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FREE TOOLS FOR EDUCATORS Maryly Skallos Best of MACUL Ottawa ISD, August 8, 2013.

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1 FREE TOOLS FOR EDUCATORS Maryly Skallos Best of MACUL Ottawa ISD, August 8, 2013

2 LOOKING AT VARIOUS SOURCES Sources Well known Apps  Diigo  edWeb  MACUL  Prezi  VoiceThread  Wikispaces

3 COBOCARDS  Online flashcard software  Can be used on mobile devices (iPhone and Android devices)  Many flashcards available in many different subject matter  Free to signup; premium for more features 

4 ANKI  Free, online flashcard software  Allows for audio, video, as well as text  Content-agnostic and supports images, audio, videos and scientific markup  Can keep cards synchronized across multiple devices  Download to your device and install 

5 VOKI   Create an animated voice avatar to animate lessons/material  Free  60 second clips  Easily embeds into LMS or websites

6 ANIMOTO  Apply for the Animoto all-access pass for use in the classroom.  Produce unlimited full length videos from photos 

7 FAKEBOOK  Easy rip-off social media profiles a la Facebook without the Facebook presence  Great way to promote critical thinking by re-creating historical figures from a 21 st century perspective.  Check out Julius Caesar’s Profile  Even Brutus has yet to be un-friended!  (Works in Firefox but not in IE) 

8 CALM COUNTER  Flash-based web app that provides visual feedback on the amount of noise in your classroom.  Setup is simple  Turn down your speakers  Connect a microphone  Watch as the speedometer-like indicator rises and falls with noise levels  (I used the built-in mic) 

9 GOOGLE LIT TRIPS  A collection of “journeys of characters from famous literature” normally introduced in grades K-16.  Provide additional context for critical thinking reflecting upon and exploring characters and themes by making real-world associations in Google Earth  Download Google Earth first then download the Google Lit Trip of your choice 

10 WONDEROPOLIS  Critical thinking portal devoted specifically to those who wonder aloud, in their thoughts, or in their dreams.  Created and maintained by the National Center for Family Literacy  Wonders of the Day  Brief history of the subject matter  A list of related activities  Glossary of terms  Advanced options for further learning 

11 SIMPLEK12  Teaching Learning Community  Able to get free information to share  Premium account – provides info for many other topics  Free signup gets your free information  Ex: Teaching Across Curriculum

12 FREE WEBSITES TO MEET COMMON CORE  K-3  Fuel the Brain (  Free site with teacher resources for writing, numbers and operations and measurement and data.  Students can create their own mini books in this site.  K-12  TenMarks (  K-10 math curriculum based on practice, instruction, assessment, and intervention.  Currently set for the summer but does have a program during the school year.

13 FREE WEBSITE TO MEET COMMON CORE  K-12  Ginger Software (  Uses with Google Chrome  Must have for students who need proofreading when writing documents (grammar check, sentence rephraser, text reader, etc.)  Grammarly (  Proofreading web 2.0 app that is easy to use.

14 OUT OF THE BOX   Innovative online learning opportunities to anyone who wants to improve the technology, literacy and math skills  Beneficial for community education programs or students who are struggling in math, reading or technology

15 WANT TO LEARN MICROSOFT OFFICE  Ribbon Hero 2  Game like app to help people explore some of the new and useful features of Office 2010 or 2007 (nothing yet on Office 2013…sorry  )  Downloads directly to your computer  Students do the exercises and earn points  More points, higher the level 

16 THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING  Contact Information:  Maryly Skallos   231-777-0214  This presentation will be available at (

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