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TSRI, a Wicresoft Company Overview

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1 TSRI, a Wicresoft Company Overview
By: Lee Nidetz Executive Vice President

2 Wicresoft and TSRI Highlights
Founded: August 1991 Wicresoft Acquires TSRI 4Q2010 Corporate Headquarters: Seattle, Washington Corporate Utilities, High-Tech, LTE / WiMAX, Satellite, Cable & Broadband, VoIP, Wireline, Wireless, Hardware and Software Vendors Sectors Global Delivery 11 Operation Centers: North America, China, Japan, EMEA & APAC ISO 9001:2000; ISO 27001; CMM14; COPC; 6-Sigma Contract Staffing; Project Management and Consulting; Training Services; BPO / ITO; Offshore Development; Infrastructure Optimization Services Facts Sales: $120M Employees: 3,500

3 Outsourcing Excellence
Our Mission Is To Deliver World-Class Solutions To Help Companies Achieve Operational Excellence Operational Excellence Capabilities Outsourcing Excellence TSRI’s Consultants Offer Advanced Skills With The Latest Technology. We help Clients Successfully Integrate Business & Technology Objectives We Deliver The Right Consultants and Teams To Help Our Clients Fulfill Their Strategic Business Objectives People Processes cGMP Compliance Technology TSRI’s Consultants Have Mastered Processes and Technology Within the Utility and Telecom Sectors. We Ensure That Our Consultants Can Deliver The ‘Right’ Approach.

4 How TSRI Serves You Solutions Benefits
Contract Staffing: Technical Subject Matter Experts Consulting: BPO, IT Technology & Business Performance Management IT Outsourcing: Staffing, Software Development & Testing IT Infrastructure: Data Center Hosting, Security, Server & Network Support Benefits TSQM™ Services Methodology Full-Value Service Deep Telecom & Electric Utility Domain Expertise to Complete Each Project as Required Ready-to-Work Consultants Focused Recruiting Team to Provide a Ready to Interview Qualified Resource Timely Return on Investment

5 Technical Screening Quality Management (TSQM™)
We’ll find the right person for the job. No Job Boards: We select candidates from our pre-screened internal database of 70,000 SMEs. Structured Interviews: We focus on the strategic value of your actual requirements. 97% Acceptance Rate: Ensures you get the most qualified candidate. Technical Screening Quality Management (TSQM™)

6 Telecom Disciplines Served
Network Operations Engineering RF Engineering OSS/BSS/CRM Information Technology Business Process Outsourcing and Management Software Quality Assurance Testing Services Finance Revenue Assurance/Telco Cost Management Wholesale Services/Access Billing Regulatory Marketing and Product Management Customer Care Training

7 OSS Systems Service Assurance Service Quality Management
Subscriber/Customer Experience Management End to End QoS Network Management Fault Management Performance Management Network Inventory Management Trouble Ticketing Management OSS Integration Service Provisioning Service Activation Service Order Management Service Provisioning (Including Workflow) Device Management

8 BSS Systems Billing Convergent Charging and Business Support Charging
Mediation Wholesale (Interconnect, Wholesale) Revenue Assurance Customer Care and CRM Systems

9 Electric Utility Disciplines Served
Customer Operations (CIS): Supply: Billing, Call Center Contractual Relationships Rates and Regulations Meter Reading & Maintenance (AMR, AMI) Real Time Systems: SCADA, IT System Operations Revenue Assurance: Asset Management Systems Fraud and Theft Meter Data Management Systems Regulatory: State PUC’s Transmission and Distribution: Engineering Marketing: Demand Response Systems IT Outage Management Systems Training: Curriculum Development Information Technology: Classroom Delivery Projects Web Based Training Telecommunications Computer Based Training Electric Utility Disciplines Served Customer Operations (CIS): Billing, Call Center Rates and Regulations Meter Reading & Maintenance (AMR, AMI) System Operations Asset Management Systems Meter Data Management Systems

10 TSRI Supports The Latest Technologies
LTE VoIP Infrastructure UMTS/HSPA Data Networking GSM IMS CDMA/CDMA2000 WCDMA WiMAX 3G/4G Networks Fixed Mobile Convergence Mobile Wallet (NFC) IPTV TDMA Metro Ethernet Networking GIS Optical Networking SMART GRID Cable Telephony

11 GIS Disciplines Served
Geo-Spatial Analysts GNSS Location Based Services Spatial Data Infrastructure Remote Sensing 3D LiDAR Geo-Intelligence Experts GIS Analysts GIS Developers GIS Project Managers GIS Solutions Architects GIS Specialists GIS Web Application Developers Geo-Spatial Research Analysts Geo-Spatial Developers Business Intelligence Analysts GIS Mappers Network Analysts GPS Navigation Engineers Geo-Database Experts

12 Curriculum Development
Training Services Seasoned Training Developers for instructor led, self-paced, computer based and web enabled curriculums. Long term in-house leadership and management staff with Master Level degrees and Instructional Design certifications. TSRI conducts job study interviews to document key activities essential to successful curriculum development and training. Ability to develop or revamp single courses or entire modular curriculums. Curriculum Development

13 Multi-Disciplinary Training Delivery
Training Services Experienced training resources to suit any training delivery method. TSRI supports traditional classroom delivery, computer based and web enabled remote desktop delivery methods. No two businesses are the same - TSRI supports many hybrid approaches which meet the business needs of our client. Multi-Disciplinary Training Delivery

14 Knowledge Transfer Support and Documentation
Training Services TSRI has staffing resources with exceptional experience developing methods & procedures, practice cases, business rules, process mapping, custom Job Aids and a host of knowledge retention support materials. Knowledge Transfer Support and Documentation

15 Process Mapping & Best Practices Assessments
Training Services Conduct process audits to detect deficiencies that lead to increased potential risk and inaccuracies. Apply objective third party best practices assessments to existing processes then develop long and short term strategies for improvement. Process Mapping & Best Practices Assessments

16 Training Services Learning Support System

17 Unique Benefits From TSRI
Professional Services Focused On Value Delivery Telecom and Utility Industry Domain Experience Highly Skilled Technical Talent Deep Sourcing & Recruiting Knowledge Quantifiable – Measurable – Results

18 Add Real Value to Our Clients
Qualified Consultants Telecom Experience TSRI Shares Your Project Risk Guaranteed Service Levels And The Reduction Of Operational Incidents Leverage Experience And Minimize Staffing Turnover Impact Risk Sharing Your Risks Continually Innovating Improved Access To Experienced Telecom & Electric Utility Resources Continuous Improvements With The Latest Advanced Technologies On Demand Talent Pool Innovations Quality Screening Service Excellence Mutual Business Alignment Benefit Collaboration Alignment Aligning With Your Business Flex Our Services For Instant Access To U.S. Market Talent Accelerate Your Market Presence Alignment Of Our Mutual Business Objectives Our Managed Service offering includes commitments to add value to your business which are underlined by strong contractual commitments

19 Thank You! Please visit our website at Lee Nidetz Office: Cell:

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