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Day Creek Intermediate School

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2 Day Creek Intermediate School
6th Grade Orientation

3 Administration Ms. Lyon– Principal Mr. Apodaca – Assistant Principal
Last names A-L Mrs. Fleming – Assistant Principal Last names M-z


5 Projected Enrollment Over 1175 Students
39 Classroom Teachers Grades 6-8 12 6th Grade Classrooms 1 Band Teacher (Mr. Bonner) 4 PE Teachers

6 School Schedule Regular Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Minimum Day: 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. NOT every Monday Each grade level has a separate schedule for classes and lunch. Separate PE Class (locker room) Separate lunch All classes are 6th grade students only

7 Programs Typical 6th Grade Class Schedule Period 1 Math – Teacher A
Period 2 Science – Teacher A Period 3 PACK LUNCH Period 4 Language Arts – Teacher B Period 5 Social Studies – Teacher B Period 6 Exploratory Class Period 7 Physical Education

8 P.A.C.K. Personally Achieving Character & Knowledge or PACK Class
A portion of the day where students receive support or enrichment in language arts and math G.A.T.E. (Gifted And Talented Education) during the instructional day Intervention during the instructional day

9 Lunch 6 lunch windows to choose from
If you don’t get your first choice, there are plenty more to choose from Assigned seating with homeroom class while eating for the first 10 minutes 20 minutes after lunch for restrooms, socializing and playing This is the only break during the day

10 Physical Education 6th grade students will have PE with other 6th grade students only PE clothes will be sold at Textbook Pick-Up, Back to School Night, and during the first week of school Students may wear sweat pants/shirt from home as long as they are only used for PE Slides on School Day Activities - Alicia

11 Exploratory All students will rotate through exploratory classes (except band students) Band students will have band as a year-long elective. Cooking, Computers, Art, Geography, Sewing, Agriculture, Careers, Coyote Academy, Spanish, Dance, and Wii Fit

12 Renaissance Recognition
Monthly Rewards for students meeting GPA and citizenship requirements Monthly Rewards for Student of the Month Weekly PACK Planner Winners Trimester Attendance Scratchers Must meet citizenship eligibility criteria (no N’s or U’s) for rewards

13 School Activities After school events Rallies Go Green Labs
Intervention Tutoring Science Fair Battle of the Books/AR Geography and Spelling Bee Musical Production Intramural Sports

14 Dances YES, we have one dance for 6th grade students after school in the spring 7th & 8th grade students attend their own grade level after-school dances

15 Dress Code District-wide dress code
Open-toe shoes allowed with straps on the back (sandals – ok but no flip-flops) Tops must cover mid section and have at least 2” on the shoulders Shorts must be at least fingertip length No undergarments showing Check web site for dress code policy

16 And While You Are Shopping
Many students have black, Jansport backpacks. You may want to tie a bright ribbon on it or buy a different backpack to eliminate mix-ups

17 Cell Phones Students do not need cells phones, but they may bring cell phones to school Cells phones should be turned off and kept in back packs to avoid class disruptions and/or temptation to check for calls or texts during the school day Visible cell phones will be collected and available in the office for parent pick-up

18 Student Window Pick-up forgotten items (projects, homework, lunches, band instruments, PE clothes etc.) Remind students to check the student window before lunch or in between classes. Lost and found for valuables (glasses, cell phones, jewelry, etc.) Tardy check-in Turn in or pick up forms

19 Child Care The Etiwanda Before and After School Child Care program provides quality supervision in a safe and supervised environment from 6:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Extended day care includes enrichment activities in art, music, literature, and physical education.  Homework time is scheduled & supervised Snacks are provided daily.

20 (remember E for Entrance)
Drop-Off and Pick-Up All students enter through the School Gate by the E Building near the GYM (remember E for Entrance) Gates open at 7:15am for campus supervision and close promptly at 8:00am Students who arrive after the gate closes are considered tardy and must enter through the office and complete a tardy slip.

21 Map of DCIS

22 Drop-Off and Pick-Up Extreme traffic congestion – up to 15 minute process (longer on rainy days) Crossing guard at Day Creek Blvd. and Coyote Drive Cars that approach from Duncaster Drive may not use Bus Turn-Around and students must use cross walk at corner (please do not encourage jay-walking)

23 Success at the Middle School
Check ESPRI on-line gradebook each week Maintain weekly communication with teachers through weekly folders Check TeacherWeb for information on homework, upcoming projects, extra credit, copies of assignments Use the school website to assist your child with events and planning.

24 ESPRI On-line Grades

25 TeacherWeb

26 Website

27 EZ School Pay

28 Announcements

29 Summer Information First Day of School Monday, August 4th
Mailed over the Summer Information on Textbook Pick-Up Day and Student ID Card pictures (scheduled before school begins) Back to School Night Invitation and Schedule Posted at Back to School Night Student’s Homeroom Assignment First Day of School Monday, August 4th

30 Questions? You may stay to ask questions or
your child’s assistant principal at a later date. Thank you for coming! Charlayne to close with last three slides

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