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Trivia on Apologetics 9 th grade, cycle 3, week 3 created by:

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1 Trivia on Apologetics 9 th grade, cycle 3, week 3 created by:

2 Rules The response is always a question Squads rotate through members so each gets a chance to answer First one to make noise gets to answer first Right answer gets that many points, wrong answer looses that many The last squad to get one right gets to pick the next question

3 $100 Bible $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 The Pope and the Church Separated Brethren Faith and Reason Mary and the Saints APOLOGETICS!

4 Bible - $100 The Bible contains this many books in total. 73

5 Bible - $200 The New Testament is written originally in this language. GREEK (Koine)

6 Bible - $300 Protestants typically do not include seven of the books in the Old Testament, and portions of two other books. This reformer first advocated removing those books. MARTIN LUTHER

7 Bible - $400 Many Protestants affirm that faith alone saves, and that no amount of good acts (works) affect’s one’s salvation. In this book of the New Testament, however, the author states, “Faith without works is dead.” (Epistle/letter of) JAMES

8 Bible - $500 These three fourth-century local Church councils, confirmed by the Roman Pontiff, established exactly which books belong to Sacred Scripture. (Name one.) ROME, CARTHAGE, HIPPO


10 The Pope and the Church - $100 Saint Peter, the first Pope, was martyred in this ancient city. ROME

11 The Pope and the Church - $200 The line of Popes is unbroken from the time of Saint Peter. This Pope is Saint Peter’s immediate successor. ST. LINUS

12 The Pope and the Church - $300 In this book of the New Testament, Jesus establishes Saint Peter as the Rock on which he will build his Church, and promises to “bind in heaven” whatever Peter “binds on earth.” MATTHEW (Ch. 16)

13 The Pope and the Church - $400 This second-century Church Father is the first to use the title “Catholic” (Greek for “universal” ) to describe the Church founded by Jesus Christ. He refers to the title, however, as if it had been used already for a long time. IGNATIUS OF ANTIOCH (Antioch is also where Christians were first called Christians)

14 The Pope and the Church - $500 This dogma, proclaimed solemnly by the First Vatican Council, states that under specific conditions the Pope cannot make errors in pronouncing on matters of faith and morals. (Papal) INFALLIBILTY


16 Separated Brethren - $100 This doctrine is affirmed by most Protestant Christians, and it states that the Bible is the only source of doctrine. It denies, in principle, any form of tradition. (It is not, however, found in the Bible!) SOLA SCRIPTURA or SCRIPTURE ALONE

17 Separated Brethren - $200 This doctrine, held by most Protestants, affirms that only faith can save, whereas our actions (works) contribute nothing to our salvation. SOLA FIDE or FAITH ALONE

18 Separated Brethren - $300 This group of Christians maintains a valid line of bishops and true sacraments. They are the dominant Christian group in Russia and Greece. However, they do not enjoy full communion with the Church. EASTERN ORTHODOX

19 Separated Brethren - $400 This group claims to be Christian, but denies the divinity of Christ. It owns one of the world’s largest publishing houses, and is famous for door-to-door evangelization. JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES

20 Separated Brethren - $500 This group claims to be a mainstream Protestant church. Nevertheless, it professes that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are separate gods, and that that men become gods in the afterlife. MORMONS/LATTER DAY SAINTS


22 Faith and Reason - $100 This pioneering astronomer was accused of heresy, not because of his scientific theories as such, but because he attempted to interpret the Scriptures according to those theories. (John Paul II later declared the charge false.) GALILEO GALILEI

23 Faith and Reason - $200 This encyclical by John Pail II shows the essential compatibility of faith and rational, or scientific knowledge. FIDES ET RATIO

24 Faith and Reason - $300 This great Doctor of the Church showed in five ways that the existence of God can be proved beyond doubt, using reason alone. ST. THOMAS AQUINAS

25 Faith and Reason - $400 This English naturalist proposed the theory (often misused, but not bad in itself) that species develop and evolve by the natural selection of those individuals most suited to their immediate environment. CHARLES DARWIN

26 Faith and Reason - $500 This Ecumenical Council declared solemnly that one can arrive at knowledge of the existence of God using reason alone. VATICAN COUNCIL I


28 Mary and the Saints - $100 This prayer, whose name originally meant “garland of roses,” combines the Lord’s Prayer with a prayer to Mary based on greetings given to her by the angel Gabriel and Mary’s cousin Elizabeth. ROSARY

29 Mary and the Saints - $200 In A.D. 431, the Council of Ephesus, affirmed that Jesus is true God, by giving Mary this title, repeated in the Hail Mary. MOTHER OF GOD (Theotokos)

30 Mary and the Saints - $300 The worship due to God alone is properly called adoration. The honor that we give to Mary and the saints is called this. VENERATION

31 Mary and the Saints - $400 This title, given by the Angel Gabriel to Mary in Saint Luke’s Gospel, is the Biblical justification of Mary’s Immaculate conception FULL OF GRACE

32 Mary and the Saints - $500 In this book of the Bible, St. John the Evangelist depicts the saints in heaven offering the prayers of those on earth in great bowls of incense. This passage can be used to show our separated brethren that praying to saints is Biblical. REVELATION (Apocalypse) [5:8]

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