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Rules Modified for Hilltop High School

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1 Rules Modified for Hilltop High School
Over The Line Rules Modified for Hilltop High School Physical Education Dr. Butler May 2012

2 History: OTL Over-the-line was first played in Mission Beach, San Diego, California in the 1950s and continues to thrive in the area. A physical education activity at local high schools. Annual tournament held on Fiesta Island. "OMBAC World Championship Over The Line Tournament", organized by Old Mission Beach Athletic Club, is a prominent event in San Diego's beach sports life. Over 1200 teams. Over 60,000 fans and spectators

3 Description: OTL Modified softball game played with a bat and ball.
Traditionally played in sand at Fiesta Island. There is a batter, pitcher and fielders. No running of bases. Focus is on fun and interactivity with other team members.

4 Rules: OTL Pitcher is on same team as the batter.
Batter has (3) chances to hit a ball in fair territory. Boundaries of game are long and narrow. An out is earned when (a) the ball is caught in the air, or (b) batter fails to bat a ball in fair territory within (3) attempts when up to bat.

5 Scoring Rules: OTL 1 – Point for each ball that is batted and lands in fair territory without being caught (dropped balls count as a point). 4 – Points for each ball hit over the last outfielder’s head that lands in fair territory. If three outs are not earned, switch infield/outfield after 2 rotations through batting order.

6 Strategy: OTL Offense: Pitch ball softly at waste level of batter (be sure to pitch from the side, out of the way). Offense: Vary batting placement - barely over the line, close to the sidelines, and for distance. Defense: Disperse fielders based on perceived striking ability and aim of each batter.

7 Safety Cues: OTL Pitcher stay safe! Stand to the side, well away from the bat. Don’t throw the bat! People waiting turn to bat stay well away from batter. Fielders pay attention! Watch not only the for the ball from your team, but for stray balls from other teams.

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