrepreneurial AlumniTed Dickey Entrepreneurial AlumniStan Green NWA CouncilGreg Lee City of FayettevilleDon Marr At LargeChristine Daugherty

5 Innovation System Physical infrastructure Knowledge spillovers from university research Entrepreneurial culture Technologically skilled workforce Accessibility to financial capital, especially venture capital



8 Proof-of-Concept Genesis Technology Incubator Genesis is currently home to 24 public/private affiliates Over 22,000 square feet of wet & dry lab space plus offices currently under lease Large conference facilities, break room and business center ARTP affiliates have secured over $46 million in federal grants and contracts since January 2005, over $5 million in last six months of 2012

9 LEED Certified facility offering 35,000 square feet of office, clean rooms and electronics test and assembly labs ARTP companies and affiliates accounted for total employment impact of 350 jobs in FY 2012 High-wage jobs are being created and filled by students Advanced Research and Development Innovation Center

10 Technology Commercialization Enterprise Center LEED Certified, 65,000 square foot facility Laboratory enabled for research & development, office, technology and assembly manufacturing 30,000 square feet occupied Ongoing commercialization of power electronics, biotechnology and nanomaterials

11 Spillovers of Research Core research strengths: –Next Generation of Electronic/Photonic Device –Transportation and Logistics –Biotechnology and Related Chemical, Biological and Food Sciences –Advanced Materials and Manufacturing –Database and Telecommunications –Sustainability/Environmental Science

12 Silicon Solar Solutionscommercializing a process to crystallize amorphous silicon into larger-grain polysilicon with unparalleled grain size and ease of processing BiologicsMDdeveloping a prescription solution to osteoporosis 5X as effective as existing biophosphanate treatments cycleWood Solutionscommercializing a lignin-based plastic bag that can biodegrade in 150 days TiFiber--inorganic nanofiber free- standing membranes (FSM) can readily be made into macroscopic vessels and tools for important applications at high temperatures and in harsh environments Entrepreneurial Culture

13 Technologically Skilled Workforce ARTP companies and affiliates accounted for approximately 220 direct jobs and a total employment impact of 350 regionally High-wage jobs are being filled by UA graduates (Approx. $70,000 annually) Collaborating with NWACC on workforce development program

14 Access to Capital Early-stage capital, especially seed capital is the #1 challenge faced by start-up companies Gap funding is critical to span the valley of death and achieve escape velocity We must continue to build networks and ideas that will lead to sustainable sources of capital Pre-seed validation fund is needed to augment proof of concept

15 ARTP Value-Added Features Access to leading-edge research facilities and equipment Partnerships with University faculty and students, enabling collaborative research that leads to a ready made workforce Licensing opportunities for new innovations to augment technology portfolio Access to video conferencing facility, University library and bookstore Invitations to seminars, lectures and workshops sponsored by University Opportunities to serve as guest lecturers and adjunct faculty

16 Economic Impact Over the life of the project, ARTP will create over 1,500 construction jobs generating salaries and wages with a present value over $27,000,000. Construction of ARTP will generate state and local taxes with a present value in excess of $2,175,000 over the life of the project. When completed, ARTP will provide over 2,000 permanent jobs. Total impact of operating ARTP on regional output is projected to exceed $700,000,000. Operations are projected to generate over $17,000,000 in state and local taxes

17 Historical Highlights Nine years of continuous growth positioning ARTP as Regions only Knowledge Community in association with major research university Approximately $1 million in operating support to College of Engineering Over $200,000 to University Departments Over $5.2 million in sponsored research (subcontracts) to University Over $4.3 million in external funding for ARTP and affiliates Spawned a resurgence in entrepreneurial culture Established a technologically-skilled workforce earning 2X average annual wage Financed and built Enterprise Center as an essential hub for technology commercialization Developed a robust Innovation System capable of supporting new product development Generated approximately $183 million in economic output

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