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Visit of Italian students in Secondary School on the name of Bolesław Chrobry in Gryfice.

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1 Visit of Italian students in Secondary School on the name of Bolesław Chrobry in Gryfice.

2 From 23rd to 28th May 2010 we've had the honor of hosting students from the Italian school, situated in the beautiful Italian town of Biella.

3 We were visited by : Giulia Bellato Alessandra Bielli Matteo Eulogio Riccardo Esposito Margherita Facheris Cristina Gallo Selva Luisa Gariazzo Slimane Laaguid Giorgia Lebole Carola Maffeo Francesca Manfredi Davide Mariottini Jacopo Pettinelli Emanuella Sellone

4 First day: May 23 Guests arrived in the evening and after a brief greeting, were invited to small party. They had the opportunity to relax after a long journey and get to know closer with hosting them people. The atmosphere was very nice and although we had to communicate in English only, there was no talks end.

5 First day: May 23 Repast

6 First day: May 23 Repast

7 Second day: May 24 On Monday, finally at 8.00 we went by bus to Szczecin.

8 Second day: May 24 When we arrived to Szczecin, at first we went to the European Education Centre, where we all listened to a lecture in English.

9 Second day: May 24 Then we went to see the Castle of Pomeranian Dukes.

10 Second day: May 24 The Castle of Pomeranian Dukes

11 Second day: May 24 Later we went for a walk through the streets of the city. We also had some time off, what was a great opportunity to dine and buy souvenirs.

12 Third day: May 25 On Tuesday, students from Italy had the opportunity to participate in Polish, English, biology and chemistry lessons.

13 Third day: May 25 In the morning we went to the museum where we could admire an exhibition of dolls.

14 Third day: May 25 After visiting the museum we went in the company of the head teacher of our school, Mrs. Jolanta Folwarska to local radio and there Italian students were interviewed.

15 Third day: May 25 In the afternoon, the Italians students went for the workshops to the Lipie Ecology Education Centre, where they took up the examination of water samples.

16 Fourth day: May 26 In the morning students of the Italian school took part in a dance classes. With the help of the instructor they had learned polish folk dance and they sang song in polish.

17 Day Four: May 26 Poles and Italians while learning the song

18 Fourth day: May 26 After dance classes there was a meeting of Comenius. Italian and Polish students gave presentations about their schools, renewable energy sources and Natura 2000.

19 Fourth day: May 26 Common photo during a break in the meeting

20 Fourth day: May 26 In the afternoon we all went to the campfire. There were many attractions waiting for us such as standard baking sausages.

21 Day Four: May 26 Paintball and climbing during the camp fire

22 Day Four: May 26 Singing and playing guitar

23 Fifth day: May 27 On Thursday there was a trip to Kolobrzeg. Unfavorable weather havent deterred no one, so we went for a walk and visited the city.

24 Fifth day: May 27 Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Kołobrzeg

25 Fifth day: May 27 Thursday evening was the last of Italians in Poland. So we spent it together at the goodbay party. Everyone had a great time, danced, ate and took part in competitions.

26 Fifth day: May 27 Shared fun

27 Sixth day: May 28 Unfortunately, it was time to say goodbye. During those few days wed became a very close friends with each other, so separation was accompanied by a lot of emotions.

28 Last photos together Sixth day: May 28

29 Thank you for your attention! A presentation prepared by: Ada Fido Agata Gumiela

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