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Emergency Preparation Just in Case……... Lets Face It- Our World Has Changed ………………… We should all be prepared… just in case Weather Changes Social Changes.

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1 Emergency Preparation Just in Case……..

2 Lets Face It- Our World Has Changed ………………… We should all be prepared… just in case Weather Changes Social Changes Political Changes Biological Changes and Diseases Economic Changes

3 This Program is Just the Surface This Information is a Good Place to Start Its UP TO YOU to take the first step Some people talk about preparation, but few have really taken any action….. Being prepared does not mean a disaster will happen, but ignoring the possibility of a crisis, is not a safe thing to do. This EPK program is only a nutshell, there is contact information and resources given at the end of the session

4 Why do I volunteer my time to talk about Emergency Preparedness? During every crisis or hurricane season, people talk a lot, but plan too little. So lets get STARTED……….

5 Make a Family Emergency Plan Meet as a family and talk about what sorts of emergencies might occur, how you plan to respond, and what everyone will do under any kind of emergency Meet with your boss and co-workers at your job Schedule a meeting with your kids school to find out about lock down drills and what you should expect Practice carrying out the plan.

6 Every Familys Needs Are Different You should have enough supplies food, medical supplies and tools on hand for several days. Keep cash and travelers checks along with emergency credit cards. Keep important family documents in a watertight container and fire proof safe. Or, copy to CD/DVD. Have a meeting with family members and friends, make sure that everyone knows what to do.

7 Power Outages Are Very Possible Before a power outage During a power outage What to keep in supplies for a power outage How to keep food safe to eat Did you know loss of food is sometimes covered under Homeowners Insurance????

8 Before a power outage Register life-sustaining and medical equipment with your utility company. Your home will be on a priority list to turn on first. Buy a generator. When using a generator, follow the instructions carefully. Keep your generator outside and run a cord inside, the fumes are dangerous! Make sure your disaster preparedness kit contains light sticks, flashlights, a battery-powered radio with extra batteries, and a wind-up clock. Have a cell telephone available corded phones sometimes will not work when the power is out. Have an alternative heat source and supply of fuel.

9 During a power outage Turn off lights and electrical appliances, except for the refrigerator and freezer. Unplug computers and other sensitive equipment to protect them from possible surges when the power is restored. Leave one lamp on, so you will know when power is restored. Wait at least 15 minutes after power is restored before turning on other appliances Conserve and store water you will need for drinking and hygiene. Never use gas ovens, gas ranges, barbecues, or portable or propane heaters for indoor cooking. Candles can cause a fire. It's far better to use battery-operated flashlights or glow sticks for lighting. Stay away from downed power lines and sagging trees with broken limbs.

10 Keep food safe Use and store food carefully to prevent food- borne illness when power outages make refrigeration unavailable. Keep and store powdered energy foods to mix with water- these are good energy/great value. Use foods first that can spoil most rapidly. Keep doors to refrigerators and freezers closed. Your refrigerator's freezer will keep food frozen for up to a day. A separate fully-loaded freezer will keep food frozen for two days.

11 Neighborhood Watch….this means you too…… Its time to choose between being a spectator or a participant in your neighborhood security. Security, police, and the military cant be everywhere. Crime personally affects every individual. Heightened awareness communicates confidence that we are not easy targets.

12 Lets Talk About…….Crime in Your Neighborhood Would You be Suspicious and Know What to Do? Recognize Suspicious Activity Unusual Activity Unusual activity does not necessarily mean that terrorist/crime activity is happening, but it doesnt hurt to be aware of: People acting furtively and suspiciously; People avoiding eye contact; People departing quickly when seen or approached; People in places they dont belong; A strong odor coming from a building or vehicle; An overloaded vehicle; Fluid leaking from a vehicle, other than the engine or gas tank; Over dressed for the weather.

13 Start Your Own Group, or join an existing group…. When a city like Houston experiences a sudden population surge, or when crime goes up, we need to help the officials, since our first responders are stretched to the limit. Make a difference in our own neighborhood.

14 Cut Crime Out of Your Area Stay Alert Recognize the difference between normal and abnormal behavior. Get to know: Who are our neighbors; What cars are normally in our neighborhood; Who regularly makes deliveries; Who the regular maintenance and cleaning people; Know what is appropriate in our, so we can identify what isnt and always ask for ID of people who are in a closed area or want access to your home!

15 Lets Talk About Family Home Fire Safety Lets Ask These Questions Do you know what to plan in an escape? How to actually escape? What do we do in an actual fire?

16 Plan Your Fire Escape Everyone should know how to unlock doors and windows; Replace smoke detector batteries twice a year; Make sure your smoke alarm is in working order or replace it; Many $20 standard off the shelf units will melt under heat and are not effective anyway; Consider purchasing professional quality alarms from a reputable company; Keep a fire extinguisher in each bedroom or in the hall.

17 Know How To Escape Draw a floor plan of your home with two escape routes; Have a meeting place somewhere outside of your home; Practice having family fire drills and make them realistic; Purchase quality fire safety equipment for your home; Have a fire inspection they are free from some companies.

