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LIFE UNDER LICENCE Practicalities of full copyright record-keeping.

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1 LIFE UNDER LICENCE Practicalities of full copyright record-keeping

2 Record-keeping realities Overview Information and training –Copier confusion Processes and systems –Marking requirements Transitional issues Evaluation

3 Information and training Compliance rests with individual Copyright is not simple Copiers want straightforward rules Clear, comprehensive guidelines and resources must be available Responsibility to provide advice

4 Copier confusion How to fill in the form If incomplete publication details available Digital/print or digital/digital - how to record Transformation of use When copying for others - knowing planned use (fair dealing/educational)

5 Processes and systems The fundamentals: oversee each photocopier What happens to completed forms every month/quarter Statutory deadlines must be strictly met Accountability when copying is delegated to others (individuals, printing facilities) Off-site printing Accurate marking of copies made

6 Marking requirements How to mark when room is limited, ie slides Labour and time Logistics (and cost to consumer) of compliance in high- volume copying areas Updating dates for future print runs Multiple marks showing copying history Multiple sets of forms accounting for different copying dates

7 Transitional issues Retention and use of unmarked copies made under sampling Tedious and time consuming nature of recording by hand Consumer resistance Implementation cost

8 Evaluation May find copyright compliance improves under record-keeping Opportunity to assess real extent of copying Opportunity to set more effective limits & controls on internal copying Not yet possible to accurately assess costs

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