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Short portrait of Bauscher

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1 Short portrait of Bauscher
4th May,2009

2 Short portrait of Bauscher
Bauscher was founded in 1881 by two brothers August and Conrad Bauscher. 125 years focus on production of hotel porcelain (inventor of hotel porcelain). Bauscher has approx. 750 employees. Market segments Export: Catering industry/hotels 80% Canteens, hospitals & old people‘s homes 20% By far the strongest brand in Germany. Since 1927 Bauscher is part of the BHS tabletop. BHS group of companies is worldwide the largest producer of hotel porcelain. Weiden is the most modern European location for production of chinaware.

3 Requirements concerning chinaware
Design Appearance/Presentation is important for the eye Porcelain as presentation platform for food: Large-scale plates and platters Large variety of cups Individual decorations Service Replenishment guarantee (Porcelain as investment good) Fast and reliable replenisments Continuous support & qualified consulting service Information about news and trends

4 Quality Material Resistance to shipping Maximum resistance to cutting
Dishwasher safe decorations Absolutely hygenic surfaces Heat retention Various heating-up possibilities for chinaware (microwaves, induction, oven)

5 Quality Design Easy to handle (during serving and cleaning the table)
Perfect stackability (space saving storage) Save transport Fitting to accessories such as cloches and lids

6 Criteria for good hotel porcelain
Advantage for the client Example Comfortable warm dishes much „weight in the center“ of the plates plates with exact measurements fitting exactly to cloches special items with plain bottom heatable through induction Easy handling multifunctional items (one saucer for various cups) stackability cups easy to seize Appealing Design design of shapes and decoration Less breakage reinforced edges secure stacking piles Less wear and tear hard surface polished feet dishwasher proof decorations Easy to clean homogeneous surface glazed or well-polished edges no inaccessible nooks and crannies

7 Milestones in the development of Bauscher hotel chinaware
1890 Luzifer ovenproof 1911 Stuttgart crossband-relief, art-nouveau shape 1950 Mozart 1955 Bonn Bauhaus style (layout stems from 1930s) 1960 B1100 first tableware system 1982 Gala the classic chinaware for restaurants 1986 Carat first modern relief shape 1991 Dialog further development of Carat 1994 Prisma origin Peter Behrens, around 1900 1998 Dimension 2001 Options fine and elegant range 2004 Raffinesse 2003/2006 Come4table 2007 Compliments 2008 Silhouette 2009 Pleasure  In total 16 different collections of chinaware! (= worldwide the most extensive porcelain collection)

8 Almost all different styles and tastes can be met
Timeless: Maitre Elegant: Options Modern: Dimension, Dialog Functional: Bonn Rustic: Bistro Classic: Mozart, Stuttgart

9 Brenner‘s Parkhotel / Baden-Baden
References – National References Brenner‘s Parkhotel / Baden-Baden collection bonn, maître / custom design

10 Kongress-Hotel Dorint / Karlsruhe collection options / custom design
References – National References Kongress-Hotel Dorint / Karlsruhe collection options / custom design

11 Tagungshotel Schindlerhof / Nürnberg Boxdorf
References – National References Tagungshotel Schindlerhof / Nürnberg Boxdorf different collections / custom design

12 Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg / Bensberg
References – National References Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg / Bensberg collection stuttgart / decor Charlottenburg

13 Dorint Sofitel Bayerpost München
References – National References Dorint Sofitel Bayerpost München collections raffinesse, function, modulus

14 Kempinski Hotel Falkenstein collection options
References – National References Kempinski Hotel Falkenstein collection options

15 collections options, raffinesse
References – National References East Hotel Hamburg collections options, raffinesse

16 Bauscher-References - Worldwide
Burj Al Arab, Dubai Island Shangri-la, Hong Kong Hotel Sacher, Vienna Wiener Opernball, Vienna Palace Hotel, Lucerne Hofbräuhaus, Munich Dorint Hotels, Germany Emirates Towers, Dubai Opera House, Helsinki SAS Royal Hotel, Copenhagen Hotel Meridien Montparnasse, Paris Grand Hotel Corvinus Kempinski, Budapest Divani Caravel Hotel Athens Sheraton, Mexico City Baltschug Kempinski, Moscow Radisson Slavjanskaya Hotel, Russia TvRandot Chinese Restaurant, Russia Sheraton, Tel-Aviv Grand Hotel, Stockholm Stena Line cruise lines ship, Sweden Volvo staff restaurants, Sweden Ciragan Palace, Istanbul Hilton, Istanbul Harrods Restaurants, London The Dorchester, London Restaurant Le Bernardin, New York Caesars Palace, Las Vegas Costa Crociere, Italy Starhotels, Italy

17 collection maitre / custom design
References – International References Clubschiff Aida collection maitre / custom design

18 Ceasars Palace / Las Vegas collection prisma / custom design
References – International References Ceasars Palace / Las Vegas collection prisma / custom design

19 collections bonn, options / custom design
References – International References Café Sacher / Wien collections bonn, options / custom design

20 7*-Hotel Burj Al Arab / Dubai collections bonn, maitre / custom design
References – International References 7*-Hotel Burj Al Arab / Dubai collections bonn, maitre / custom design

21 collection raffinesse
References – International References Radisson Wien collection raffinesse

22 Range Conclusion Bauscher offers a wide range of unique collections for the today‘s food service industry worldwide. The variety of the professional, functional and aesthetical product portfolio offers perfect and individual solutions for all requirements.

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