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Options for Supervision Offering choices to teachers.

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2 Options for Supervision Offering choices to teachers

3 Options for Supervision n Basic clinical n Peer observation n Self-directed n Administrative monitoring

4 Basic Clinical: Steps n Pre-observation conference n Observation n Analysis and strategy n Post-observation conference n Follow-up

5 Peer supervision n Colleagues may use a clinical model n Process is confidential n Collaborative assessment n Reciprocity n Required training/reading n Is not summative

6 Self-directed n Atmosphere of trust, esteem n Appropriate goals n Invitation to follow-up n Support for teacher needs n Reward for good teaching

7 Administrative monitoring n “drop-in” visits n Available feedback n Not intrusive n Not labor intensive n Provides a “pulse”

8 Clinical: n Advantages n Structured n Helps new teachers n Allows for different teaching styles n Disadvantages n Time-consuming n Only announced visits n Structured

9 Peer Supervision n Advantages n Peer esteem n Reduction in anxiety n Clearly formative n Teacher id’s issues n Formation of mentors n Disadvantages n Close collaboration n Trust n Requires time n Requires training

10 Self-directed n Advantages n Focus on growth n For mature teachers n Fosters trust n Minimal structure n Supervisor support n Disadvantages n Sustained interest n Priority interest n Requires resources n Requires follow- up

11 Administrative monitoring n Advantages n Supervisor visibility n Intensive support n Covers everyone n Can be combined n Disadvantages n Can be intrusive n Snapshot only n Occasional follow-up

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