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Planning for Business Continuity Planning for Pandemic Theresa Rowe Oakland University.

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1 Planning for Business Continuity Planning for Pandemic Theresa Rowe Oakland University

2 Stuff Happens Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned; The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity.  The Collected Poems of W. B. Yeats, ed. Richard J. Finneran New York: Macmillan, 1989

3 Our Experience  Fire in building March 1994  Environmental cleaning June 1997  Faulty discharge of Halon December 2000  Crisis September 11, 2001  Ice storm April 2002  Combined electrical / UPS failure July 2002  East coast electrical failure August 2003  Virus invasion September 2003  Invasive hack November 2004

4 Recognizing a Disaster  Facility damaged or contaminated  Disrupted communications  Unauthorized exposure or access  Invasion and cross-contamination on networks  Uncontrolled perimeter  Internet defacement, viruses, phishing, pharming  Where does Pandemic fit?

5 What is a Pandemic?   Virulent human flu that causes a global, fast-spreading outbreak of serious illness

6 The Headlines  Bird flu coming to US 'soon' 21/03/2006 08:37 - (SA)  Washington - Deadly bird flu probably will arrive in the United States this year, and the government says it expects 20 to 100 suspected cases to undergo testing by the end of December.  "At this point, if you're a bird, it's a pandemic. If you're a human, it's not a pandemic," said Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt.

7 The Headlines  Mass graves planned if bird flu pandemic reaches Britain By Adam Stones (Filed: 02/04/2006)  Mass burials are being considered by the Home Office as part of contingency plans for a possible avian flu pandemic.

8 The Headlines  Oct. 20, 2005 - 12:27 PM  The Bird Flu Walkback Begins  Edward B. Colby Edward B. Colby  On Tuesday, the Toronto Star led off a front-page story, headlined "Flu pandemic 'catastrophe' for Canada," with these words: A bird flu pandemic could paralyze Canada's manufacturing sector for more than a year and cost the country hundreds of millions of dollars in medical costs, the Conference Board of Canada says. story

9 The Pundits  Y2K, Terrorism, SARS, H5N1

10 Risk Assessment  Impact on education and economic factors  Evacuation  Restriction of mass gatherings and closure of public facilities  Quarantines  Restricted travel  Mass absenteeism – internal and external

11 Challenge: Discovering Expectations  What does our community expect?  What systems are most critical?  What is the longest tolerable outage?  Who is involved in recovery?  How do we communicate?  Closure versus evacuation?  What is the tolerance for slow and for an outage?

12 Constituent Review: Comfort Zone High lost cost Low continuity expectation High lost cost High continuity expectation Low lost cost Low continuity expectation Low lost cost High continuity expectation

13 Community Business Continuity Plans  Reusable plans –Strike contingency planning –Snow-day closure communications –Pre-planned purchase order and receiving strategies –Coordinate efforts with bank, vendors –Expectation that some business will be stopped or interrupted

14 Table-Top Scenario Planning  Group participatory exercise  Walk through possible events identified in Risk Assessment, best in a story line with roadblocks  Follow existing plan to test plan effectiveness

15 Planning for the Scenario Planning Event  Enough unrestricted time – 4 hours  Location  Develop scenario  Existing plans  Identify participants

16 Who Should Participate  Facilitator to keep the session to the story line  Recorder to document issues  Public safety  Health care officials  County emergency response team  Key decision-makers and process owners  Communications staff  Observers

17 Sample Materials for Scenario  Scenario videos on Google  Health and Human Services documentation ex.html

18 Planning for a Pandemic  Event: an outbreak of a highly contagious flu is identified on campus, affecting fewer than 5 students. Students just returned from a trip abroad. –Who needs to know? –What do we need to do?

19 Who has the Authority to…..  Initiate campus emergency response  Notify public health officials  Issue a campus notification  Notify parents  Issue a press release  Close and evacuate residence halls  And in what order will these notifications occur?

20 Notifying public health  Documented plan for organization to organization communications  IT requests: lists of immediate contact circle – course schedule, residence, clubs, etc.

21 Public health  May request organizational assistance for medication or vaccination distribution  Awareness campaign for communicable disease issues  Possible order for campus evacuation or closure  Possible mandate for facility use

22 Notifying parents  An existing fast method to notify parents  Impact on residential areas  International or out-of-state students  IT requests: lists of students with permanent address out-of-state, next-of-kin notifications

23 Campus communications  Need for high-tech communications central  IT requests: emergency phone hot-line, emergency information web site, call center, public network space for news media

24 Decisions for record-keeping  Flu shot records  Next-of-kin records  Deceased students, employees  IT requests: Locations for storing new data records, expertise in query and report- writing

25 Academic Calendar  Mix on online and presence courses  Can we switch to online? No.  Suspend the calendar

26 Repeat the Scenario: Just IT  IT staff repeated the exercise  Plan for handling expected high absenteeism  Recognize pull in other directions  Brian Voss, Louisiana State: “I am not recovering from a disaster to my facility…I’m dealing with the aftermath of the worst disaster in our nation’s history.”

27 IT Response  All changes and projects stopped  Resources redirected to critical need and essential functions  Emphasize communications systems  Unattended backups  Special check printing  Secure access from remote locations and working from home

28 Thank You  Email

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