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Right WATER Solution Toll free no : 1800 209 2055 Web site:

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1 Right WATER Solution Toll free no : 1800 209 2055 Web site:

2 Saisons Technocom Pvt. Ltd. Introduction:- Saisons is manufacturer of electrical Panel and appliances Product. Our esteemed customers

3 Working Principle Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) delivers Pure Drinking Water from Humidity in the atmosphere It works Effectively in the Relative Humidity range of 50% to 90% at temperature ranging from 22°C to 30 °C. Most suitable for Coastal and island areas. The right solution for the healthy water source. Technology patented BY : Air2Water, LLC.

4 Air-o-water Technology

5 All – In – One Water Solution Water Made From Air (up to 20 liters per day ) Purest form of Water without contamination Ro Filtration Systems Works as regular water Purifier Ozonation Purified Water Highly Effective way of Keeping water Free of Viruses and bacteria Tap Water Input (optional) High Consumption alternative option Water Cooler (up to 6°c) Cold water option from same machine De-humidifier Healthy Living for costal housing Air Purifier Cleaner air to Breath

6 Air-O-Water -- Pure Drinking Water 100% pure water made from “Air”. Bacteria free water due to regular Ozonation. No harmful ground water contamination. Storage in Stainless Steal Tank. De humidifier for better surrounding atmosphere. Water Cooler -Cools up to 6˚ C.

7 Features of Air-O-Water Product 5.1 inch display with thermal & RH % indicators. Capacitive touch panel for maintenance free keys. Microcontroller based programmable setup. Easy to maintain and clean. Plug and play setup. Lockable wheel for portability. Eco Frinedly.

8 Eco Friendly – Green Product No Plastic waste due to 20 liters plastic bottle Long life of Filter. No water rejection as against RO Purifier where 80% of water wasted

9 level 1Air Filter LEVEL OF FILTRATION A. Anti static Air filter Remove anti scalene from the Air. B. Micro Dust Form Filtration Removes dust particles from Air Level 2 Water Dust Filter A. Collection Tank Filter Removes External particles. B. Tank Input Filter Removes External particles. Level 3 Water Filter A. Pre Carbon Filter Removes colour, Odour, Bad smell from the water B. Sediment Filter Removes all physical water Impurities up to 5 Micron. C. RO Membrane Removes all dissolved salts or organic molecules (the solutes) up to 90 to 95%. Membrane pure size is 0.0001 Micron D. TCR-5 Specially made from Coconut shell Carbon. Removes Chlorine taste, Odour Reduction & Changes the water taste. Level 4 Ozone Generator A. Ozone Filter It is a very strong oxidant and is over 3000 times more powerful disinfectant than chlorine. 3741 times more powerful disinfectant then UV. It disinfects, oxidizes, deodorizes and decolorizes leaves Better tasting water - increased consumption. Destroys all types of microorganisms instantly.


11 WATER TREATMENT RESULT COMPARISON Water Contaminants Protection fromBy Boiling By UV By Air –O–Water Sodium Heart DiseaseNO YES Calcium Kidney DiseaseNO YES Magnesium Kidney StoneNO YES Lead Nephralgia, Mental RetardationNO YES Copper IndigestionNO YES Mercury NeuralgiaNO YES Nitrate DysenteryNO YES Bacteria Bacterial AffectationsYES Pyrogen FeverNO YES Virus Viral DiseasesYES Fluoride FluorosisNO YES Arsenic PoisoningNO YES Iron Constipation, DysenteryNO YES



14 Installation & After sales service Installation :  Easy Installation ( Plug &Play).  Machine Is placed on lockable Wheels for portability  Programmable options for different Operation mode.  Alerts and Alarm for Fault and replacements.  Informative Display for reading and live data. After Sales Service :  One Year Warranty.  On site Warranty.  Online Tracking of Service complaint.  24 Hour Toll free No & Online complaint registration. 1800-209-2055 WWW.AIROWATER.COM/SUPPORT

15 Water Making Chart

16 Power Consumption Cost / ltr VS Humidity

17 Air-O-Water Indoor Unit Specifications Machine Feature Type of water Filter Storage Type Storage Capacity 24 liter ( 15 ltr Lower tank + 9 ltr Upper tank) Methods of Purification Number of Purification stage8 Stages Material of TankStainless steel tank Reverse OsmosisYes Ozone GeneratorYes Exterior Features Material of BodyMS Power Required600 Watts Dimensions Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm)440x500x1200 Weight (Kgs)65 Warranty Period1 Year

18 Patents Indian Patents Number ( 3 Indian PATENT Valid from 2002) Indian Patent No :192413, Indian Patent No : 199326, Indian Patent No : 241216 US Patents Number ( 6 US PATENT valid from 2002) United States Patent 6182453, United States Patent 5845504, United States Patent 5669221, United States Patent 6058718, United States Patent 7373787 United States Patent 7089763 Abstract A : portable, potable-water generator for producing high-purity liquid water by condensation of dew from ambient air. The generator employs an air filter to remove particulates and aerosols from the incoming air. An enclosed heat absorber cools the filtered air to its dew point and collects droplets of condensate into a combined condensate collector and storage reservoir. Before discharge, the collected dew is treated in a bacteriostat loop to destroy adventitious living organisms and to filter out undesirable and dangerous contaminants. A recirculation loop provides the ability to recirculate stored condensate during periods of inactivity. Further, quick disconnect fittings and variable length flexible tubing allows use of the invention to serve remote dispensers and/or appliances and allows use of municipal water treated through the apparatus in low condensate situations. All the subsystems are fail safe-interlocked to disable the generator immediately and prevent delivery of water if any one of them stops functioning within predetermined safe limits.

19 Attend INDEX 2012 at MMRDA Ground Bandra Kurla Complex Mumbai. Visited above 5000 visitors at our Stoll and above 3000 people positive prospect.

20 Attend GENERAL PRACTITIONERS ASSOCIATION DOCTER SEMINAR at Birla Matoshri Bhavan Marine Line, Mumbai. Visited above 2000 Doctors at our Stoll and above 1000 people positive prospect

21 Saisons Technocom Pvt. Ltd. Plot No.A-418, TTC Indl. Area, MIDC Near SP Fab (P) Ltd, Mahape, Navi Mumbai 400710 Tel : 022 66989999 Email: Toll Free No : 1800 209 2055 Tel : 022 66989999


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