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1 Meiosis

2 Diploid to Haploid



5 Crossing Over Synapsis- Homologous Pairs line up = Tetrad
During synapsis the chromstids within a homologous pair may twist around each other and break off and attach to the other homologous pair = Crossing Over Results in exchange of genetic material between maternal and paternal chromosomes = genetic recombination


7 Law of Independent Assortment
During metaphase, as the homologous pairs line up the orientation of maternal and paternal chromosomes is random Not all maternal go to one side, and paternal the other….it is mixed Law of independent assortment As the homologous pairs are separated in anaphase, they maternal and paternal chromosomes have random separation Results in genetic variation

8 Law of Independent Assortment






14 Formation of Gametes Meiosis only occurs in the reproductive cells…all other cells undergo mitosis Ending products of meiosis are haploid gametes Eggs in female - oogenesis Sperm in male - spermatogenesis Fusion of sperm and egg results in a diploid cell

15 DNA v. Gene

16 Karyotype 46 chromosomes, 23 pair
One of each pair was from mom, one from dad

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