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Over 500 Million Vehicles Tested Worldwide I / M Testing Programs California BAR 2013 Program.

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1 Over 500 Million Vehicles Tested Worldwide I / M Testing Programs California BAR 2013 Program



4 COMPANY HISTORY Company founded Began Manufacturing of ASM emission equipment for Mexico Certified in the Country of Mexico Certified in the Commonwealth of Virginia Certified in the Providence of Ontario, Canada Certified in the State of California Awarded exclusive contract for Alaska to include 4 gas analyzer with OBD II Certified in the state of Alaska Awarded exclusive contract for Nevada. Certified in the State of Nevada First fully certified in Texas with majority of the market share The first manufacturer certified in North Carolina [4 gas analyzer and OBD II] Awarded exclusive contract for Idaho [4 gas analyzer and OBD II] Certified in the State of Idaho Certified in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for OBD II and Safety Only Nevada contract awarded to allow vehicle registration over the analyzer Awarded exclusive contract for Albuquerque, New Mexico [4 gas analyzer and OBD II] First NOX Diesel System approved in Japan Head Quarters Relocation to larger 12,000 sq foot, State-of-the-Art facility in Brea, CA Sole Source for Nevada Light Duty Diesel Test w/Dyne Singapore Diesel System Approval Certified in Japan for opacity equipment Certified in South Korea for LD Gasoline, LD diesel and HD diesel test equipment 2008 – Certified in Atlanta, GA 2009 – Certification Gold Partner Microsoft Windows 2010 – Bermuda Certification 2012 – State of Utah, Davis County Award

5 SERVICE SUPPORT Live & Work in territory / community Parts on truck - On-Site one on one Scheduled training 8 Hour Average Response Time Fastest Service in Industry with current National response at 5 working hours GPS Technician Dispatch System Monday – Friday service Exclusive Modular Drawer Design


7 STATES – I/M PROGRAMS 33 States Active I/M Programs Majority OBD II testing Tailpipe and OBDII


9 OBD II TESTING (ON BOARD DIAGNOSTICS) Looks for emission problems by monitoring virtually every component that can increase emission Average Test Time – 15 minutes Vehicles 1996 Newer – Fully Compliant

10 OBD II – DATA LINK CONNECTOR (DLC) 1.Manufacturer Discretion 2.BUS + Line, SAE J Manufacturer Discretion 4.Chassis Ground 5.Signal Ground 6.Manufacturer Discretion 7.K Line ISO Manufacturer Discretion 9.Manufacturer Discretion 10.BUS – Line SAE J Manufacturer Discretion 12.Manufacturer Discretion 13.Manufacturer Discretion 14.Manufacturer Discretion 15.L Line, ISO Vehicle Battery Positive

11 CURRENT CALIFORNIA California Bureau of Automotive Repair Longest running I/M Program 14 Years – California BAR Program Approximately 7,600 Certified Stations – Test Only (2,600) – Test & Repair (4,300) – Gold Shield (700) Tailpipe and OBD II Testing

12 PROPOSED CALIFORNIA D.A.D. Data Acquisition Device

13 D.A.D (Data Acquisition Device) Program Estimated Implementation late 2012 or early 2013 Separate Unit Windows 7 / 32 bit Internet capable Automobiles 2001 and newer Vehicles 2000 and older dyne test and current BAR 97 Platforms

14 D.A.D. (Data Acquisition Device) Program OBD - DAD Device – retrieves information on the OBD Second Generation (Enhanced OBD) DAD Units connects to the BAR Next Generation Electronic Transmission (NGET) via web BAR proprietary developed software

15 BAR – DAD TECHNICAL SPECS es/02_SmogCheck/Engineering/OBD_T echnical_specification.pdf

16 THE LEADER IN TECHNOLOGY Software updates via Internet Windows Operating System DVD ROM Player Manual OBD II Diagnostics, Clear Codes & Data Stream 17 LCD display Laser Printer All Steel Cabinet Construction Safety Vehicle Management Software 2-D bar code scanner 1.7 MHZ processor (or faster) 256 MB RAM 40 GB hard drive (or larger) AGP video card 256K internal cache memory 56K bps internal modem

17 THANK YOU Q & A Tony Amigleo

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