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1 Banking Transactions/Facilities from State Bank of India Tel Aviv.

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2 1 Banking Transactions/Facilities from State Bank of India Tel Aviv

3  Foreign Direct Investment (‘FDI’)  Long term investment.  As per India’s FDI policy.  FIPB - the Regulatory body  Single window  E Filing  Restrictions in terms of sectoral caps/ sources/ instruments.  Minister of Finance considers up to Rs 1200 Cr  Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs considers above Rs1200 crs

4  Foreign Institutional Investment (FII)  Short term investment window  Regulated by SEBI & RBI.  Available Instruments for FII  Shares, debentures and warrants of companies, Units of Mutual Fund, Dated Government Securities, other Debt instruments, Derivative traded on a recognized stock exchange, Commercial paper and Security Receipts  Investment limits on debt instruments /shares by FIIs  Cumulative FII investment limit in Government debt –USD 5 billion  Cumulative FII investment limit in Corporate debt - USD 15 billion  FIIs can individually purchase upto 10% and collectively upto 24% of the paid-up share capital of an Indian company  This limit of 24% can be increased to sectoral cap/ statutory limit applicable to the Indian company by passing a board resolution/shareholder resolution

5  Prohibitions on Investments by FIIs  FIIs are not permitted to invest in equity shares issued by an Asset Reconstruction Company.  FIIs are also not allowed to invest in any company which is engaged or proposes to engage in following activities: a. Business of Chit Fund b. Nidhi Company c. Agricultural or plantation activities d. Real estate business, or construction of farm houses or e. Trading in Transferrable Development Rights (TDRs)

6 5 Products Offered at a Glance Basic trade finance Structured trade finance Letters of credit Bank guarantee Documentary collections Negotiation of Bills under LC. Suppliers Credit Back to back letter of credit Risk Participation Any other trade finance requirement Corporate Finance Working Capital finance Term Finance Syndication facilities. General purpose corporate loan Deposit Products Remittance Facility Term Deposit Facility Overdraft Facility Against Term Deposit

7 Our Product offering is managed by experienced staff who ensure that import documents are processed and settled without any delay. The product range includes: Import Trade Finance  Issuance of Letter of Credit (L/C)  A SBI letter of credit gives you the assurance from India’s largest bank when dealing with unknown suppliers, you can be sure that payment will be made as per the credit arrangement only after the documents are duly received and verified to be in order.  We can also help you secure your purchases by issuing a Back-to-back LC to your suppliers with the same terms and conditions as the Master LC from the End Buyer. However, Back to back LC facility is available to companies having credit limits with our branch.  Import Document Collection  Our Branch informs your supplier to send their shipping documents to us so that you can enjoy prompt advice upon our receipt of documents and efficient payment according to your instructions.

8 Export Trade Finance  LC Advising Service  We undertakes prompt advising of export Letter of Credits (LC) issued by Indian branches of State Bank of India, its associate banks along with most of the major banks across the world.  Confirmation of Export LCs  We add our confirmation to LCs issued by branches of SBI and other Indian banks at a nominal charge.

9  Export LC Negotiation  Our branch has the expertise to undertake negotiation of documents drawn under LCs at attractive prices, depending on the size of individual transactions and/or receptiveness of transactions requiring negotiation. SBI’s efficient service standards ensure that your documents are negotiated and dispatched quickly.  Suppliers Credit  Under this scheme, the documents submitted by the beneficiary to us are negotiated/discounted as per LC terms and 100% of the invoice value is released immediately to the beneficiary less our charges. But the interest in this case is borne by the beneficiary from the date of negotiation/discounting till the date of maturity/actual receipt of funds from the LC issuing Bank.  Export Document Collection  Our branch offers superior services in outward collection bills both under LC and those not covered under the LC.

10  Structured Trade Finance  We can also provide Structured Trade Finance transactions as per the specific requirements of our clients.  Bank Guarantees  SBI Tel Aviv is ready to put the weight of our esteemed global reputation and credit worthiness to support your specific needs through a Banker’s Guarantee, both performance and financial.

