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2 Before you purchase any weight loss supplement, it is important to learn everything you can about it, especially any negative side effect.

3 There has been a lot of misinformation spread about raspberry ketone supplements since they first took the diet supplement market by storm in early 2012.

4 While this all-natural pill is recognized as safe by the Food and Drug Administration in the US, there have been some mild side effects associated with the ketone compound.

5 But there are ways to prevent yourself from experience even these harmless side effects that will allow you to optimize your weight loss. As always, you should consult a doctor or dietitian before you start using raspberry ketones for weight loss and fat reduction.

6 Raspberry ketone is a chemical compound found naturally in all red raspberry plants. For this reason, taking ketone supplements has been regarded as very safe.

7 In fact, raspberry ketones have been approved for human use since 1965 when the substance was first used in perfumes and many food products.

8 For the vast majority of people who take ketones, there will be no side effects experienced. But if you happen to be allergic to raspberries, then you might want to avoid this product

9 Ketones are so safe because they are actually found naturally in the body even without taking pure raspberry supplements.

10 The 4-(p-Hydroxyphenyl)-2- butanone, otherwise known as Rheosmin or Rasketone, is identical to one of the by- products produced by the body during what is known as ketosis – a state in which your body burns more fat for energy than sugar.

11 The ketone compound speeds up the metabolic rate and the process of burning fats by releasing a protein hormone called adiponectin.

12 As a result, you will start to burn fat even if you are not always able to exercise. This can be a powerful tool for shedding fat from stubborn areas such as the lower body and thighs.

13 Even though there are no known serious side effects of using raspberry ketones, actual experiences can differ from one individual to another. You may experience some mild side effects if you have other underlying conditions.

14 It is best to check with a doctor before beginning to use ketone supplements to make sure that there are no conflicts with other medications you are on.

15 Side effects may be experienced by those suffering from untreated Type I diabetes, causing you to release the ketones in your urine and make you feel sick.

16 You can prevent this side effect by ensuring you are well hydrated and that your body can conveniently eliminate any toxins that build up.

17 Some minor side effects that may be experienced when taking this supplement include mild jitters, restlessness, indigestion, and trouble sleeping if you take it late in the evening.

18 If you do feel an uncomfortable level of side effects, you may want to switch to a half dose of raspberry ketones. But most individuals do not notice any of these adverse reactions and instead enjoy multiple health benefits when on this supplement regime.

19 By regularly taking raspberry ketones, you will boost your immune system and keep your body healthy preventing some serious health problems.

20 Apart from significantly losing weight and addressing medical conditions that can be associated with obesity, you can also lessen your risk of liver and gall bladder problems with raspberry supplements.

21 And the antioxidant properties of ketones help remove toxins in the body making your digestive system function better and even lessening your risk of cancer. By combining raspberry ketone pills with a healthy diet and exercise plan, you will be able to enjoy a higher quality life.



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