18 During a Fire Call 911 as soon as you see smoke; Shut the doors as you are escaping; If you are escaping through lots of smoke, keep your head/face close to doorknob level; Test doorknobs with your hands to see if you feel heat; If you open door and see smoke- close door quickly. Keep a fire safety ladder by escape window on top floors; Do NOT try to stay and take personal items; Have a scanned copy of all your valuable paperwork and documents prepared and close to an escape route; Keep your COOL do not panic.

19 Hurricanes & Flooding

20 Flooding in a Disaster Be prepared for flooding and maybe wind damage; Be prepared for power outages for several days; Know when to evacuate; Did you know flooding separate from your homeowners policy…..and flooding is not covered without this policy.

21 Prepare for Flooding Gas, electricity and water Turn off gas, electricity, and water supplies at the mains. Find out where these are well in advance of any flood; Unplug all electrical items and store upstairs or as high up as possible; Put plugs into sinks and weigh them down with something heavy. Reduce flood water getting into your home Put silicone sealant on open doors and windows. Smear a layer of this around the frame, then shut and lock the door/window. Ideally, cover doors, windows and airbricks with plywood, sandbags, or metal sheeting.

22 Furniture and appliances Move as much furniture and electrical items as you can upstairs. Alternatively, raise them up on bricks or blocks. This may be very helpful for large appliances such as fridge/freezers; Move furniture away from walls, as this helps when drying your property later; If you can, roll up carpets and rugs and put them upstairs; If there is no time to remove curtains, hang them up over the rail so they are kept above flood water; Leave internal doors open, or ideally, remove them and store them upstairs.

23 If Your Family has to Evacuate Bring Emergency Prepare GO Kit. Have a place to stay or bring camping gear. Take care of pets. Remember where to meet. Shut down utilities. Take emergency documents. Did you know your homeowners insurance may cover your living costs when you have to flee your home due to storms or fire?

24 Traffic Jams- Be Prepared Bring auto preparation kit. Bring extra fuel. Have a place to stay for several days with friends or family. Keep your car full of fuel and in good repair before a storm.

25 Hurricanes, Power Outages, Civil Unrest and Terrorists Threats Emergency preparedness is now a very real concern and having the right emergency supplies when an emergency hits can mean the difference between life and death. Did you know that rioting, vandalism, and looting damage to your home or business can be covered under your homeowners insurance policy.

26 Make SEVERAL Kits Because... Your work can be shut down during a crisis; Your kids at school may be locked down if there is a threat; You should carry a basic auto kit if your are stranded on the road or traffic is halted; Its all about YOU! And those that you care about

27 What to Put in a Disaster Kit Water Food First Aid Non-Prescription Drugs Tools and Supplies Sanitation products (toilet paper!) Clothing & Bedding Special Items Baby Items Pet Items Entertainment Family Documents

28 Emergency Preparedness to Learn More…..

29 Emergency Contact Information CERT- Fire Corps- Medical Reserve- Volunteers in Police Training- USA on Watch To learn more about the Harris County Citizen Corps & its training programs, please contact Mark Sloan.Harris County Citizen Corps Mark Sloan

30 Review Your Insurance Policy Dont make the mistake of saying; I dont have time; It costs too much; I cant afford it; My spouse takes care of that; We are careful, nothing can happen to us.

31 Why Does Insurance Matter? CAUSE I dont have time. It costs too much. I cant afford it. My spouse takes care of that. We are careful, nothing can happen to us. EFFECT Do you have TIME for an uninsured CRISIS? Insurance is CHEAP after the fact….youd pay anything to have that the right coverage at that moment. What if something IMPORTANT was overlooked? What about things beyond your control?

32 Do Something-Your Life is Changing Every Day….. Your Insurance needs change every 6 months to 1 year. Farmers offers a guaranteed complete review each year. How long has it been since your agent called YOU?

33 To reduce your insurance costs, check out these discounts. AUTO DISCOUNTS Multi Policy Discount save on homeowners and your auto insurance Multi-Vehicle Discount Driver Improvement Discount Academic Achievement Discount Youth Education and Safety (YES) Discount Prior Insurance Discount Drug and Alcohol Awareness Bank Draft Discount Garage Parking Discount Anti-Theft Discount Passive Restraint Discount Student away at school discount HOME DISCOUNTS Non Smoker Discount Age 50 Plus Discount Home Security Device Claim Free Discount Automatic Fire Sprinklers Discount Home Renovation or New Home Discount New Roof Discount Renters / Dwelling Claim Free Discount Home Renovation or New Home Discount New Roof Discount

34 Do you know that....your homeowners policy may cover…. Loss of business property off or on your premises. Property loss at a college dorm or lake cabin. Your property may be fully covered when you move. Theft of jewelry/furs/gold guns/stamps. Lost credit card/forgery. Sewer back up or overflow of water or steam. Vandalism. Loss of use- if you stay in a hotel due to a fire or storm. Fallen trees and debris removal may be covered. If you lose one item in a pair, such as jewelry you could recover full value of set. Medical payments up to $25,000 for bodily injury and property damage to third party. Injuries to a third party from your pet on or off your property.

35 For Emergency Preparedness Programs for Your Business, School or Organization For more information on insurance preparedness review or a group program for your homeowners association or organization, click herehere. here

36 Emergency Preparation Farmers. Gets You Back Where You Belong

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