11  Corporate Loans  We provide a wide range of banking and financial services to facilitate the international operations of corporate.  Our range of services include :- Fund based Corporate Loans  Our products can be broadly classified into:  Short term Demand Loans and Revolving Credit facilities to meet working capital requirements and even to tie up temporary cash flow mismatches.  Term Loans to meet medium to long-term fund requirements for specific projects or capex requirements.

12  Credit Origination and Syndication facilities  With our vast network of branches in India and by virtue of being the largest Indian Bank, State Bank of India has been in the fore-front of arranging syndication deals in Asia. The loan syndication portfolio is handled by an experienced team of officers with an exclusive focus on transactions originating in the area.  Secured Overdraft  We also provide overdraft facilities against term deposits placed with our branch to meet your short-term financing needs. With this, you can continue your term deposits with us until maturity without worrying about liquidity. We provide financing against both NIS as well as USD term deposits and you can have the option of availing the OD line in the same currency or alternate currency.

13  Corporate Fixed Deposit  Our branch offers attractive fixed deposit account facility in an array of currencies and flexible tenors catering to our corporate customers.  Choice of major global currencies for opening of Fixed Deposit Account  New Israeli Shekel (NIS)  US Dollar (USD)  Pound Sterling (GBP)  Euro

14  Attractive interest rates to make your money grow rapidly  Convenience of Auto Renewal provides easy management of your account  Enjoy flexible tenors ranging from 1 month to 3 years* to suit your business’ cash flow requirements  Premature payment facility available to cater to your business cycle (Conditions Apply)  We also offer overdraft facilities against term deposits to cater to your short-term cash flow requirements.

15  SBI has a global and extensive network that enables instant remittance of money with attractive exchange rates. Competitive rates for the following services:  Outward Remittance Outward Remittance  Inward Remittance Inward Remittance  Deposit Products Deposit Products

16  A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation or copy of filing receipt.  A copy of the Articles of Association.  A certified copy of a corporate resolution approved by the Board of Directors of the company authorizing the opening of account and stating the names of the official(s) who can do so and naming the official(s) who can operate the account and the extent of powers vested in these officials and their designation  Attorney's certificate  Specimen Signature Form with signatures duly verified by SBI official or Notary Public.  A copy of unexpired, government–issued photo-identification evidencing nationality or residence and bearing a photograph or similar safeguard, such as a driver license, a non-driver photo ID, or passport or a similar document, for each authorized signatory to the proposed account.  Corporate Registered in India: Submit Reserve Bank of India’s approval for the opening of the account. If no specific approval is required, please enclose copy of RBI notification granting general permission for opening the account

17 Beside completion of all formalities for opening of an account a company seeking credit line needs to satisfy following:  Externally rated by agencies like Moody’s Midroog, S&P Mallot etc  Should be ready to provide collateral security

18  Israel Aerospace Industries  Elbit Systems Limited  Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Limited  Elta Systems Limited  Elbit C4I Systems Limited  Israel Corporation Limited  Rada Electronic Industries Limited  ECI Telecom Limited  Orbit FR Engineering Limited  Pelmer Engineering Limited  Focal Energy

19  Venerable institution with a 200+ year history  Largest bank in India  With more than 14,000 branches & 200,000+ employees ; Asset base of over USD 360 billion  Ranked amongst the top 100 banks in the world  173 Offices in over 34 countries  Correspondent banking relationship with more than 476 banks across all continents.  State Bank Group has a network of more than 25,000 ATMs across India.  Owned 61.58% by Government of India  Proxy for the Indian economy

20 Network of 173 international offices in 34 countries Correspondent banking relationships with 476 top ranking banks in 118 countries Note:Excludes representative offices

21 1.Mr.A.Purushothaman,Chief Executive Officer, Mb No- 0543979111, email: 2.Mr.K.Mukherjee,Vice President (Credit), Mb No- 0543979128, email: 3.Mr.Prashant Kumar, Manager (Credit), Mb No- 0543979112, email: 4. Mr. Sudhir Kumar Suman, Manager (Trade Finance) Mb No- 0548164640 email:


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