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Hints for Freshmen 2013 Administrational Guide for Medical Students at the UPMS.

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1 Hints for Freshmen 2013 Administrational Guide for Medical Students at the UPMS

2 The Registrar’s Office (RO) Informing students about duties Certifications Instruction regarding official requests Exam period Summer and 6th year practices Counseling in study related questions → English → Students → Registrar’s Office


4 Studies – Technical background

5 Technical Background ETR (native and web-based platforms) -setting student status, -booking courses, booking exam dates, -checking status, payments, grades -contacting fellow students and teachers CooSpace (Modulo) („Cooperation in virtual space” web-based community site with scenes) -Contacting teachers, fellow students, even consultation -Sharing educational materials (up- and downloading lecture materials, home works, mid-term test results, exam sheets, etc.) Faculty website -Downloadable publications (timetable, program booklet, forms, schedule, etc.) -Contact details for departments/clinics and for teachers username for ETR = university ID lost password → ask RO for a new one



8 MATRICULATION Between 19 August, 8 am and 31 August Username and password is the same as to ETR Collective enrolment August 29th Through Modulo Guide to matriculation on the first page Check your personal data! If you have a problem → e-mail to Melinda (print screen)





13 Course registration Obligatory courses between 2 4 August and 3 1 August Elective/optional courses between 2 4 August and 6 September Demo on the main page of ETR Courses based on each other → see prerequisites Obligatory and elective/optional courses, criterion requirements Don’t forget to close your registration If you have any problem → e-mail with a print screen to Melinda (


15 Enrollment in the later semesters Later semesters: enrolling (decision on continuing / suspending studies): in ETR Active semester: book subjects, attend classes, take exams, get grades and credit points – pay tuition fee Passive semester: no classes, no exams, no grades, status suspended – no tuition fee

16 Studies – A general overview

17 Credit System - „ credit points’” for each educational component/subject RULES - 1 credit = 14 class hours (generally…) -Collect at least the minimum number of credits to get the degree (360 points) -20/40 rule: Complete 20 (15 obligatory) in the first 2 semester and 40 (20 obligatory) in the first 4 semester -3 chances to complete the subject (3 bookings), but once completed, cannot book again (retake only on failure) and only 6 chances (in sum) to pass - Get 30 ± 3 credits in each semesters -No years (first year, etc.). The total number of credit points shows your progression -Prerequisites: subjects are built on each other (max. 3 prerequisite subjects for each) -Recommended curriculum: contains the obligatory components and criterion requirements for each semester

18 Types of courses Obligatory subjects: a course-unit the completion of which is required from each and every student of the programme (80% of the total number of credits) ) Elective and Optional subjects: ( 15% + 5% ) Criterion requirement: a requirement to be fulfilled obligatorily to which no credit is allocated. (summer practices, physical education, language requirement) Exam courses: – when granted the end of semester signature – can’t attend classes, only exam – pre-scheduled exam (only in fall semester): first three days of the registration period; if it”s successfull student can take up courses, based on that course

19 Recommended curriculum Recommended curriculum: what obligatory subjects and criterion requirements you have to do? Only obligatory subjects! → English → Students → Registrar’s Office → Booklets and Curricula → „Recommended curriculum 2012” under your major + „course descriptions” Available after 20 August

20 Recommended curriculum

21 Meaning of the columns in the curriculum - Subject title: e.g. Medical Chemistry 1 - Course director: a teacher in charge + a department or clinic - Prerequisite subjects: normal „taking up” (parallel) max. 3 prerequisites, for obligatory only obligatory prerequisite - Type of classes: lecture, practice, seminar (per week) - „Exam” type: exam, final exam, mid-semester grade ( the grade will be determined based on the performance of the student during the semester), signature (criterion requirements) - Credit points allocated for the subject

22 3 ways of completing a course: 1.semester exam/final exam: oral or written 2. mid-semester grade: the grade will be determined based on the performance of the student during the semester. There will be no exam in this subject in the examination period. 3. signature: criterion requirements Types of completion

23 Course description

24 Course descriptions In the welcome pack On the website of RO: → English → Administration → Registrar’s Office → Booklets and Curricula General description, semester of announcement, headcount limitations, number of hours in class, conditions for acceptance, making up for missed classes, lecture/practice/seminar topics, reading materials, exam questions, website, teachers

