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Progressive Movement under Taft and Wilson Ch 11, Sec 3-4.

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1 Progressive Movement under Taft and Wilson Ch 11, Sec 3-4

2 William Howard Taft TRs Sec. of War; TRs handpicked successor. – Elected – Progressive, not strong or decisive as TR. Tried, failed to reduce tariffs. Did not conserve US land like TR, allowed exploitation. 1910, TR returns from African safari to see US dislike of Taft; begins Bull Moose Party (Progressive 3 rd Party) to challenge Taft.

3 William Howard Taft

4 Tafts Tub




8 Bull Moose Party wanted: tariff reduction, womens suffrage, 8 hour workday, ban child labor. – TR shot in attempted assassination while campaigning way election: – Republicans – William Taft – Bull Moose (Progressive) – Theodore Roosevelt – Democrats – Woodrow Wilson – Socialists – Eugene V. Debs (labor leader) Woodrow Wilson won.



11 Woodrow Wilson President of Princeton, governor of New Jersey, reputation as reformer. Passed tariff reduction. Created first income tax. Passed Clayton Antitrust Act; laid out activities that business couldnt do. Created Federal Reserve System; created 12 Federal Reserve banks, served as banks for the banks, would prevent panics. – Banks kept money in FR bank, could borrow money to meet short term needs won 2 nd term on Progressive policies, he kept us out of war (WWI).

12 Woodrow Wilson

13 Federal Reserve Map of USA

14 Progressives did not mess with race relations. – Maintained Jim Crow and segregation. Progressivism wound down during WWI.

15 Womens Suffrage For 70 years, US women pushed for voting rights Seneca Falls Convention-Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott. Susan B. Anthony-big suffragette, brought attention using civil disobedience. – nonviolent refusal to obey a law in effort to change it. Anthony & others pushed for state amendments for suffrage, constitutional amendment Wyoming first state to let women vote.

16 Lucretia Mott Elizabeth Cady Stanton


18 New Generation of Suffragettes Stanton died in 1902, Anthony in Alice Paul, Lucy Burns took over movement. – Held protests, burned Wilson in effigy, got arrested, held hunger strikes. Pushed harder and harder. 1919, Congress finally debated suffrage amendment, passed it, sent it to states th Amendment ratified. – Cant deny right to vote based on sex.

19 Alice Paul

20 Lucy Burns


22 19 th Amendment


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