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Airworthiness Requirements

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1 Airworthiness Requirements
Light Sport Aircraft Airworthiness Requirements SAAA Authorised Persons Familiarisation training Southport Queensland 23 September 2006 Uncontrolled Document

2 What is an LSA New category of aircraft (does not replace any other existing category) Existing registered aircraft are NOT applicable Production or kit built (no 51% rule) MTOW 600 kg (650 kg for sea planes) Max 2 person Single engine – Non turbine Certificated by the manufacturer Continuing airworthiness controlled by the manufacturer

3 LSA Project History FAA issues NPRM 31 January 2002
CASA initiates LSA Project October 2002 CASA NPRM issued June 27 responses received Overall positive response to the proposal FAA LSA aircraft rule commences Sept ASTM standards not available until March 2005

4 LSA Project History LSA Project Team conducted a Safety Risk Analysis of the draft regulations Advisory Circulars published for comment on CASA website July 2005 AC LSA CERTIFICATE OF AIRWORTHINESS AC LSA MANUFACTURER’S REQUIREMENTS

5 LSA Project History Amendments to CASRs made 15 December 2005
LSA aircraft eligible to operate under VH registration Amendments to CAO made 3 January 2006 LSA aircraft eligible to operate under the sports organisations (RAA, HGFA, ASRA)

6 Light Sport Aircraft Airworthiness Project Team
CASA staff Industry representation Sports organisations Manufacturers Other specialists, Authorised Persons, Reg 35 engineers.

7 Light Sport Aircraft Definition
MTOW 600Kg 650Kg for seaplanes Lighter-than-air gross weight of 560kg 2 person Unpressurised cabin Stall speed 45 knots Vso Single engine non-turbine Fixed undercarriage Except glider may have retractable Amphibian may have repositionable landing gear If glider Vne of 135 CAS

8 Variation with FAA definition
Stall speed VS0 45 knots (CASR) Stall speed with flaps VS1 45 knots (FAA) Stall speed in clean configuration Never exceed speed Vne for glider 120 knots (FAA) 135 knots (CASR) Propeller Fixed pitch or ground adjustable (FAA) No requirements (CASR) Lighter-than-air 560 kg (CASR) 300 kg (FAA)

9 Light Sport Aircraft Categories
Fixed Wing Weight Shift Powered Parachutes Gyroplanes Gliders Lighter-Than-Air

10 What is not an LSA Hang gliders Para gliders Multi-engine aircraft
Helicopters Complex aircraft Retractable undercarriages Turbine engine

11 Benefits of LSA Purchase costs reduced.
Improves the entry process for LSA. Potential export markets. Estimated USA market will be 6,500 aircraft in next 5 years and 800 a year after that. Enables Australian manufacturers to have access to USA LSA market. CASA’s minimal involvement. More staff available for higher priority work. Regulatory responsibilities and requirements transferred to the manufacturer.

12 Responsibilities Manufacturer responsible for Certification
Shows compliance with LSA standards Continuing airworthiness. Approval of major repairs/modifications Assessment of defects Issue of Service Directives Issue of Service Bulletins etc Database of aircraft owners

13 Responsibilities CASA responsible for approving LSA standards
Participate with industry in periodically reviewing LSA standards Overseeing authorised persons who issue certificates of airworthiness Registration of aircraft if CASA registered. Impose conditions or directions, if necessary, in the interests of safety.

14 Responsibilities Authorised Persons responsible for
Verifying manufacturer’s statement of compliance Ensuring operating instructions, maintenance manuals etc are available Inspecting the aircraft is in a condition for safe operation Issuing a special certificate of airworthiness.

15 Responsibilities Operator of a Production LSA is responsible for ensuring The maintenance and inspections are in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements. All major repairs, modifications and maintenance are approved by the manufacturer The aircraft is operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating instructions

16 Responsibilities Operator of a Production LSA is responsible for ensuring (cont’d) All manufacturer’s service directives are carried out The aircraft has a warning placard and passengers are informed of the warning Applicable equipment ADs (if any) are complied with. RAA aircraft exempt from ADs (covered by technical manual)

17 Proposed amendments to regulations

18 CASR Part 21 Amendment Enable qualified LSA manufacturers to certify aircraft complies with LSA standards design, quality assurance, production testing and continuing airworthiness.

