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The Marriage Proposal By Anton Chekhov.

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1 The Marriage Proposal By Anton Chekhov

2 The Russian Gentry A Marriage Proposal is a one-act farce. It is fast-paced play of dialogue-based action and situational humor. It takes place on a country estate in late-19th-century Russia. The characters are members of the privileged class known as the gentry. These wealthy landowners employed peasants to work their fields, which allowed them to enjoy a life of leisure. Writers of farces often poked fun at the habits of gentry, including their tendency to marry for money rather than love.

3 Characters Stepan Stepanovitch Tschubukov (Chubukov) A country farmer
Natalia Stepanovna His daughter (aged 25) Ivan Vassiliyitch Lomov Chubukov’s neighbor

4 Setting The present [1890s]. The living room in Tschubukov’s Mansion in Russia. Tschubukov discovered as the curtain rises. Lomov, enters formally wearing a dress suit.

5 Introduction Lomov, wearing a formal dress enters the living room of the Mansion of Chubukov, his neighbor and friend, Chubukov wamly accepts him, shakes hands, and offers a seat. Lomov told Chubukov that he wants to marry Chubukov’s daughter Natalia. Chubukov expresses his happiness and told Lomov to wait and assures him that she will accepts his proposal.

6 Rising Action When Natalia faces Lomov, and Lomov struggles to tell her what is his purpose and he wants to express it briefly. They end up arguing about their property (oxen meadows) and Lomov forget about his purpose. Chubukov enters and then tells him, upon the request of Natalia, that they owned the oxen meadows which cause the problem to rise. They drive of Lomov and called him with different names.

7 Climax Natalia then feels sorry and admits that the oxen meadows are Lomov’s property, she tries to change the subject wishing that Lomov will proceed to his proposal. They end up arguing again about their dogs. On which is the better dog Lomovs’ Guess or Natalias’ Squeezer. Chubukov then enters and both of them ask him on which is the better dog. Chubukov gives his opinion to both of them and end up arguing again.

8 Falling Action Chubukov wanted the commotion to stop so he helps Lomov to remember his purpose on visiting their Mansion. As Lomov remembers he struggles to think for his body and his heart are suffering from pain due to palpitation. Chubukov mimics his every word because of his irritation of forgetting his purpose and continues calling him with different names. They continue to argue as Lomov loses his consciousness.

9 Resolution Natalia, seeing Lomov faint, thinks that he’s dead and starts crying. Chubukov helps Lomov gain consciousness. As Lomov gain his consciousness, Chubukov is desperate and wants the argument to stop so he told Lomov that Natalia accepts his proposal. Lomov does not understand what’s going on but he is happy and kisses Natalia’s hand, they still argue about their dogs. Poor Chubukov wanted peace so he ask for champagne trying to stop the two couple from arguing again.

10 Conflict Man vs. Man: Lomov’s principle against Natalia.
Man vs. Society: The idea that Lomov wants to marry Natalia not because love but for economic stability. The idea of economic stability is not because he wants but it is what the society do which became ones perspective for marriages.

11 Theme Principles complicate minor issues.
The play suggest that love sometimes is not important in marriages, it is the other way to stabilize financial status.

12 Tone The tone of the play is Humorous:
The characters’ attitude in the play is comical which entertains the readers.

13 Done by Alaa Alyousef

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