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How to Make Special Events Work for You. WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS Your Name Your Company Your Role Your Most Successful Event.

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1 How to Make Special Events Work for You

2 WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS Your Name Your Company Your Role Your Most Successful Event

3 Agenda Why Have Events? Choosing an Event Event Planning Event Timing Things to Consider Campaign Themes Events to Promote Education and Awareness Q&A

4 Why Have Events? Special events can be an exciting component of your United Way workplace campaign. Events can raise funds, create awareness, reward teamwork and encourage friendly competition for all. They are a great way of helping your employees get to know United Way and each other and can provide a sometimes-needed boost to your campaign. They are meant to be fun and can be an effective tool when properly planned and implemented.

5 Choosing an Event Quality is definitely more important than quantity Select events that: have a proven track record involve as many employees as possible will be cost-effective in terms of time and energy Remember that special events can be very resource heavy and in the most successful campaigns, only 10% or less of the total dollars raised come from special events Always keep in mind that special events should compliment your campaign, not replace it.

6 Choosing an Event… contd UWYR Workplace Giving

7 Event Planning Sound logistics planning is absolutely crucial to the success of any special event Be prepared to spend 65% of your time planning, 20% of your time executing and 15% of your time on wrap up and analysis. Even the most perfectly planned events have had disappointing results because no one knew about them. When your event is targeted towards your employees, it is essential they know about it!

8 Event Timing For an event to achieve the highest level of success, it is critical that they are conducted after employees are canvassed. When planning an event for your workplace, make sure to choose a date when most people will be in the office. If your event is simply intended to create awareness, any time is a good time to hold the event.

9 Things to Consider What do you hope to accomplish with this event? Has a similar event been held at your organization before? How much time will you need to organize this event? What are your resources? What is your budget? Do you require a licence or permit?

10 Campaign Themes Academy AwardsIf I could change the world…Real Heroes Work Here (Superhero theme) Austin PowersIMAGINESafari Beach BashIsland LuauSCORE for United Way (Sports/Game Theme) Big Buck Round Up (Western theme)Mardi GrasStar Trek Bond, James BondMexican FiestaSurvivor Canadian IdolMiami ViceTeaming Up for Tomorrow Carnival/Country FairMission PossibleThanksgiving CircusMovie ThemeThe 50s (or 60s, 70s, 80s, etc.) CSIMulticulturalismThe Apprentice Deal or No Deal?Mystery ThemeThe Dream Team Gilligans IslandOktoberfestToga Giving is Groovy (70s theme)OlympicsTrading Spaces HalloweenPiratesTropical Adventure Health and WellnessPitch In & GiveYour gift works magic Hollywood (pick an era)Reaching the Big Top (Circus Theme) or…create your own

11 Using Events to Promote Participation and Awareness Benchmarks for fundraising costs: Direct mail acquisition90 cents to $1.25 Product sales35 cents Telephone solicitation32 cents Special events50 cents Planned giving25 cents Capital campaigns10 to 20 cents Workplace giving7 cents Cited in Ryerson Polytechnic University's Centre for Voluntary Sector Studies. Sources: Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP), Librarian Erica Heftmann, reported in Canadian Fundraiser, July 31, 1996 and Canada West Foundation survey of 1,516 charities (excluding religious groups and private foundations) reported in The Globe and Mail, August 27, 1996.

12 Using Events to Promote Participation and Awareness There are many ways to incorporate special events into your pledge form drive. People are competitive. They like to win or at least feel like they have won. Activity organizers have long known that giving people the chance to win something is a great way to generate more participation. Challenge yourself and your committee to come up with creative ways to incorporate events into your pledge campaign.

13 Using Events to Promote Participation and Awareness Come up with events that focus on learning about United Way and our funded agencies United Way campaign time is a great way to get together with fellow employees to get to know each other a little better. Try to have at least 1 event that focuses on team building Try to think outside the box when planning events. Take some of your tried, tested and true events and add a little spin.

14 Q&A Knowing what you know now about special events, what ideas will you incorporate into your 2012 Campaign? Going forward, what will you change about future events? What was the most helpful portion of this presentation? Open discussion

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