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Everything you need to know about Open Access Theo Andrew & Dominic Tate Scholarly Communications Team Library & University Collections, Information Services.

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1 Everything you need to know about Open Access Theo Andrew & Dominic Tate Scholarly Communications Team Library & University Collections, Information Services

2 Talk outline Background – Types of open access ‘Gold v Green’ – Government drivers: Finch report Change: research funders expectations Likely implementation at UoE Implications 3 step personal OA strategy

3 ….the world-wide electronic distribution of scholarly literature… …completely free from restrictions…. ….for all scientists, scholars, teachers, students, and other curious minds. is….

4 Gold open access Peer reviewed journals publication costs are met by the research funder through APCs, rather than subscriptions, articles are licensed in ways which allow others to reuse these works, subject to attribution. Average cost £1000

5 Green open access publish in a subscription journal, self-archive copies of papers in suitable place, – e.g. PURE Research Explorer Journal copyright policy permitting: – Rule of Thumb: author's refereed, revised final draft is OK for institutional web pages/ repository

6 MOOCs @ Edinburgh 2013: Report #1

7 (Hybrid option) Subscription journal offering Gold OA on article level basis: – Elsevier sponsored articles – Wiley OnlineOpen option – Royal Society Publishing – Taylor & Francis – SAGE Tend to have higher APC ~£2000 Publisher discounts:

8 Finch report (2012) “a clear policy direction should be set towards support for publication in open access or hybrid journals, funded by APCs, as the main vehicle for the publication of research, especially when it is publicly funded” Mark Walport: the UK government’s next science advisor

9 RCUK: New policy Peer reviewed research papers that are wholly or partially funded by RCUK: must be published as Gold or Green OA, must include details of the funding that supported the research, and a statement on how the underlying research materials – such as data, samples or models – can be accessed.

10 c The ESRC’s Open Access Policy requires peer- reviewed research papers to be deposited into ESRC impacts and findings research catalogue:

11 Implementation Preference for Gold OA, supported by block grants: – £609,000 for Nov12- April 2013 (Initial pump priming payment) – £830,000 for 2013/14 – £977,000 for 2014/15 Green OA also acceptable; up to institution to decide.

12 RCUK targets The RCUK is taking a phased approach over the coming five years: (UoE publishes 4-5000 articles/year; we estimate 1300 of these are funded by RCUK) Year 2013/14 45% (585) 2014/15 53% (689) 2015/16 60% (780) 2016/17 67% (871) 2017/18 75% (975) Gold410490??? Green175199???

13 Where does that leave us? Large scale shift coming. Researchers will be exposed to the costs of publication (previously sheltered by the library). Will publishers increase their APCs to maximise profit? Will we see proportional reductions in journal subscriptions?

14 Wellcome Trust OA grant at UoE YearNo.of articlesTotal costMean APC 2007/0819£32,712.85£1,721.73 2008/0938£58,648.88£1,543.39 2009/1049£90,304.78£1,842.95 2010/1167£124,359.79£1,856.11 2011/1287£146,687.10£1,686.06 Total260£452,713.40£1,741.21

15 APC cost v Impact Factor

16 c APC observations Hybrid journals seem to be more popular venues for Open Access publication, and Hybrid journals generally charge more than full OA journals independent of journal impact factor, and There is a positive correlation between APC cost and impact factor for both hybrid and full OA journals.

17 3 step personal OA strategy 1. Save a copy of authors final manuscript 2. Add document to PURE 3. Automatically added to the Edinburgh Research Explorer

18 Maximise your impact

19 Further reading Impact of Social Sciences LSE blog (5 mins) – /18/cash-alone-will-not-cure-the-research-market/ /18/cash-alone-will-not-cure-the-research-market/ D-Lib Magazine Sept 2012, Vol 18, No 9/10 (20mins) – nad.html nad.html SPARC OA newsletter #165 (2-3 hours) – 02-12.htm 02-12.htm

20 University of Edinburgh Open Access Services Dominic Tate, Scholarly Communications Manager


22 Scholarly Communications Team One-stop-shop support for local admin staff & academic authors: – Open Access advice, support, and administration – Copyright & versioning – Sources of funding publication – Research funders open access policies – Open Access Journals (OJS) – Bibliometrics Suite of online resources: –


24 Repositories Management of the University’s Open Access Repositories – Edinburgh Research Archive 7000 Open Access Papers – PURE (Edinburgh Research Explorer) 10,000 Open Access Papers

25 Green Project The University (via RPG) decided to spend 100% of BIS funding on “Green” Open Access Teams of publications assistants in each College, for every School: – Making sure as much of the University’s REF submission as possible is Open Access – Checking publisher policies to ensure compliance


27 Gold Open Access Payments RCUK Open Access Publication Fund: For all RCUK-funded authors Administered on a first-come, first-served basis Support for academics Monitoring and reporting for RCUK Wellcome Trust APC Payments Managed by the Library since 2008

28 Publisher Accounts

29 Advantages of Publisher Deals Lower Bank Charges (one invoice rather than hundreds; £10 per foreign invoice) Reduced Staff Admin: 1,500 invoices pa to be processed (a few with prepay) Quicker publishing times – single invoices can take 1-2 months Easier reporting back to RCUK for Annual Return


31 Copyright & Publisher Policies Retention of copyright is important to ensure authors’ rights to re-use and distribute their work as they see fit in the future. Moving away from traditional transfer of copyright to a “licence to publish” in which authors retain copyright of their work.

32 Contact Us Scholarly Communications Team Edinburgh University Library George Square Edinburgh, EH8 9LJ Email: Phone: +44 (0)131 651 3850 or (0)131 651 5226

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