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Terrific Tools for Transitioning Denise Barton Schuler, MS, ATP Maryland Technology Assistance Program.

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1 Terrific Tools for Transitioning Denise Barton Schuler, MS, ATP Maryland Technology Assistance Program

2 About MDTAP Maryland TAP makes disability-related technology more available, affordable, and usable for Maryland residents with disabilities. “To build a better life, you need the right tools.”

3 What is Assistive Technology? “Any item, piece of equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially off-the-shelf, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities”

4 The Bottom Line: “For people without disabilities, technology makes things easier. For people with disabilities, technology makes things possible.” IBM Training Manual - 1991

5 Low-Tech Tools Writing aids:  writing bird  pencil grips  tennis ball

6 Deaf / Hard of Hearing

7 Blind / Low Vision

8 Adaptive Computer Access

9 Cognitive / Memory Aids

10 “Smart” Technologies

11 Built-in Accessibility for Vision Access iDevices  VoiceOver  Siri (iPhone 4s only)  Zoom  White on Black  Speak selection  Tactile buttons  Large text  Audible, Visible and Vibrating alerts  Assignable ringtones

12 Built-in Accessibility for Auditory Access - iDevices  FaceTime  Closed Captioning  iMessage  Mono Audio  Visual and Vibrating Alerts  Visual Voicemail  TTY Support

13 Criteria for Evaluating Apps  What do you want the app to accomplish?  By using the app, will the person be able to successfully complete his/her job and/or task?  Does the app “back up” to a computer? Is there additional support needed?  Is there technical or user support from the developer?  Does the user require additional training to learn how to use the app? Is the app user-friendly?

14 Criteria for Evaluating Apps  Does the user have the ability to use the app? Consider cognitive, visual, hearing and physical access  Visual accessibility for someone with vision loss  Is the app compatible with voice over?  Will the user require any “add-on” technologies to access the app? Stylus? Case? Speakers?

15 Criteria for Evaluating Apps  Will the app need to sync with other technology(s)….computer, phone, internet, etc.  Will the app require a data plan or internet service?  Is the technology compatible with the app? (some apps only work on iPad2 and the user has an iPhone)  App is only available for android and the user has an iPhone

16 There’s an App for That?

17 Apps for Organization Countdown -.99 Audio Countdown - free Time Timer - $3.99, $6.99 Priority Matrix - $3.99 iVoice Reminder - $1.99 Organize for iPhone - free

18 Apps for Organization iPrompts - $39.99 Pocket Picture Planner – free (needs sw for $199) Time Logger - $4.99 Dropbox - free DropVox for Dropbox - $1.99

19 Apps for Writing & Productivity Dragon Dictation - free Dragon Go! (like Siri)- free ZoomContacts - free Push Reminder - free Pages, Keynote and Numbers (“Office Equivalent”) - $9.99 each

20 Apps for Writing & Productivity CaptureNotes 2 -.99 QuickVoice Recorder - free GoodReader for iPad - $4.99 Notability -.99 Pictello - $18.99 Say it and Mail it Recorder - $1.99 Awesome Note (Lite) – free, $4.99

21 Apps for Visual Access EyeNote - free LookTel Money Reader - $9.99 Jumbo Calculator – iPad - free ZoomReader - $19.99 Color ID Free - free VM Alert – Video Motion Detector - $1.99 Vision Assistant - $5.99 Doc Scanner - $2.99 Prizmo - $9.99

22 Pocket Picture Planner

23 Time Logger

24 Dropvox for Dropbox

25 iVoice Reminder

26 Pictello

27 ZoomReader

28 ZoomReader (cont)

29 Information & Referral  Helps identify potential products and solutions  Links with sources for assessment or evaluation  Refers to vendors  Connects with funding sources

30 Equipment Loan & Demonstration  Lets people observe and try out devices before buying  Lends devices to individuals or professionals for 4 weeks to try out or cover short-term gaps (e.g., when devices are being repaired)  Centers in Baltimore, Western Maryland and the Eastern Shore  Reuse AT: Equipment Link –

31 Maryland AT Coop  Provides discounts on assistive technology purchase from a wide variety of vendors and manufacturers  Free membership to agencies and individuals  No obligation to purchase through the Co-op For more information, contact: (410) 792-9901 (voice/fax) email:

32 AT Loan Program  Provides low-interest loans to Maryland residents with disabilities or their families to buy assistive technology  Covers all types of AT, including vehicles, computers, home modifications  Loan amounts - $500 - $50,000  Interest rates usually one point below prime  Approves many loans that would be turned down by conventional lenders  Telework Loan - Provides low-interest loans to enable people with disabilities to buy equipment needed to telecommute or start small businesses

33 Contact Us Central Office Maryland Technology Assistance Program 2301 Argonne Drive, T-17 Baltimore, MD 21218 (800) 832-4827 (voice) (866) 881-7488 (TTY) (410) 554-9237 (fax) (e-mail) (web)

34 Contact Us AT:LAST, Inc. d.b.a. Maryland A.T. Co-op 7050 Oakland Mills Rd. Ste. 160 Columbia, MD 21046 410-381-2667 (voice) (e-mail) (web)

35 Contact Us Holly Community, Inc. 821 E. Williams St. P. O. Box 1489 Salisbury, MD 21802 (877) 511-0744 (voice) (443) 260-0833 (fax) (e-mail) (web)

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