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Powering Axis Network Cameras with Power over LAN.

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1 Powering Axis Network Cameras with Power over LAN

2 Main Messaging Network video from anywhere without the need for power outlets!

3 What is Power over LAN? Technology for combining Power & Data over standard LAN cabling infrastructure Safe, reliable way to save installation costs Standard solution – IEEE 802.3af compliant 300ft (100m) range Also known as: PoL Power over Ethernet - PoE Inline Power Active Ethernet

4 What is Power over LAN? Power (48V, 15.4W) is only activated for authenticated compatible terminals. Compatible with standard Category 5 cabling infrastructure – no need to replace cables, patch-panels, RJ-45 outlets, etc. Safe solution – Power is automatically blocked to legacy Ethernet devices (i.e. laptops, NICs, switches, etc.) Systems are protected against overloads and short- circuits

5 Axis/ PowerDsine Power over LAN Solutions 12,6 & 1 port Mid-spans – for all types of installations 1U rack mount for 12 & 6 port versions 802.3af compatible – future proof solution

6 Powering 12V Network Cameras Use the 12V Active Splitter with cameras or equipment that requires 12V, and is not yet POL enabled. 12V Power Data Active Splitter Power over LAN Midspan Network Camera

7 Simpler, more Cost effective Installation Removal of the AC outlets dramatically reduces cost of the deployment. No need for expensive electricians, deployment by IT personnel. No adaptors – higher reliability of installation Fast installation time and integration of cameras Simplified site planning, enabling easy addition or relocation of a camera to get complete coverage. The Power over LAN Advantage for Network Cameras

8 A Robust Security Network – a Must Only a port with POL enabled devices will be powered Will not damage non-POL devices such as NIC Cards, LAN Hubs and other peripherals Eliminates accidental disconnection of Power to camera Better survivability in the tough industrial floor Can allow closing of the camera in an isolating box Overload & short circuit protections The Power over LAN Advantage for Network Cameras

9 A backup Security Network – a Must Continues operation during power failures by simple UPS backup of the POL Midspan. Utilize existing network UPS UPS The Power over LAN Advantage for Network Cameras

10 Power over LAN Business Case – from the WLAN world Wireless Installer Saves Customer over $5,000 by using Power over LAN Site Application: Warehouse/Watch Factory Application: 20 Access Points mounted 32ft high Installation of Duplex Outlets/conduit: $432 each Electrician Cost: $8,640 POL Cost : 6 Port units x 4 @ $800 = $3200 Savings: $5,440

11 Frequently Asked Questions Which Axis Products can the Power over LAN midspan work with? 2100, 2110, 2120, 2420, 2400, 2401 and 9010. Can devices be damaged by connecting to the Power Hub? No, only ports that terminate with PoE enabled devices will be powered. Therefore there is no need to manage individual cables or jacks. No concerns about employees carelessly swapping cables No damage to Ethernet switch in case of input/output careless swap No damage to legacy products on the network Protecting 1000BaseT Endpoints, ATM, ISDN, T1/E1 & POTS Devices

12 Why use Power over LAN Solution? Saves our Customer Money Safer, more Reliable Solution

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