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2 Project Background Number of serious and fatal fires in high rise blocks Lakanal House - Retrofitting sprinklers not a cost effective option Sprinkler Co-ordination Group discussions with CLG SCG decided to pursue independent research South Yorkshire FRS identified pilot site BAFSA agreed to lead project on behalf of SCG SCG approved Project Scoping Document 24 August 2010

3 Callow Mount Meersbrook Sheffield 13 storey tower block managed as sheltered housing Not supervised 24 hour Ground floor – caretakers office, services and communal room Other 12 floors have four one bedroom flats

4 Four external bin stores fed by internal bin chutes No underground car park Floors have a common lobby containing two lift shafts Two means of escape staircases Callow Mount Meersbrook Sheffield

5 Project Objectives and Outcomes To retrofit a high rise social housing block with an automatic sprinkler system To ensure that the installation has minimum impact on the residents with maximum benefit for the owners and residents in reducing the risk to life and property To determine the practicability of such an installation with reference to answering perceived difficulties relating to the social impact of the work, whether tenants would need to be decanted and any other unforeseen issues

6 Project Objectives and Outcomes To ensure that the installation process is fully documented, photographed for the production of a suitable guide to the retrofit process To provide detailed, comprehensive and true costings for all aspects of the pilot study in a form which allows for external scrutiny To identify the potential for installations in similar premises and those of other designs/size? To identify issues which may be considered variables in future installations, such as water supplies, residents status and views, construction using asbestos etc?

7 Water Supplies Four rising mains powered by two electric pumps 5 bar pressure at highest point WRAS approval received from Yorkshire Water Consultation with Residents Project manager, Sheffield Homes, South Yorkshire FRS Explanation of sprinklers Background to project Enthusiastic support from residents




11 Further Projects Domestic Sprinklers have installed the largest amount of retrofit sprinkler systems in the Europe in fully occupied properties 32 BUPA care homes 8 High Rise properties 653 HMOs 23 Private/Council care homes

12 Regent Court Regent Court was a 10 storey block housing 160 individual flats in Gateshead. Due to poor consultation all of the residents were against the system being installed. The project has taken 34 weeks to complete and a customer satisfaction survey reported 98.6% satisfaction with the installation. This is the largest single property to be retro fitted whilst occupied in Europe.

13 Regent Court


15 Devon & Somerset F&R D&SFR piloted a scheme to retro fit high risk properties occupied by Yarlington Housing Association Tenants. Various types of property were identified and cost analysis were conducted, of the installations, to allow forward costing of works. A report was produced and Yarlington Housing are now looking to extend the project to their housing stock.

16 D&SFR

17 Quotes were prepared that allowed for two scenarios 1 - Mains fed and 2 - Storage fed Due to low pressures and small service pipes all of the properties had to have storage tanks and pump installed. The costings were £750 for mains and £1950 for storage.

18 Proposals

19 Costings 3 Bed House There are two main options with wall mounted heads on the ground floor to avoid taking up floors or concealed head under floors. Both options cost the same. Total cost of system if mains fed £ (boxing £500) Cost of Tank and Pump £ Bed Bungalow All concealed heads via attic space. Total cost of system if mains fed £ Cost of Tank and Pump £ Studio Flat All surface heads Total cost of system if mains fed £ (boxing £500) Cost of Tank and Pump £

20 Specification The prices include everything required to install the systems. Surface pipework and or boxings would be decorated. Electrical supplies would be run for the pumps (if required). All builders works included. A FIRAS certificate would be issued on completion of the works. Also included would be the first years service. Domestic Sprinklers have always been proud of the fact that they include everything in their prices. THERE ARE NO HIDDEN EXTRAS!


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