19 CASR Part 21 Amendment Enable CASA or an Authorised Person (AP) to issue a special airworthiness certificate for production LSA. Enable CASA or an AP to issue an experimental certificate for kit built LSA Must be produced by a manufacturer of production aircraft. Cannot produce a one off kit built aircraft There is no 51% rule for kit LSA

20 Qualified Manufacturer
Has a current production certificate for an aircraft ; or Has made a written declaration indicating Contracted an experienced engineer in light aircraft design Suitable facility and tools Trained, experienced and skilled staff

21 LSA Standards Consist of ASTM consensus standards (approved by FAA)
design, quality assurance, production acceptance test and continued operational safety system Other acceptable design standards JAR VLA, BCARS etc

22 ASTM standards FAA asked ASTM to facilitate consensus standards for LSA Committee of manufacturers, aviation sports bodies and regulators. Each aircraft category responsible for developing their own standards So far 27 standards have been issued Listed in Advisory Circular 21-42

23 LSA Certificate of Airworthiness
Two types of Certificate Special Certificate of Airworthiness for LSA Production Aircraft Experimental Certificate for LSA Kit built aircraft Production aircraft that do not comply with Continuing AW requirements

24 Production LSA Special C of A is issued if:
Aircraft manufactured by a qualified LSA manufacturer Applicant gives CASA or AP Statement of compliance signed by the manufacturer Aircraft operating instructions, maintenance and inspection procedures and flight training supplement issued by the manufacturer These are returned to the applicant If manufactured overseas Aircraft manufactured in a Contracting State and is eligible for a C of A CASA or AP finds the aircraft in a condition for safe operation

25 Statement of Compliance
Aircraft make, model, serial number and date of manufacture Aircraft complies with LSA standards for Design Manufacture Production acceptance testing Continuing airworthiness Make available operating instructions, maintenance and inspection manual and flight training manual Aircraft is manufactured by a qualified manufacturer


27 Conditions for Special C of A for LSA
The special C of A LSA stops being in force If a major modification/repair is not authorised by the manufacturer or by a person appointed by CASA if the manufacturer no longer exists If the aircraft does not comply with the LSA standards

28 Modifications ASTM Maintenance Standard, F , defines any repair, alteration or maintenance for which instructions to complete the task are excluded from the maintenance manual(s) supplied to the consumer are considered major. Major repairs, alterations etc must be approved by the manufacturer. This includes CAR 35 modifications.

29 Experimental LSA Experimental Certificate under CASR (j) - Kit built aircraft Manufacturer’s statement of compliance Assembly instruction from the manufacturer. Operating instructions, aircraft maintenance and inspection procedures and flight training supplement The same make and model as a production aircraft Must satisfy the LSA definition

30 Experimental LSA Experimental Certificate under CASR 21.191(k)
These production aircraft that no longer satisfy the LSA requirement applicable for Special C of A Not complied with Manufacturer’s CAW requirements, or Not complied with safety directives or Has unauthorised modifications Must still satisfy the LSA definition

31 Airworthiness Directives
In general, CASA will not issue ADs for LSA models. Some specific ADs may still be applicable to VH registered aircraft Aeronautical products Type certificate engines and propellers Equipment such as transponders, flight instruments, radio and navigational

32 CAO amendments Amendments to CAO 95 series have been issued to allow the sport organisations to operate Production LSA and Kit LSA. These requirements mirror the LSA requirements in CASR Part 21

33 Operating limitations
Experimental/kit LSA Category No change to current Experimental kit limitations Production aircraft Private operations Flight training Glider towing Hire

34 Operating limitations - Production LSA
Must not operate unless Maintenance has been carried out IAW manufacturer’s requirements Maintenance CAO exempts certain requirements in the regulation for VH aircraft only. Aircraft inspected every 12 months If undergoing flight training, hire etc every 100 hours All major mods/repairs authorised by the manufacturer Placard warning is displayed and each passenger is informed of the warning

35 Operating limitations - Production LSA
Unless approved by the manufacturer the aircraft must not be operated contrary to the operating instructions Safety Direction issued by the manufacturer This has the same affect as an AD

36 Operating limitations - Production LSA
CASA may impose additional operating limitations in the interests of safety CASA must give this to each registered operator of the aircraft

37 Operating limitations - Production aircraft
In the case that a manufacturer no longer exists Major modifications/repairs, safety directives, maintenance and inspection procedures can be issued by a person appointed by CASA. If no person is appointed by CASA, these aircraft will have to operate under an experimental certificate

38 Process for operating an LSA under RAA
Purchase a Light Sport Aircraft Production Kit Make sure the manufacturer/distributor supplies A Statement of Compliance signed by the manufacturer Operating Manual Maintenance manual Flight test supplement

39 Process for operating an LSA under RAA
Register the Aircraft with RAA Fill out an application for a C of A Contact an Authorised person to issue the CofA Authorised person will need to ensure it complies with the LSA requirements and is in a safe condition for operation. If it is a kit the AP also needs to ensure that a production aircraft of the same make and model has been issued with a special C of A. The AP issues a C of A Go fly the aircraft

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