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AP Review Overview of UCI Pilot online review system.

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1 AP Review Overview of UCI Pilot online review system

2 AP Online Users At the Department Level: The Candidate The Candidate’s Alternate (optional) The Department Staff (analyst) The Department Chair The Voting Faculty (reviewers) The Dean’s Staff (school analyst) The Dean The AP Office CAP Vice Provost At the School Level: At the Campus Level:

3 Creating a File After the Department Staff notifies the faculty member (outside of the system) that he/she is due for review, they will create the review file in AP Review Department Staff View To orient you to the view we are looking at throughout the demo, we have identified whose view (within the system) we are referencing at the top of the slide This is the view of the “Home” tab. For the sake of this demo, we’re viewing a file from the “Orange” Department Begin by clicking on “Review Files”

4 Department Staff View


6 File Preparation The Screen is divided into four sections: –File Preparation –Departmental Review –Final Authority –Post Audit File Preparation is where documents are uploaded by the Candidate, Candidate’s Alternate, Department Staff, and/or Chair Documents must be prepared outside of AP Review and in PDF format Publications are never uploaded into AP Review Department Staff View

7 Once the Department Staff has verified that all necessary documents have been uploaded, the Candidate is notified through the system to inspect the file and sign the Departmental Review Certification Department Staff View

8 When the Candidate has received notification to sign the Certification of Departmental Review, new options now appear Department Staff View You will no longer have the ability to upload/delete documents

9 Once the Candidate receives the email notification, he/she will log into AP Review, click Review Files and click on the file name to see their review file detail screen Candidate View

10 The red exclamation point alerts the Candidate that he has an action to take The Candidate will see a bundled PDF file and can navigate through the file either by using the bookmarks at the left, or by clicking on an item in the table of contents The Candidate can track the progress of the file while under review Candidate View After reviewing the file materials, he can sign to certify that the materials are ready for review by the voting faculty

11  The Candidate clicks “I accept” Uploads a response in the file if desired  Clicks confirm Candidate View

12 After the Candidate signs the Certification of Department Review, the Department Staff will notify Voting Faculty through the system so they may view the file online Department Staff View

13 Department Staff will click the boxes for the categories of faculty who are eligible to vote on the file This notification is emailed to Voting Faculty in the department that the Candidate’s file is available for review online Additional information or instructions can be added in the message box Department Staff View

14 Voting Faculty will log into the system, click Review Files and select the appropriate Candidate’s file Voting Faculty View

15  The view for Voting Faculty will be that of the bundled PDF below  The Voting Faculty will discuss the review file, vote, and report the results of the vote to the Department Staff outside of AP Review Voting Faculty View

16  Once the vote is conducted (outside of the system), it is recorded in the system, along with the proposed action by the Department Staff  The Departmental Recommendation Letter can then be uploaded by the Chair or Department Staff Department Staff View

17  Once the Department Recommendation Letter has been uploaded, Department Staff will notify the Voting Faculty (through the system) to review the Departmental Recommendation Letter and submit dissenting letters (if applicable)  Voting Faculty will receive an email and log on to the system to access the Departmental Recommendation Letter  Dissenting letters are prepared outside of AP Review and given to the Department Staff to convert to PDF and upload to AP Review Department Staff View

18 After Voting Faculty have inspected the Departmental Recommendation Letter and have the opportunity to submit dissenting letters, the Department Staff will notify the Candidate Department Staff View

19 Department Staff will send this notification to the Candidate and add any additional comments in the message box Department Staff View

20 Candidate can view the Departmental Recommendation Letter, upload a response, and complete the Certification of Departmental Recommendation Access Candidate View

21 Once the Candidate has reviewed the departmental recommendation, he/she may click “I accept” and click “Confirm” to sign the Certification Candidate View

22 After the Candidate has signed the Certification Statement, the review file detail screen will display a message directing the Department Staff to submit the file to the Dean for review Department Staff View

23 Dean’s Staff View

24 Dean’s Staff review of the file  The Final Authority section is expanded and the status is “Final Authority Review Pending”  Once the file is received in the Dean’s office, the file will be checked for completeness, accuracy, and compliance with policy Dean’s Staff View

25 Dean’s View  Once the file is accepted for review in the Dean’s office, the Dean is presented with three options  Annotation  Disagree  As Proposed

26 Dean makes final decision  Once the Dean makes a final decision, a Final Action Letter will be uploaded and signed  The Department will automatically be notified that the Final Action Letter is available. The following is an example of the email notification the Department will receive:

27 Department informs Candidate of final decision and grants access to Final Action Letter online Department Staff View

28 Above is the notification Department Staff will prepare and send to the Candidate The file will then move to Post Audit status and will be ready for review by the Office of Academic Personnel Department Staff View

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