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Research and Data Gathering for the Grant Writing Process Helena VonVille Texas Public Health Association Annual Conference February 25, 2007.

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1 Research and Data Gathering for the Grant Writing Process Helena VonVille Texas Public Health Association Annual Conference February 25, 2007

2 Problem Lack of access to health data and the research literature can have a negative impact on the ability of PH practitioners to write effective grants

3 Objectives Participants will learn how to access and use: Health data Research literature Resources for evidence-based public health

4 To accomplish the objectives Case scenario: Youve come across a great grant opportunity Diabetes-related project Youre pretty sure you have a diabetes problem in your community Requires collaboration Lots o money for 2 years Renewable for 2 more years for a smaller amount

5 Now What? Start gathering data Cant go by gut feeling Where to begin?? Go to UTSPH Library Click on Health Data Library

6 Health Data Library One-stop source for freely accessible: State data CHARTing Health Information for Texas Federal data Regularly updated

7 Health Data Library Begin with Federal data

8 Why Federal Data First? CDC grant Most likely refers to Healthy People 2010 Healthy People 2010 publications available at Need to get HP 2010 data Good way to set goals of project Help define reasonable objectives

9 Federal Data Web Site Includes links to major national data sets CDC: NHANES, NHIS, BRFSS, YRBSS CDC Wonder SAMHSA: NSDUH (NHSDA), DAWN Census Bureau: 2000 census, American Community Survey, State & Metropolitan Area Data Book Not organized by subject Laundry list approach

10 More Help Finding Federal Data Produced by the National Library of Medicine Deep indexing of surveys, data sets, and software

11 Healthy People 2010 Includes data by focus areas 28 focus areas, 467 objectives

12 HP 2010 Data Site 1. Click here to select focus area 2. Click here to select state (county data not available) 3. Read objective specification info

13 Objective Specification Info Describes how objective defined ICD-10 codes used for mortality Target setting method What data is used Helps you compare apples to apples when you gather county or community data

14 Diabetes Objective 5-5 Reduce diabetes death rate ICD-10 codes E10 – E14 43% improvement from baseline year Data derived from multiple-cause-of- death files, not underlying cause 3 times as likely to be listed Most data tables use underlying cause HP 2010 data for TX: 91.4 per 100,000 (2003) TX Health Data: 31.4 per 100,000 (2003)

15 HP 2010Data Results Page Base line year and data Data for 1998 – 2006 2004 tends to be most current HP 2010 target and target setting method Sources of data Comments

16 Save Data Results in Excel Bottom of data results page Save data results Add data for your community or county

17 Diabetes: Multiple-Cause of Death On CD-ROM with SETS (Statistical Export and Tabulation System) Contact CDC Mortality Statistics Branch, Division of Vital Statistics for 2000-2003 data County-level data available

18 Now that you have HP 2010 data Impact of diabetes on TX/your county/your community County level data typically available Census data is exception MSA level data available on many sites Go back to Health Data Library page Select Texas Data (CHARTing Health Information for Texas)

19 Texas Data

20 CHARTing Health Information for Texas Organized by broad categories Illness/Disease Community and Sociodemographic Characteristics Links only to freely accessible data County or MSA level Minimal data by Census tract or zip code Sources: US, Texas, non-profits


22 Data for: Cause of Illness or Death

23 Broken out by morbidity, mortality, and other resources Start with morbidity Chronic Disease

24 Includes: link to data; producer/provider; dates covered; geography Diabetes: Morbidity


26 Diabetes: Mortality Data uses underlying cause of death Cant use it to compare HP 2010 objective

27 Diabetes: Mortality Can use it to demonstrate trends and/or health disparities Harris County Death Statistics for diabetes mellitus (E10-E14) from TX Health Data

28 What About the Community? Sociodemographic & community characteristics is broken out in 8 broad areas

29 Sociodemographic & Community Characteristics Circled items are those probably most relevant for diabetes

30 Access to Health Care Includes: Insurance & CHIP; Medicare & Medicaid enrollment; Medically Underserved Areas; special reports, etc.

31 Risk Behaviors BRFSS includes ?s on diabetes and overweight/obesity

32 Sociodemographic Data Data includes: Poverty/income Language spoken at home Disabilities Place of birth Age

33 Other Components of CHARTing Common Data Problems Explores data anomalies If it looks too weird to be true, check it out! Frequently used public health formulas Incidence rate, mortality rate, pregnancy rate, etc. Brief glossary of terms

34 Researching the Literature TexShare database program Evidence-Based Public Health (EBPH) Links to evidence-based practice Web sites Lots of abstracts Some full text Document delivery of articles

35 TexShare Database Program Funded by (your) tax dollars Public and academic libraries Extensive collection of relevant databases Online access to thousands of journals, and newspapers

36 Selective TexShare Databases Academic Search Premier Alt HealthWatch Business Source Complete Consumer Health Complete Health and Wellness Resource Center with Alternative Health Health Reference Center Academic Health Source: Consumer Health Source: Nursing/Academic Medline MedicLatina Newspaper Source

37 TexShare Databases Academic Search Premier: 3,610+ FT peer-reviewed titles American Journal of Public Health; AIDS Education & Prevention; Drugs: Education, Prevention & Policy; Journal of Public Health Management & Practice Medline Subset of PubMed with indexing to more than 4,800 current biomedical journals

38 TexShare Databases Health Reference Center Academic: 750+ FT titles AIDS and Behavior; Behavioral Medicine; Journal of School Health; Prevention Science Health Source: Nursing/Academic: 540+ FT titles American Journal of Health Behavior; Contemporary Drug Problems; Mental Health Practice

39 TexShare Databases Completely free through your public library Get a library card! Ex: Houston PL database access

40 ASP Sample Search Each line covers a different concept OR used to connect similar concepts

41 ASP Results (37 total)

42 EBPH Site from UTSPH Library

43 EBPH Web Site: Contents Resources of note: Includes pre-defined PubMed searches for HP 2010 focus areas Cochrane Reviews Systematic reviews on many health interventions TRIP (Turning Research Into Practice) Searches multiple EB databases in one fell swoop

44 Document Delivery of Articles TDSHS Library Flexible policy Available to DSHS & DARS employees Is your health department funded by DSHS? If so, you are eligible (but contact them to be sure) Home page:

45 Thank you! Please feel free to contact me: 713.500.9131

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