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Wrentham Elementary Schools Values Open House September 19, 2013 Mrs. Haughey- 6 th Grade.

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2 Wrentham Elementary Schools Values

3 Open House September 19, 2013 Mrs. Haughey- 6 th Grade

4 Ahoy! Welcome to Sixth Grade Email: My webpage is updated nightly, I update it 98% of the time.) ok ( I update it 98% of the time.) You can find spelling lists, Math Family Time letters, upcoming classroom and school events, and many classroom activities. On the wall outside the classroom is the QR Reader if you want to input the classroom website into your smart phone, you can do it from there!

5 Please take a look around! Quiet work area Reading corner Ahoy Mates! Student work display Welcome Aboard! jobs Time on Learning Challenge Your Mind

6 Our classroom rules! *Each student has signed the classroom rules posted on the podium. We created our rules together.

7 School Procedures EMAIL AND TELEPHONE MESSAGES - My goal is to return telephone calls by the end of the day and return emails by Friday. NOTES- Please send a note in lieu of a phone call about early dismissal or appointments. Transportation notes are best if they are handwritten.

8 When I think of a sixth grader I think: 1.They are very energetic; need lots of sleep, exercise, and food (including in-school snacks). 2.I see adult personalities beginning to emerge. 3.They are capable of self-awareness, insight, and empathy; more reasonable and tolerant behavior. 4.They care more about peer opinions than those of teachers and parents. 5.They are very interested in civics, history, current events politics, social justice, and environmental issues, as well as pop culture and the latest cool clothes, watches etc.

9 What Can You As a Parent Expect from your sixth grader? You will see your child more enthusiastic and uninhibited. He/she will appear to feel secure. You will see that he/she will initiate his/her own activities without adult prompting. You will see both boys and girls have growth spurts. He/she is increasingly able to organize his/her thoughts and his/her work. They can and will see both sides of an argument. He/she will be able to think more abstractly. They enjoy adult conversation Value peer vocabulary (slang) Understand and enjoy sarcasm, double meanings, word play and more sophisticated jokes.

10 Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Joseph Addison

11 What do I expect from a sixth grader? Sixth graders should be able to Respect fellow classmates Respect the teacher English/Language Arts Interest in revising work and linking it to real world concerns Use of spell checkers or dictionaries. Able to write in cursive Read longer periods of time Select and use different sources Read newspapers and magazines Math Use math as a tool for understanding science Compute extensively with decimals, fractions and percents Solve geometric problems Begin pre-algebra equations with unknowns.


13 Homework Policy Each night during the week, students are expected to spend 1 hour on homework. Please contact me with any concerns. Homework Log If a student is missing a homework assignment, he/she must sign his/her homework log by writing the assignment and the reason why it was not turned in. If a student signs the log 3 times in one month, I will be in contact with you. *Missing homework will be completed during recess.

14 Student Planners Each student is expected to write each day's assignments in his/her planner at our dismissal activity time. All assignments are posted on the web page. All homework and notices from me are sent home in your child's homework folder or through a parent email. The daily assignments are posted on the class webpage. Click: Classrooms Grade 6 Mrs. Haughey

15 Were always learning! Time on Learning SRA Journal Jar Learning Centers

16 Extra Help Extra help will be available starting after Camp Bournedale. Students may come into school on a certain day for extra help or to prepare for an upcoming test/quiz. I will provide you with a schedule in our classroom newsletter.

17 Tests & Quizzes every Thursday - Vocabulary Quiz every Friday - Spelling Test Daily Bite tests occur every five school days. ALL GRADES UNDER 80 (B-)MUST BE SIGNED BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN. Math, Science & Social Studies tests & quizzes will be given during/after important concepts.

