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Children and Young People Under the Guardianship of the Minister Promoting Wellbeing and Engagement in DECS schools.

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1 Children and Young People Under the Guardianship of the Minister Promoting Wellbeing and Engagement in DECS schools

2 Number of children and young people under guardianship of the Minister June 20071791 December 20061655 June 20051450

3 A 2002 study in Victoria found that in 73% of substantiated cases parents had one or more of alcohol or substance dependence domestic violence psychiatric disability intellectual disability Family Conditions

4 Biological family/social background % (n) Domestic violence74.2 Physical abuse73.4 Parental substance abuse63.9 Other reasons61.5 Neglect58.2 Financial problems33.0 Parental mental health problems30.3 Homelessness/Inadequate housing49.9 Sexual abuse48.1 Parental imprisonments34.9 Parental physical illness16.8 Parental intellectual disability13.2 Parental physical disability9.3 Family and social background Delfabbro, Paul, School of Psychology University of Adelaide, 2007

5 Type of Order 72.5 %Order to 18 years 27.5%Order for 12 months Many children and young people who come into care are first placed on shorter orders while the family is supported and the future safety and care of the child is assessed.

6 Ages 0 to 2 years12.8% 3 to 4 years10.9% 5 to 7 years16.9% 8 to 13 years34.1% 14 to 17 years25.2%

7 Gender Male52.3% Female47.6% Indigenous23.2% Non-Indigenous75.0% Undetermined 1.8% Aboriginality

8 Location Metropolitan Noarlunga158 Elizabeth153 Modbury148 Salisbury138 Aberfoyle Park 130 Woodville127 Enfield 107 Marion 97 Gawler 90 Adelaide 55 Other Locations 5 Rural and Regional Murray Bridge151 Port Pirie 93 Port Augusta 81 South East 80 Riverland 71 Whyalla 47 Port Lincoln 40 Ceduna 14 Coober Pedy 6 Refugee Services 40

9 Accommodation arrangements Parents2.2% Relatives/kin (unpaid)8.1% Foster care46.6% Relatives/kin (paid)26.3% Community Residential Care6.4% Independent living7.1% Other/unknown3.4%

10 Placement stability First placement4.2% One placement15.7% Two to five40.3% Six to ten19.6% More than ten20.1%

11 Characteristics 39.0% - Identified with a DECS defined disability 9.5% - English as a second language Over 40% of children under guardianship were attending country schools

12 Year LevelReadingWritingNumeracy Year 0357.9%58.7%61.8% Year 0561.0%65.5%54.1% Year 0771.9%62.9%57.1% Percentage of children in care above National Literacy and Numeracy Benchmarks Source : August 2006 LaN data

13 Source : DECS August 2006 LaN data3

14 Dimensions of wellbeing affected by abuse and trauma Cognitive: traumatized children have difficulties with processing information, memory, curiosity, mastery, motivation, persistence, thinking and intelligence Emotional: trauma impairs development and control, affects coping, autonomy, trust and attachment Physical: early life and living in care impacts on nutrition, physical activity, physical safety, preventative health care, reproductive health and substance abuse Social: all relationships impacted – parent-child, sibling, peer. Difficulties with positive social behaviour, empathy and sympathy Spiritual: being taken into care results in children having difficulties developing beliefs, values, morals and ethics; a sense of meaning and purpose, altruism and a sense of connectedness to something larger than oneself

15 Strategies for Managing Abuse Related Trauma SMART Practice Predictable Responsive Attuned Connecting Translating Involving Calming Engaging Rapid Response (IEP) Collaborative Practice Forums Regional Networks linked to DECS districts Inter-agency committees and projects Tri-level collaboration

16 Targeted intervention for children and young people under the guardianship of the Minister DECS RESPONSE Individual Education Plans Recognized as a high risk group in all targeted initiatives Data collection and reports District office support Interagency partnerships and projects SMART Training Program

17 Strategies for Managing Abuse-Related Trauma = Educational Reform SMART=ER Online professional Learning Community 2 days professional development with Australian Childhood Foundation Action research based on an inquiry Question relating to SMART Practice Peer conferencing

18 Useful Websites Australian Childhood Foundation SMART Online Modules Individual Education Plans 0&navgrp=2305 0&navgrp=2305 Calmer Classrooms s.pdf s.pdf Bruce Perry access to free online courses, books, videos relating to child trauma

19 Contact details Annette Bulling Policy Advisor: Child Protection Initiatives Child and Student Wellbeing Department of Education and Childrens Services Phone: 8226 1359

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