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From Harvard Steps* to Wisdom Steps to Himalayan Steps: Shunya Journey through the Heart-dwar** Dr. Subhash Sharma PGP76 Director, Indus Business Academy.

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1 From Harvard Steps* to Wisdom Steps to Himalayan Steps: Shunya Journey through the Heart-dwar** Dr. Subhash Sharma PGP76 Director, Indus Business Academy (IBA), Bangalore **Presentation during the session, Experience Sharing by Alumni in a Creative World, IIMA Golden Jubilee Celebration, Dec. 10, 2011, Ravi J Mathai Hall, IIM Ahmedabad. Session was Chaired by Prof. M.M. Monipally, Professor at IIMA and other alumni included, Harsha Bhogle, Kandaswamy Bharthan, Radha Chadha and Rajeshwari Victor * At IIM Ahmedabd, Entrance steps ( in the old campus) are known as Harvard Steps

2 A Creative Journey leading to Corporate Rhymes & Shunya Music Download from My following Corporate Rhymes are well known: I.Matter and Anti-matter (Song of MBA: Mind Balancing Attitude) II. Light in My Heart (Adopted by WISDOM, Banasthali) III.Step-by-step (Adopted by IBA, Bangalore & Greater Noida)

3 Media coverage - From Nursery Rhymes to Corporate Rhymes: Rhyme n Reason Headlines Tonight, Nov. 22, 2007; Nursery Rhymes to Corporate Rhymes, pv = Zeuk Art

4 MBA: Mind Balancing Attitude Why Kolaveri Di (Why so much killing rage?/ Why so much Poison/ Negative energy in society?). Because there is no MBA: Mind Balancing Attitude. Song for Developing MBA: Mind Balancing Attitude Matter and anti matter, create the quantum chatter Actions and reactions, make vectors change directions Thesis and anti-thesis, we look for the synthesis We wonder at the basis of manthan and oasis We look for new solutions and ways of resolution Some hope for revolution from manthans evolution Churning of the ocean by the quantum rope Poison shows its motion nectar is the hope*. HOPE*: Higher Order Purpose of Existence (Quantum Rope, Subhash Sharma, 1999, p. 58)

5 Poems recited from the Red Fort Republic Day Kavi Sammelan (Jan. 2010) Jhansi se jahan tak Ek nai vani In Jhansi se jahan tak, Jhansi represents energy of 1857 thereby it represents inner energy. Idea also captures the essence of Local to Global approach to achievement. Door Darshan (DD1), Gantantra Divas Kavi Sammelan, 2010

6 Jhansi se Jahan Tak Jhansi se jahan tak Yahan se vahan tak Vahan se kahan tak Kahan se kahan tak, Jhansi se jahan tak India se chand tak Chand se mangal tak … Sani se ravi tak Ravi se agey tak, Jhansi se jahan tak Sitron se brahmlok tak Brahmlok se vishnulok tak Vishnulok se shivlok tak Shivlok se Kailash-Mansarover tak Kailash-Mansarover se Jhansi tak Jhansi se jahan tak (Shunya Poems, Subhash Sharma, 2010, p 18) Jhansi se jahan tak: From Local to Global. Poem highlights Professional excellence and return to Society to contribute to its development. Last stanza provides a new interpretation to Karma theory. Purpose of existence is to contribute to society and the world. Gantantra Divas Kavi Sammelan, 2010

7 Release of Shunya Poems by Baba Ramdev ( ) at Dev Sanskriti University, Haridwar

8 Journey Begins: Harvard Steps (IIMA : D-7)

9 Enlightenment at Grand Canyon: 1988 Sabd-yoga – Words Begin to Talk to Me

10 Kaun-tvam: Yahoo (Ya-who – Who Are You, Experience)- Yahoo Moment, 1988, Grand Canyon Every one in his/her life has a Yahoo Moment giving a clue to realization of ones hidden potential My Ya-who moment : I am creativity, I am word (creativity has linkage with sabd-yoga)

11 Creation of Wisdom Steps, WISDOM Route: Seeding of WISDOM – Wisdom Moment Womens Institute for Studies in Development Oriented Management (WISDOM), Banasthali University, Banasthali, Rajasthan My creative experience-Founding Member

12 Foundational Concept of WISDOM Wisdom Equation: W = R + I (Wisdom = Reason + Intuition) CH3 Formula for Holistic education: Consciousness, Head, Heart, Hand

13 Application of Wisdom Model: Creating CEOs: Creative, Enlightened, Organic (CEO) leaders Indus Business Academy (IBA), Bangalore & Greater Noida My creative experience- Founding Member, Dean, Director IBA, Bangalore IBA, Greater Noida

14 Towards Himalayan Steps: Astpadi (Eight steps) at Mt. Kailash, 2009, Second Enlightenment

15 Journey through the Heart-dwar: JHS Approach Heart-dwar leads to JHS Vision JHS Vision JHS: Joining Heart and Spirit (This will dissolve many divisions in society and world, leading to harmony and peace) Mission JHS Joining Hearts and Spirit through Shunya Poems- Shunya Gitam - Light in My Heart

16 Light in My Heart There is light in my heart It is there from the start Its mystery you want to know, It says hello, hello It give me a peep Into things that are deep It has a beautiful glow, It says hello hello … It shows silver lines Bending space and time In natures beauty show, It says hello hello …. (Creation from Shunya, Subhash Sharma, 1993, p. 33)

17 Concluding Summary Harvard Steps Wisdom Steps Himalayan Steps (Rationality) (Reason + Intuition) (Creativity & Spirituality) Head Head + Heart Head + Heart + Consciousness

18 Implications for IIMA: Towards A New Interpretation of IIMA Logo Vidhyaviniyogadivikasa (Knowledge –Application- Development) New interpretation: Vidhya, Vinay and Yoga lead to Vikas. This implies three elements viz. Wisdom, Humility and Yoga (ability to achieve balance) lead to Development. Thus, there is a universal message in IIMA logo viz. Development based on Wisdom, Humility and Yoga. Such Development would be Inclusive and Sustainable. Open ended tree in Golden Jubilee Logo is indicative of coming out of constraints created by restrictions and the tree is growing to touch the sky.

19 IIMA Formula for Success IIMA: Intuition, Inspiration, Motivation and Action IIMA is unique from others because A (Action) is part of its ethos This definition of IIMA implies, taking new steps through following combination: Harvard Steps + Wisdom Steps + Himalayan Steps In these Steps, Head, Heart and Consciousness find an integration leading to Action. It also implies opening Minds Windows, Hearts Doors and Consciousness Corridors in performing whatever Actions we undertake.

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