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Over the Top by Sybil Bristowe.

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1 Over the Top by Sybil Bristowe

2 Ten more minutes! – Say yer prayers, Read yer Bibles, pass the rum!

3 Ten more minutes. Strike me dumb, 'Ow they
Ten more minutes! Strike me dumb, 'Ow they on unawares, Those blooming minutes. Nine. It's queer, I'm sorter stunned. Creeps

4 It ain't with fear!

5 Eight. It's like as if a frog Waddled round in your inside,

6 Cold as ice-blocks, straddle wide,Tired o' waiting.
Where's the grog?

7 Seven. I'll play yer pitch and toss – Six. – I wins, and tails yer loss.

8 'Nother minute sprinted by 'Fore I knowed it; only Four (Break 'em into seconds) more 'Twixt us and Eternity.

9 Every word I've ever said Seems a-shouting in my head.
Love… Hate… Fear … Mother… Wife …Joy… Fight NOW!

10 Three. Larst night a little star Fairly shook up in the sky, Didn't like the lullaby Rattled by the dogs of War.

11 Funny thing – that star all white Saw old Blighty, too, larst night …

12 Two. I ain't ashamed o' prayers, They're only wishes sent ter God Bits o' plants from bloody sod Trailing up His golden stairs.

13 Ninety seconds – Well, who cares! One –

14 No fife, no blare, no drum –

15 Over the Top – to Kingdom Come!

16 Works Cited “WWI Women’s Poetry & Verse.” Virtual Seminars for Teaching Literature [online] 16 January 2003.

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