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2 Presentation Goals Learn how to initiate efficient programming Learn how to minimize over programming on your college campus by using collaboration.

3 Over Programming Problem: An overwhelming amount of programs Consequences: Disinterested student body Low attendance rates

4 Sample of an over programmed calendar SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday Campus Ministry Mass Study Abroad Fair Discussion PanelBingoDiversity Lunch and Lecture Varsity Theater Film All University Picnic Comedy NightSpeaker on Economics sponsored by College of Business Spoken Word Festival Late Night Book Club Annex Concert Series Campus Wide Scavenger hunt Campus Ministry Retreat Late Night Programming

5 Share your over programming experiences with your neighbors. Story Time!

6 Effective and Efficient Programming Quality over quantity Use all resources available Collaborate

7 Collaboration Share skills, ideas and resources Use student organizations, academic colleges, campus departments

8 4 Ways to Collaborate Student and faculty representatives Different perspectives New connections Co-sponsor Help finance Receive aid Idea GeneratingFunding

9 4 Ways to Collaborate Word of mouth Target certain groups Make the event legitimate Expertise PromotionsCredentials

10 How to get started 1. Pick a theme or topic. 2. Create a list and start contacting. 3. Create a committee. 4. Make the event a success!

11 1. Pick a theme or topic Pick a central idea Examples: political, music entertainment, economics, sports, health, media, etc. Decide on timeline of event, whether it will be one day or a theme week

12 2. Create a list and start contacting Write a list of potential collaborating groups Academic colleges, student organizations, campus departments, and community organizations Contact the representatives of these groups Invite them to participate in a collaborative meeting to plan for the event

13 3. Create a committee Groups can have any level of participation from promotion, planning, and the day of the event Establish a point person Know the level of involvement for each group

14 4. Make the event a success! Take advantage of all groups resources to make the event a success

15 Success Story! Sexual Violence Awareness Week at Marquette University Collaboration took place from 12 different campus groups Committee met once a week Break out groups formed to work on specific events such as the kick-off event and the prayer vigil

16 Sexual Violence Awareness Week Example of a successful collaboration. SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday Teeter –totter – a-thon: ODonnell Hall Teeter –Totter – a-thon Teeter-totter-a- thon Greek Life Kick Off Picnic The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo Empowerment, the English Dept. True Life: Schroeder Hall Residence Staff Soup with Substance: Campus Ministry Late Night Book Club: Office of Student Development Movie: Speak MUSG Movie: Speak MUSG Kick Off EventPrayer Vigil: Campus Ministry Keynote: Sexual Aggression 101, multiple funders

17 Share your success stories! Your Experiences

18 Case study Form groups of 3-5 people Love Your Planet Week Your student organization is in charge of planning the week Use at least 6 of the listed groups Give a description of at least 4 events – include who will collaborate on each

19 Case Study Conclusion Share planning results Will collaboration be useful to your organization in the future?

20 Effective and Efficient Programming Erin Shawgo Program Vice President Marquette University

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