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University of Calicut Choice Based Credit Semester System (CCSS) -by

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1 University of Calicut Choice Based Credit Semester System (CCSS) -by

2 UG Education Restructuring Kerala State Higher Education Council recommended to restructure the Under Graduate education by Introducing Semesterisation and Grading. Calicut University implemented CCSS From 2009-2010 academic year onwards

3 The New Names ‘Programme’ - Entire course of study (traditionally referred to as course). ‘Course’ - subject (traditionally referred to as paper) ‘Credit’ (Cr) - weekly unit of work

4 PROGRAMME STRUCTURE Duration: 6 semesters distributed in a period of 3 years The odd semesters: June to October Even semesters: November to March Each semester: Min 90 working days of 18 weeks, 5 Days and 5 Hours

5 Courses Total 31 courses 10 Common Courses (Code A) 16 Core Courses (Code B) 04 Complimentary Courses (Code C) 01 Open Courses (Code D)

6 Credits To pass: Achieve a min of 120 credits Common: 38 credits Core and Complimentary: 78 credits Open: 4 credits

7 Attendance Min 75% during a semester for each course Condonation: max 10 days in a semester and max 2 times during the programme

8 Extra credits NCC weightage certificate- 1 NSS weightage certificate -1 University level participation in sports -1 Participation in inter zone arts festival -1 Participation in inter University meets -1

9 Extension activities Compulsory social service (CSS) for a period of 30 days

10 EVALUATION AND GRADING Two parts Internal Evaluation (25% Weightage) External Evaluation (75% Weightage)

11 Internal Evaluation Based on Direct Grading System Five components for internal assessment Assignment -1 wieghtage Seminar -1 weightage Test Paper (2 test papers) 2 weightage Attendance 1 weightage Total 5 weightage There shall not be any chance for improvement for internal grade

12 External Evaluation Immediately after Each Semester Based on Direct Grading System Four types of questions 1. Multiple Choice/Objective Type questions 2. Short Answer type questions 3. Short Essays/Problems 4. Long Essays

13 External Evaluation Questions are given different weights. Weights are similar to marks in the traditional marks system. Weights of these 4 types of questions ¼, 1, 2, 4 respectively

14 DIRECT GRADING SYSTEM Letter GradeGrade PointGrade Point Range A43.5-4 B32.5-3.49 C21.5-2.49 D10.5-1.49 E00-0.49

15 Passing a course Aggregate C grade in each course for a pass and also for awarding a degree

16 Grade of Internal Assessment TheoryWeightGradeGrade pointWeighted grade point Assignment1A44 Seminar1A44 Attendance1B33 Internal Test 11B33 Internal Test 21A44 Total517 Internal GradeSum of weighted grade points/ sum of weights 18/5 = 3.4 B

17 Internal Grade for Attendance % of AttendanceGrade Above 90%A 85 – 89.9B 80-84.9C 75-79.9D Less than 75E



20 Grade of a Course ExamWeightGradeGrade PointWeighted Grade Point External3B3.13 (ext wgpa)9.39 Internal1B33 Total412.39 Grade of a course Overall WGPA= Sum of weighted grade points/sum of weights =12.39/4 = 3.10 B

21 Calculation of SGPA Course CodeCreditsOverall Grade Overall WGPA Credit points 013B3.109.30 023C2.407.20 034A3.7014.80 044B2.6010.40 054A3.8015.20 Total1856.90 SGPASum of credit points/sum of credits 56.90/18 =3.16 B

22 Calculation of CGPA SemesterSGPACreditsCredit points I3.161856.88 II2.802056.00 III3.582071.60 IV3.352067.00 V3.652280.30 VI3.702074.00 Total120405.78 CGPASum of credit points/total credits 405.78/120 = 3.38 B

23 CGPA CGPA is calculated at the end of the programme CGPA will be calculated seperately for Core courses Common Courses – English Common Courses – Other than english Complementary Courses Open courses And overall CGPA

24 Overall Grade in a Programme CGPAOverall Letter Grade 3.80- 4.00A+ 3.50- 3.79A 3.00- 3.49B+ 2.5-2.99B 2.00-2.49C+ 1.50- 1.99C 1.00-1.49D A seven point scale letter grade will be used

25 Percentage equelence Percentage = CGPA/4 *100 = 3.38/4 *100 = 84.5%

26 AWARD OF DEGREE The successful completion of all the courses (common, core, complementary and open courses) prescribed for the degree programme with C grade shall be the minimum requirement for the award of the degree.

27 Thank you Edited by: Abbas Vattoli Assistant Professor Amal College of Advanced Studies Nilambur

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