18 Classroom Newsletters Twice a month I email home our classroom Newsletter You can find important dates to remember Student Spotlights Summaries of our classroom learning Important notes from the teacher Wish lists

19 Support Staff Mrs. Joanne Summers Math and ELA Mrs. Curtin teaches our class Social Studies.

20 Overview of Academics Math Harcourt place value and number theory problem solving decimals, division and multiplication of decimals fractions, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions measurement and geometry pre-algebra

21 Overview of Academics English Language Arts Reading Street inclusive reading, writing, language, and spelling appreciation of literature poetry, non-fiction, plays trade books- reading groups & whole class book reports each term Daily Bite daily practice research and note-taking using the parts of speech in writing development

22 Overview of Academics Social Studies Houghton Mifflin world cultures world geography Country Reports country fair in April

23 Overview of Academics Science Discovery Works Bournedale preparation: ocean life, pond study, various ecosystems Changing Earth Cells and Microbes Solar System & Beyond Sixth Grade Science Fair

24 Sixth Grade Reports Country Report: after February vacation Science Fair in June - choose topics in the spring D.A.R.E. graduation speeches Book reports and various other reports in science, social studies, and ELA.

25 Marking Periods Term 1 Report cards sent home Friday, November 22 nd. Conferences are scheduled for Monday, November 25 th (afternoon) and Tuesday, November 26 th (evening). Term 2 report cards sent home on Friday, February 7 th. Term 3 report cards sent home Friday, April 11 th. Conferences are scheduled for Tuesday, April 15 th (afternoon) and Thursday, April 17 th (evening).

26 MCAS Dates A celebration of your childs knowledge.A celebration of your childs knowledge. Students reading and math skills are tested in sixth grade.Students reading and math skills are tested in sixth grade. ELA Reading Comprehension (2 Sessions) Testing Window – MarchTesting Window – March 17 th – 30 th Grades 6 Mathematics (2 Sessions) Testing Window May 5 th through May 20 Please try to make sure your child is well rested and present at this school.

27 Field Trips Camp Bournedale: October 7th-October 10th. Ill be there all week. Please read the letter from Mrs. Prew sent home today regarding medication at Bournedale. CHAPERONES: We NEED chaperones. Sign up sheets are on the white board after this presentation. Christmas Carol, December 16th

28 Term 1: Food Drive Term 2: Hat & Mitten Drive Term 3: Birthday Bags Term 4: Food Drive

29 D.A.R.E. Begins in late Fall Weekly classes with Sergeant Smith Graduation in May


31 Sixth Grades Miss Maloney is currently writing a grant for all of sixth grade to attend the Christa Corrigan McAulife Center at Framingham State University

32 Birthday Celebrations Due to the Wellness Procedure, birthdays will be celebrated once a month. Typically, birthday celebrations will be held the third Friday of the month. We are a peanut free classroom. All treats must be healthy, nut free snacks. Thank you!

33 Parent Conferences Parent conference sign up: Please sign up for your conference on the sheet located on the white board behind this presentation.

34 Parent/Teacher Communication Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions and/or concerns. e-mail: e-mail: voicemail: (508)384-5435 ext. 3260

35 Security Reminder

36 CORI Forms If you are interested in chaperoning at Camp Bournedale or helping out in our classroom, you must fill out a CORI form. Ms. Maloney has the list in her classroom, please see her tonight!

37 Judy Haughey Who Am I? This is my fourteenth year at Wrentham Elementary. I am certified in Massachusetts in Elementary Ed and Technology and certified from Texas in Special Ed/Elementary Ed. My family and I moved here from Corpus Christi, Texas. I am a native of Long Island, New York. I am happily married and I have two children, a son who is in college and a daughter who is an RN. I received my master degree completely online! (ask me later ) My philosophy for teaching is that all children can learn. My expectations are high for the children. I know that each and everyone of them can be the best at whatever he/she does.

38 INDEX CARDS IN FOLDER In your folder on the left side is a packet. Please complete the packet. If you have any questions or concerns, please write it down on the back of the information paper. Please put the packet into the box on the rectangle table tonight. I will be in contact with you. IMPORTANT PLEASE COMPLETE THE QUIZ FOR YOUR CHILD!

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