25 Studies – The school year

26 The School Year School year (2013-2014) 10 months: September – July Exact dates always on the website of the RO (Announcements) Fall Semester 14 weeks: September – January Spring Semester 14 weeks: February – July 1. Registration period: 2 weeks enrolling/matriculation, booking courses 2. Instruction period: 14 weeks classes, mid-term attendance, papers… 3. Exam period: 7 weeks exams, exams, exams 1. Registration period: last week of previous exam period enrolling, booking courses 2. Instruction period: 14 weeks 1 week extra: Easter holiday classes, mid-term attendance, papers… 3. Exam period: 7 weeks exams, exams, exams

27 Timetable

28 1. Capital letter  lectures 2. Small letter  practices and seminars * odd week **even week Contains only the obligatory subjects Hungarian language (final exam at the end of the second year) Groups set by the RO, appr. 25 people -attending practices and seminars in groups -for changing group the departments’ permission is needed -Group leader / year representative

29 Studies - exam period

30 Completing a course End of semester signature (testifying attendance in course) only electronic signature in ETR; if denied, you cannot take exam! Absent – from less than 15% of the classes of the course-unit cannot be condemned for absence (unless the course director informed the students about stricter expectations in the course description or in writing at the beginning of the semester) – between 15 and 25%, course director shall decide on accepting the semester – reaches 25% (for any reason, with or without a certified excuse) you cannot be granted entry to examination. The course director can refuse to give electronic signature for other reasons announced at the beginning of the semester – e.g. missing a mid-term task or assignment – and can allow the student to make up for it until the end of the second week of the examination period. - See conditions/expectations for acceptance of the semester.

31 Before exam period 1.Exam dates to be determined – agreement between students and departments 2.Exam places (spots): 2 x number of students at course 3.Revealed in ETR 4 weeks before exam period 4.Booking starts 2 weeks before exam period

32 EXAM PERIOD: Booking exams Only for courses (subjects) ending with exam or final exam. (Courses ending with mid-semester grade or signature – don’t have to sign up for anywhere, result is entered automatically) – no retake chance! In ETR only! 1 exam date in one course at one go When failed: sign up for retake if result is in ETR sign up: 1 WORKday before exam until 9.00 a.m. sign off: 2 WORKdays before exam until 9.00 a.m. Booking = your name appears on an „exam sheet” 1 2

33 Absence You booked an exam spot and you do not appear at exam Lose exam chance (A/B/C) Result = did not attend (or absence) Unjustified: fee to be paid Certified absence: on medical reason, take medical certification to department – then you do not lose exam chance

34 Retakes / bettering exams EXAMS ONLY!! No retake or bettering chances in mid-semester grades. First chance = A chance First retake chance = B chance – free Second retake chance = C chance – fee Bettering exam (you are not satisfied with the passing grade you got) can be B or C chance. At the RO. You can get worse grade (or fail) even…

35 Dean’s chance Law of equity (Code of Studies and Examinations – Article 14) Can be used for having a 4th exam chance – special permission granted by the Dean Can be used for only once during your studies!! Fill in a form at RO and RO enters your name to exam sheet. Deadlines are the same as for booking other exam dates!

36 Dismissing or Terminating studies Dismissal -couldn’t pass subject even booking it for the third time -Using 6 chances and not passing the subject -did not set semester active or passive for 2 semesters in ETR -20 (15 obligatory) / 40 (20 obligatory) credits Terminating (exmatriculation) -on request (write request) -transfer away

37 Financials

38 Tuition fee 1 -To be paid for active semesters. (Active but no courses → 30%) -Pay by bank transfer (additional costs) -E-mail notification about payment details appr. 2-3 weeks before semester start -Deadline for payment: 09 September, 2013 -Proof to be submitted to the RO until 16 September, 2013

39 Tuition fee 2 Delayed payment -F or those, who pay their fee from loan and it’s not received until the enrolment. -Request forms: → English → Administration → Registrar’s Office → Downloads and Forms -Submitting to the RO until 6 September 2013 -Delayed payment until 31 October in fall semester, until 31 March in spring semester. -Tution fee contract later.

40 Reductions Reduction can be granted from the basic amount in the fall semester – by application! Reduction based on social needs: in special circumstances After two completed semesters: Reduction based on number of credits Reduction based on academic achievement (from next year)

41 Service fees and penalties Paid at cashiers in HUF, cash -missing deadlines (pay tuition fee, submit proof about payment) -C chances (exam or final exam) -unjustified exam absences -valid residence permit – show after the 13th week of instruction


43 Thanks for your attention.

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